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Sharpay Evans was everything that was opposite to a good person. She was mean, rude, arrogant, cruel, jealous and selfish. She was the bad guy. She was one of those people in which you never got in their way or on their bad side, and most of the time no one ever did. Of course there would always be someone who would challenge this "rule" and in Sharpay's case, this person did it without even trying or knowing. Gabriella Montez. The pinnacle of a perfect person, she was smart, sweet, caring, talented, beautiful and funny, everything that you could ask for in a person. She was the heroine. And for this reason, Sharpay was completely and utterly jealous. But what if Sharpay didn't always want to be known as the bad guy?


Dear Diary,

Some things just don't make any sense, you know? Well, actually you probably wouldn't know because you're a piece of paper, not meaning to offend or anything – hang on. Am I talking to my diary? Anyway…back on topic. Things don't make sense, life just is not fair. I mean, I can't complain, obviously. I'm far more than fortunate than a lot of people…money wise. But what's not fair is the fact that whilst all these bad things are going on in the world, I just sit back in my mansion and do nothing. What's stopping me from giving some of my vast amounts of money to a charity? Oh because that is so not me. Oh no, I'm Sharpay. The Ice Queen, Ice Bitch of East High. Yep, that's what everyone calls me, so of course I just have to continue on my merry way lapping up all that Daddy's big paying job has to offer. But why? I mean, I'm the only one who has created this mold for myself. No one else. But while I'm rolling in the dough, I'm lacking in other areas. Like friendship. Being nice isn't something that comes naturally to me, and a lot of the time, whenever I'm nice, I'm doing it to get something that I want. Ryan has the best of both worlds, he has the money and the friends. All of the "Wildcats" [note how I'm not one of them, even though we attend the same school] absolutely love him, and I can understand why. I love him to bits too, but then again I treat him like shit. My problem is, that when I want something I'll do anything to get it, I work hard at what I do, and it used to pay of. That was before Gabriella Montez entered my life. I've never normally been a jealous person [I've never had anything to be jealous of] but this girl just frustrates me to the bone. It's no secret that I have been chasing after Troy Bolton ever since sixth grade, and then this Gabriella girl comes along and has him at hello. I stayed up till

till three in the morning only to be beaten out by her. I spend two hours in the morning on my hair, make-up and outfit, when she can just chuck on whatever she pleases and look stunning. Ok, so I'm jealous of Gabriella Montez, but who wouldn't be? Well I think that's enough venting for one night. Toodles!

- Sharpay.

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