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A/N: This is the companion fic to Tensile Strength I. This time, the fic is written in Dean's POV. Due to public demand (my friend) I will include an explicit scene here.

Tensile Strength II

A will of iron is impossible to break.

But Dean Winchester is human, after all.

He is the brawn of the pair, the rough and tough, gritty hard-ass brother. While Sam is the intelligent one, the strategist and the cautious one, Dean is the smart, instinctive, impulsive fighter. A true hunter, as one might say.

But then again, Dean is only human, after all.

People see the cocky, easy-going, strong, sexy and suave Dean, the Dean whom no creature, human or not, can destroy. What they didn't see is the Dean who tried so hard to hide the cracks in his armor which are as numerous as the scars that crisscrossed his back.

Ever since he and Sam were young, their father taught them to fight. By the age of 10, Dean can hit a bulls-eye with his knife and fire a gun with deadly accuracy. Although he was smaller than his brother, he could always pin Sam down.

Weak was never Dean.

When he and Sam were in high school, Dean saw how good and smart Sam is. He was Mr. Popular, Mr. Perfect. Most of all, Dean saw the dreams in his brother's eyes. He knew that the normal life attracted Sam. He knew that Sam would decide to go to college. He knew that Sam would leave their life, the life which in all aspects is different.

Dean couldn't blame his brother. In fact, there was a part of him that wanted him to go, to be successful, to be a better man than he is. But there was also a part that was hurt, that was betrayed. They were together ever since Sam was born and the death of their mother.

When Sam and their father fought, Dean remained silent. He didn't know what to do, what to say. He wanted to hold back their father, to tell him that he needs to let Sam go, but he also wanted to hold Sam back, to tell him that he would never have the normal life that he wants. To tell him not to leave them. Not to leave him.

So when Sam looked at him, pleading him to support him, Dean only looked away. The hurt was too much. He can't support him, but neither can he hold him back. He didn't look, didn't want to see the pain and anger that shone in Sam's eyes as he stormed out of their house.

After Sam's departure, Dean became their father's partner. They hunted "things," supernatural beings that threatened to take over the human world. Dean fought these creatures easily. He was a fighter, a true hunter. Hunting was in his blood. But when John disappeared, Dean found out that he couldn't fight alone.

He went to Stanford and knocked on his brother's door. The anger in Sam's eyes told him he wasn't welcome, but Dean put on his famous smirk in spite of the hurt that he felt when he saw Sam's anger. Somehow, he knew that his brother would come with him. Dean was more than just a little happy when Sam said yes, but he also knew that Sam would never be happy with the life of a hunter.

They always fought. Dean knew that he was being selfish. He knew that their life was not what Sam wanted. But he needed Sam. He needed him badly. And Dean vowed to protect his brother at all costs. Even with the cost of his life

They fought together. They risked their lives every time they met a malevolent being. Dean strove to protect his brother, because he knew that the only person that kept him going was Sam. Because he knew that no matter how strong he is, he would break down the moment Sam was gone.

When he found out that Sam was a psychic, that any demon can possess him, he was scared. He couldn't let the most precious person in his life be taken away by some entity that they had vowed to kill. When Sam held his face close, he saw the fear but determined look in his brother's eyes. Sam wanted Dean to kill him when he became a threat. He made Dean promise, and Dean could do nothing but to say yes when he wanted to scream no, to say that he can never do that, because he couldn't kill the person he depended on, the person that he loved more than anything.

Yes, he loved Sam. It was more than brotherly love, more than any kind of love. He loved him more than his life.

When the demon stabbed his brother's back, Dean felt his world crash into the ground. The disbelief, the panic, the pain, the hurt, the anger enveloped him. His brother cannot be dead.

Dean sought a demon out. When he vowed to protect Sam, he knew that he would offer his life to save him. He struck a deal with the devil. His life in exchange for his brother's. Somehow, he found a devil merciful enough to give him a year. But he didn't want to die. He didn't want to leave Sam. But if it meant that finally leaving his brother was the only way to let him live, then so be it.

When Sam found out what he did, he expected his brother to be angry. But he rather would have Sam hate him than let him die. He knew that what he did was the greatest mistake that one could have done, but what can he do? Sam is his little brother. He loved Sam too much.

