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Chapter 1

Minister of Magic Lucius Malfoy walked down the corridors of the Ministry of Magic towards the Census Department. Lucius was never a follower of Voldemort. Just like Severus, he had been a spy for the Order of the Phoenix since the beginning. Even his family, Narcissa and Draco, was all part of the lie. They too were loyal to the light, and helped him with spying for the Order.

Voldemort himself got the shock of his life months ago during the final battle, when Lucius had revealed his true self and killed some of his Death Eaters. In the end, Harry Potter had finally killed Voldemort, and the light had won. The face of evil himself died however, it might have not been forever.

Right after Voldemort's death, one of a many things happened. One of them was that Albus Dumbledore and the rest of the Order had cleared him and his family's name to the public. This surprised the population of the British wizarding world. They accepted the truth, but it did take time to adjust and see the Malfoys as good people, instead of Death Eaters. Lucius himself was then appointed Minister, and aided in the rebuilding of the British wizarding world after the war.

Another thing that happened was that Sybill Trelawney had predicted another prophecy during the Order's celebration in Hogwarts, along with the other staff members.

Child born of rival houses,

Child of Slytherin and Gryffindor.

A child destined to be the most powerful

To have ever lived.

With a drop of this innocent child's blood,

He will rise again.

Darker and more powerful

Than he was before.

If the child is brought up in the light,

He is the one to defeat him.

If the child is brought up in the dark,

The light has no hope of prevailing.

Everyone in the Great Hall heard Sybill's prophecy, were all in shock. Never, since the beginning of Hogwarts had there been a child with Gryffindor and Slytherin parents, so it couldn't be possible. Then again, Sybill's prophecies were never wrong. The prophecy was kept confidential, and hidden in the Department of Mysteries. And the possibility of Voldemort coming back from the dead?… Frightful!

Lucius stepped into the Census Department and greeted the receptionist behind the desk with a curt nod. He then made his way towards one of the shelves, one in which birth certificates would pop up as soon as a new wizard or witch was born. Every month, since the prophecy of Sybill, he always checked if the child had actually been born. It was one of the duties that he did himself since he didn't want word to get around about the prophecy and the child.

For months, he was relieved to have found that the child had not been born yet. Albus had given him a list of all the Gryffindors and Slytherins that had graduated in Hogwart's since 1950. Lucius memorized the list and tried to see if any of the names paired up in the birth certificate. Every time he went to check, he prayed to Merlin that he would never see the piece of parchment, and the child would never exist.

Suddenly, his breath caught behind his throat as his heart stopped beating for a few seconds. His eyes widened in shock, and he let go of his cane, making it fall to the floor.


Name: Sebastian Severus Snape

Born: January 1, 1998

Place of Birth: Edmonton London, England (North Middlesex Hospital NHS)

Father: Severus Tobias Snape

Mother: Hermione Jane Granger


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