You're an Ass

Alison's POV

Only then did I notice Edward walking in with a deer in his hands, I stared harshly at him; then looked confusedly towards the carcass. Carlisle smiled,

"Can't you smell the blood?" he asked disbelievingly, his eyebrows rose. I took in another breath, moving closer to Edward. There was no noticeable scent...I shook my head. Esme put a hand on my shoulder and gently pushed me further forwards, I stood my ground though. I continued to glare at the boy, only a year older than me.

"Take it" he said quietly, he stared at me with a slight smile on his face. He put it on the floor and left with a regretful look on his face. I felt better with him gone now and so I picked up the deer, bringing it closer to my face I smelt the blood. Like green vegetables was the deer's scent, almost reflexively I dropped it to the floor again. Esme and Carlisle chuckled, I realised that I could her three other people laughing downstairs and someone just coming up the stairs too. He appeared almost immediately afterwards with a large smile on his face. I studied the man's face, he had dirty blonde hair and what skin was bare, was covered in crescent shaped scars very similar to what I recognised as my mother's. After a pause I decided that he was very handsome as far men go and I couldn't help but smile back to him.

"Are you suggesting I drink from this?" I gestured towards the deer on the floor. Everyone in the room nodded, I scowled at the thing on the floor. Why should I?

"No thanks" my tone was indignant.

"Would you rather drink from a human?" the man said. I looked up at his expressionless face. "Like Bella" I snarled at him, a sound that I was completely unfamiliar with. It sounded awful coming from my mouth, it felt wrong. I heard a snarl similar to my own coming from downstairs.

"No!" my voice was strained, the man winced. I let out a strangled cry, what had happened to Mum?

"Bella is like us now" he answered my unspoken question. I sat down and closed my eyes, perhaps I would be able to see her?

Mum breezed through the forest, her hair flowing behind her and a pack of wolves following her. Her face was determined.

Dammit! I wish I knew more! I wish I knew what they were thinking. Where are they going?

"No, you really don't" I heard Edward reply from downstairs. I stared blankly at the opposite wall, no-one was in the room anymore and I suddenly felt very crowded within my mind. Err, Edward?

"Yes?" Oh great, he can read minds. Just fantastic, what was Mum thinking?! Har har.

"I couldn't read her mind" his voice was mournful, "but I can read yours" I could almost see that smug smile on his face downstairs. Dammit! You are a pain in the ass. This will be so awkward.

"You think I picked this?" he questioned. I glared at the wall, don't get sarcky with me. Who punched you into the wall?

"Fair point, my lips are sealed" he chuckled, "I'm scared of someone over a century younger than me"

Get used to it.

"I'll manage, what did Bella say to you about me?" You asked for it. I replayed the scene in the meadow last week in my mind, slowly Edward drifted upstairs to me. His face was broken as he came into the room. "I think you're an ass Edward, leaving Mum - not loving Mum"

"It was for her own good."

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