Author's Notes – Sorry for the terribly long delay! What with my winter quarter coming to a close and finals I haven't had a lot of time for writing. And to be perfectly honest, I was a little frustrated by the lack of reviews the last chapter got...considering the high number of views.

But all that aside, this chapter's prompt comes from Crystal Remnant. Thanks! :)

Meeting the Team

"This is pointless." Thirteen sighed as she motioned to the white board. "We're just going to have to wait for House to come back from---"

"If you say 'maturity leave' I'm going to fire you." House said as he entered the room with a pink bundle in his arms.

"Welcome back." She said flatly, not taking kindly to the joke.

"Is this...?" Kutner stood and pointed to the bundle.

"Yep." He said proudly. "Your future boss."

"She sure is!" Kutner said.

House's lip curled at Kutner's high pitch baby-talk voice. "I'll introduce you all." He limped around the table without the benefit of his cane. "Bee, this is your uncle Taub, watch out for the nose...the wind from it will knock you over if he turns too fast. And this," He limped to Foreman "is your uncle Foreman. He's not allowed to baby-sit you 'cause he's black."

Foreman frowned at House, then smiled down at Beatrice. "Don't listen to your daddy, he's a jerk."

"Now, now!" House said, limping away from Foreman. "We'll have none of that kind of talk here!" He made his way to Thirteen. "This is your auntie Thirteen. She's nicer than meanie uncle Foreman." He glared back at Foreman.

"She's such a cutie!" Thirteen smiled, holding a finger out and watching Beatrice grab hold of it with her tiny fist.

"Don't get too attached," He pulled Beatrice away "She won't be here much longer." He made his final trek over to Kutner.

"She's adorable!" Kutner said, peeking at her little face.

"And this is your auntie Kutner." House said with a grin. "He's not allowed to hold you because he set a patient on fire...and who's to say he wouldn't do the same to you?"