Only On the Surface

(chapter 1)

She'll pay.

She'll pay for everything she has done to me. I'll break every bone of her body. She'll regret everything. I'll make her die a slow and painful death. I'll watch her bleed. I'll watch her slowly crumble down to the ground. I'll watch as her sparkly emerald eyes slowly turn a dull color. I'll watch as her ever fair complexion turns to a startling white. I'll watch as her red plump lips turn pale. I'll watch as her petal colored hair dyes red from her blood. I'll watch her cuts ooze out blood, cuts that I caused. I'll splatter the walls with red! I'll listen to her scream my name. Oh! How beautiful a site that will be. I'll watch her suffer. I will erase her very existence in this world…. Then I will be at peace.

I will make her pay…. That's for sure.


"Today is such a beautiful day." I quietly murmured to myself as I walked down the bustling streets of Konoha. Everything's the same everyday. I wake up, take a bath, eat breakfast, and continue of to team 7's training sessions. But somehow… today… something feels different. I feel as if something bad would happen. I instantly shook the feeling off. No use being so pessimistic in such a wonderful day. I skipped off to team 7's training grounds.

"I'll beat you! DATTEBAYO!"


I heard metal hit metal. Wait, is that Sasuke-kun and Naruto? Are they fighting? That's not right. I'm still 10 minutes early. Naruto's at least 10 minutes late. How could he be here al-

"Good, good. Let's try that again. Naruto, I want you to come at Sasuke with more hate, fill yourself with the intent to kill him."

That's Kakashi-sensei! That's impossible. He's at least 3 hours late. What's happening here?

"Sasuke-teme, Kakashi-sensei… I kind of feel guilty for lying to Sakura-chan."


"Don't worry Naruto. It's for the good of team 7. You and Sasuke can't go all out with her around. She only pulls us down. We should at least have one decent training once in a while."

What? How could he say that about me?

I could slowly feel the tears building in my eyes. I instantly felt glad that I masked my chakra with the intent to surprise them. I didn't expect to hear this though. I could feel a lone tear trickle down my face. Hot and wet.

"Yeah, dobe. She's pathetic and useless. Not to mention a very heavy burden to carry."

I ran away at that. I wouldn't want to hear more. I wouldn't want to listen to my own teammates talk about me behind my back.

I ran and ran until my legs hurt like hell. Twigs and branches scratched me but I didn't care. I had to get away. I had to get away from everything. I feel like I want to die. There was a dull gnawing on my chest and I felt like I was being eaten slowly, inside-out.

I stopped near an old tree and caught my breath. "Hahahaha… I should've known. Anyone would get tired of me. Just like my own mother. Haha." I said to myself. I laughed a sarcastic and low laugh echoing throughout the whole forest.

Then, I heard it.


Sasori's POV

I can hear her footsteps. She's nearing in.

Oh, I can't wait to see her expression once she sees me. Did she actually think she, a mere Konoha kunoichi, can defeat me, a notorious Akatsuki member? If she did, then she's one stupid girl. I want to touch her already. I want to feel her blood run down my hands. I want to make her suffer, and I will.

It's time to make my grand entrance.


Sakura's POV

I heard a rustling in the bushes then in the trees. What's this? What's happening?

And that was when I saw him again.

He emerged out of the shadows at a certain grove of trees.

"Hello, my little doll. I'm glad to have met you again. Have you been waiting long?"

At that moment, my heart felt like it would rip out of my chest, my mind and legs were screaming at me to run.

But I didn't.

I couldn't.

I started sobbing again. Tears started streaming down my face.

No. I wouldn't let him have the privilege to see me cry. I would not be weak to anyone anymore. I wouldn't bow down to any other person than myself.

I tried to dry my tears when I felt a soft trickling of breath at the nape of my neck.

"I don't like it when I'm ignored."

And everything went black.


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