He stood before his brother, pleading with him not to be angry with him. He only wanted to protect his brother, his Sam. He was just the elder brother trying to protect his younger sibling.

They continued their life, with Sam's vow to save Dean's life. Dean knew it was a futile attempt. He still tried to show that he was the same tough and cocky Dean. He still showed that he was the hunter of the two.

But it was all a façade. Inside, he was tired. He found that he was tired of having to fight. He is going to die after all. But most of all, he was tired of fighting for his and Sam's lives. Because what he realized was that what he wanted most was just Sam and him. Just them, without the fear that some unknown evil was lurking to destroy them.

Because deep down, Dean would rather live for Sam. He would rather bicker with him everyday, tease him, shove him, see him smile, see him laugh.

Dean cradled his head. They were at another random motel. He didn't really know where they are. He didn't really care. He was tired. They had just banished another demon back to hell. He didn't notice as the other Winchester walked slowly to him.

His green eyes met a warm brown as Sam lifted his chin.

"Dean…" Sam whispered, leaning in and letting their breaths mingle.

Dean tried to protest, tried to push Sam away, but he was too tired. Too tired to deny what he wanted for so long.

"Sammy, don't…" he murmured, trying to protest, but gave in as his brother brushed his lips against his own.

He didn't protest any further, and Sam claimed his lips, kissing him passionately. He opened his mouth when Sam asked permission with his tongue. They battled for dominance, but Dean gave in. He wanted this, wanted this for so long. They broke apart when oxygen became an issue, but Sam's grip on the back of his neck didn't loosen.

"I won't lose you, Dean. I won't. I can't," Sam whispered against his lips, their foreheads pressed together.

"You better not, Sammy-boy," Dean replied. No, they won't lose each other. Not even hell can separate them.

Sam smiled at the grin that now adorned Dean's lips. He leaned in and kissed him again. He gently nipped at Dean's lips, making his elder brother moan and open his mouth. He pushed his tongue in, continuing his earlier exploration of the wet cavern. He licked every inch of skin that he could reach, tasting the addictive flavor that was uniquely Dean. His tongue traveled Dean's mouth, coming back to dance with his brother's own. Their tongues moved slowly, sensually as they enjoyed the feel of each other.

Sam released Dean's mouth, getting a whimper from the shorter man. He showered kisses along Dean's jaw, tracing the side of his brother's face until he reached the spot just below the ear. His tongue flitted out to lick at the skin, earning a sharp gasp from his elder brother. He smiled, learning that Dean was sensitive there. He circled the spot, sucking suddenly and making Dean moan. Sam played with the skin, getting more encouraged as Dean fisted his hair, tugging with every motion that Sam made. He bit down, pleased when his name spilled from Dean's lips. He flattened his tongue against the abused spot, tasting the metallic tang of the rich red liquid. He pulled back, surveying the red mark that blossomed on Dean's neck. He closed in again, kissing the mark which would let every creature, human or supernatural that Dean was now exclusively Sam's. And no human nor demon would take his brother away from him.

He moved upwards, taking the lobe of Dean's ear in his mouth. He traced his tongue along the soft skin, sucking and nipping at the shell and gaining the sweetest little sounds from his brother.

He trailed lower, tracing a wet trail down Dean's neck with his tongue. He stopped at the juncture of Dean's neck and shoulder. Dean craned his neck further, wanting more contact with Sam's sinful tongue. His younger brother didn't disappoint him as Sam bit down at the tender skin, creating another mark on Dean's neck.

While Sam's tongue worked on Dean's neck, his hands found themselves roaming the flat planes of his brother's toned stomach. He gently massaged the skin, memorizing the feel of Dean's body. He let his fingers travel upwards, dancing around Dean's nipples. Dean's breaths became short pants as Sam's fingers circled the hard nubs. Sam's mouth moved lower, kissing along Dean's collarbone.

Dean moaned loudly as Sam's mouth found one nipple and enveloped it with his tongue. The wet heat around his nipple made Dean writhe underneath Sam, tugging even harder against his brother's silky brown strands. Dean cried out as Sam suddenly bit down on the nipple and at the same time, pinching the other nub. Sam's tongue soothed the abused nipple before leaving it in favor of the other. He gave the same attention to the other nipple, making Dean arch his back towards him.

