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Epilogue – A glimpse into the future



The lake at the Snape Manor grounds sparkled under the bright summer sun. On one side of the lake, people gathered around tables as the celebrated the wedding of Severus and Hermione. Everyone was having a good time, most especially the newlyweds.

"You look nice in white," Hermione commented as Severus danced with her on the dance floor.

"Trust me wife," Severus started as he spun her in his arms, "it'll be the last and only time you'll see me wearing white and only white." He then turned his attention towards his son.

Sebastian too was wearing all white, and he was the ring bearer in the wedding ceremony with Lucius carrying him. Throughout the entire day, he seemed to tug and pull on his clothes, wanting to take them off. Now, in Narcissa's arms, he was trying to pull his top off.

"I think that Sebastian too hates being in all white," Severus commented.

Hermione shook her head as she turned to look at Severus. "Like father, like son."

"Very much so," Severus smirked.

"Perhaps our second child wouldn't be as snarky as the both of you," Hermione smiled, hinting a little something.

Severus stopped and tried to figure out exactly what Hermione had just said.

Hermione took her hand in his, and placed it right on her stomach. "I'm pregnant Severus."

Severus's mouth gaped open for a moment, before it quickly changed into a smile. "I love you Hermione," he told her with all sincerity before kissing her.



Tents and people were scattered all over the grounds of the biggest quidditch pitch in Britain. It was the finals of the world cup—Britain vs. Romania. Thousands and thousands of people attended to root for their team.

"Me want! Me want!" Sebastian said aloud as he saw people buy things at the game store right outside the big quidditch pitch.

"We'll head over to the box seats and see you there," Lucius informed everyone who wanted to buy things in the shop. He took his wife's hand and walked into the pitch stadium. Arthur and Molly too followed, leaving their children to buy what they wanted.

After buying what they needed from shirts, to face make up, and horns, everyone walked into the pitch, and grabbed some snacks before heading up. On the way to their seats, they passed the players locker room.

"Hey it's Ron," Fred said aloud as he pointed to the familiar red head that stood near the door.

Ron turned on his feet when he heard his brother's voice.

"Long time squirt!" George greeted him as everyone stopped in front of Ron.

Ron smirked, and looked like an arrogant player with his chin up and all. "Here to see us—Romania win?"

"Traitor!" Ginny said dangerously.

"Whatever Ginns, I'm playing first string now, and I'm on the starting lineup," Ron said as he balanced the qwaffle he was holding in his hand in front of him. He then noticed Hermione and Severus, and most of all Sebastian. "Spawn," he muttered, but everyone heard him.

Draco then started to take a step forward, ready to punch the stupid red head. Before he could even swing his hand at him, Ron already had gotten hit, breaking his nose.

"Fuck!" Ron cursed as he covered his bloody and broken nose with his hands. He looked down at the qwaffle on the floor and then at everyone who stood in front of him. "Who's responsible for making the qwaffle hit me?!"

Severus chuckled and looked at Sebastian who was in his arms. His son was scowling at Ron with his arm and hand extended out towards him as well. "That's my big boy," Severus laughed as he took Hermione's hand and started to walk away. He couldn't be proud of his own son, giving the stupid Weasley boy what he deserved.

"Have fun with the press photo shoot Ron!" Harry laughed.

Everyone then also laughed at Ron as the pointed at him.

By the end of game, Ron didn't just get his ass kicked, his team also had lost. It was the best quidditch match that Severus had ever watched.


Months later...

Hermione groaned and clutched at her swollen belly as she felt another contraction hit her. There were a few throughout the past few days, but tonight, they were more frequent and getting closer as well.

Slowly, she pushed Severus's arm off her, not wanting to wake him. It could just be false labor. So, she stood up slowly, wanting to head towards the bathroom.

"Argh!" Hermione said through clenched teeth as another contraction hit her. She grabbed onto the post at the corner of the bed, and suddenly could feel liquid running between her legs. Her water just broke.

"Hermione?" Severus murmured as he opened his eyes surprised to see her standing. When he saw that she was in distress, he was at her side immediately. "What's wrong?"

"My water just broke," Hermione gasped out.

Severus looked at his wife, and reminded himself to stay calm and not panic. He help Hermione sit down on the bed as he started to massage her lower back with one hand. "Just breathe," he told her as Hermione clutched at his arm with an immense grip when another contraction hit.

Hermione sighed in relief when she felt the contraction and pain ease away. She slumped herself against Severus, thankful that he supported her weight. "It hurts," she said.

"I know Love," Severus said. "I shall take you to the infirmary immediately.

"I'm scared," Hermione whimpered.

Severus brought a hand up to her cheek and stroked gently. "There's no need to be scared this time Hermione. I'm here now." With those words and a quick kiss, Severus took her up in his arms.

Their life was about to start another new beginning.



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