Sam trailed his tongue lower, playing with his brother's navel as his hands slowly latched onto Dean's pants. He unbuckled his brother's belt, deftly working his fingers on the button on the now offensive material. Dean moaned as his aching member was released from its tight confines. Sam nudged his hip gently, and Dean complied, lifting his hips so Sam could push the pants and boxers down. Dean kicked his remaining clothes off, leaving him totally naked. Sam sat back, appreciatively drinking in his brother's body, memorizing every inch of skin.

Dean reached up, grabbing a fistful of Sam's shirt and sending him back down on top of him. He crashed their lips together, hands working their way around the hem of Sam's shirt. He pushed the material up, letting his hands trail along the sides of Sam's torso, making Sam moan into his mouth. They broke the kiss to lift the shirt over Sam's arms and over his head. Sam sent it flying across the room, impatient to get back to Dean's hot mouth.

They kissed frantically, hands roaming each other's body desperately. Sam left Dean's mouth to settle on the inside of his brother's thigh. He sucked on the skin, earning a combination of pants and moans from his elder brother. Dean pulled on Sam's hair, wanting him to take his cock.

Sam complied, swallowing Dean's organ in one motion. Dean thrust against Sam, and the younger one resisted the urge to gag. Sam pinned Dean's hips to the mattress, preventing his brother from moving. He ran his tongue on the underside of Dean's cock, tracing the vein that ran underneath the skin. He swirled his tongue around the organ, making Dean clench his hair tightly and writhe, trying to overpower the hands that pinned him down. Sam pinned him down harder as he hollowed his cheeks, creating suction. He sucked on Dean's cock, relishing on the sounds that his brother made. He released the organ, blowing cold air over the hot skin. He smirked at the shudder that went through Dean's body before letting his tongue flit over the slit at the top.

Sam crawled up to Dean, kissing him harshly before breaking away abruptly. He looked at green eyes that were dark with desire, engaging them in his own dark brown orbs. He watched as Dean's eyes hungrily followed his tongue as it licked his fingers, coating it with saliva.

He kissed Dean again, swallowing the sharp cry that the other man gave when he inserted one finger in Dean's tight hole. He let Dean adjust before adding another finger. He rubbed Dean's face gently with his free hand, soothing the pain that made his brother grimace.

Dean opened his eyes, telling Sam to move. The younger man complied, slowly thrusting his fingers in and out, trying to find the sweet spot that would make his brother see stars. Dean thrust back, wanting Sam's fingers to move faster. Sam went with Dean's rhythm, pace going faster with every thrust. When Dean screamed his name, he knew he finally hit the right spot. Sam scissored his fingers, widening the tight muscle in preparation.

Dean's whimper became a sharp cry when Sam's fingers were replaced with his cock. Sam kissed Dean, letting his brother adjust to the bigger intrusion. He moved slowly, gradually setting the pace. Dean wrapped his legs around Sam's waist, making the younger man thrust deep and hit his prostate. Dean screamed, thrusting his hips faster, wanting Sam to hit his sweet spot over and over. Sam moved with Dean, their movements falling into a fast rhythm.

Sam attacked Dean's mouth as they met each other's thrusts, their movements now desperate. Sam's tongue fought with Dean's as they worked towards their orgasm.

Knowing that they were close, Sam wrapped his hand around Dean's cock, pumping in time with their thrusts. He left Dean's mouth to bite down sharply at his brother's shoulder. Dean arched his back, screaming Sam's name as his seed spilled over the younger man's hand. Sam moaned, feeling the muscles of Dean's ass tighten against his cock, letting his vision go white as he emptied himself inside the tight cavern.

They fell back against each other, chests heaving. They lay together, letting their heartbeats get back to a normal pace.

Sam kissed Dean gently, their tongues lazily dancing around each other. Sam pulled back, pulling himself out of Dean before settling beside his brother. He felt Dean's strong arms lock themselves tightly around his waist, his face burying itself in the crook of his younger brother. Sam hugged back, possessively embracing his brother.

Dean knew that they had both reached their breaking point, the point where the defensive wall they built over the years had finally crashed down. But somehow, he didn't care. They were both broken. As long as he had Sam to hold on to, he knew he could hold on to life… Hold on to them.

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