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In the aftermath of the raid on the Marketplace, not a lot of people were able to help the Doctor. Not when they had their own problems. Not when they had their own friends and family missing.

The Market guards were doing what they could, but there was little they could do to help those who had been taken.

"We simply just don't have enough men to send out into the Desert." Their commander told the Doctor. "We can't leave the Market unprotected, not when another tribe can just as easily strike."

"She's just a girl!" The Doctor insisted, but even he knew that wouldn't account for much.

Looked like he was going to have to save her on his own.

Well, not as if he'd never done it before.


Jenny and Ginny immediately ran to the Market place, but to their disappointment the Doctor was no where to be found.

"Excuse me, but have you seen a human male with brownish hair asking about a missing girl?" Jenny asked a nearby guard, who looked as if he was in command.

"Many men have asked about girls." He grunted. "How am I supposed to remember them all, when I have so many on the list of those taken?"

Jenny glanced at Ginny, trying to reassure the girl, who looked like the wind had been taken out of her sails.

Ginny had, after all, been so excited that she'd found Jenny… Now she'd have to find the Doctor too.


Jenny spun around, and smiled with relief.

"Hay Drem, good to see you."

"I TOLD you, my name is Avecmarsikzemika of the house of Drem." The blue tinted guard scolded, but he was smiling. "You were asking about a human with brown hair? One who was asking for a girl with red hair, about this..." He stopped in his tracks after raising his hand to Ginny's exact height.

He looked at Ginny stunned, who was trying not to laugh.

"Anyway, you were saying? Where did he go?" Jenny continued.

Drem shrugged with his eyes still on Ginny.

"In the direction of the Desert I'd say, like so many others have done, I..."

"Damn, he must have missed us." Jenny groaned. "I guess we have no choice but to go after him."

"I'm guessing you saved the girl, Jen." Drem said, taking his eyes off Ginny at last. "Why am I not surprised?"

Jenny just frowned with concern. The desert was not a place to be taken lightly.

"Thanks anyway Drem."

Jenny took Ginny to Zahir's goods, where she stayed in the flat above with the two other workers, one of whom was sat at the counter on her shift, staring lazily into space, slumped against one arm. She ignored them as they walked past and up the stairs.

"My boss Zahir lets his workers live upstairs." Jenny explained. "It means I get paid less, but it's more convenient and cheaper to keep... Even though the smell is awful..."

Sure enough Ginny's nose wrinkled as she was led upstairs, as the vivid and unpleasant, penetrating vinegar-like smell drifted through the air around her.

"I'd hold your tongue if I were you." A large green blob warned, as he waddled along the landing, alarming Ginny. "And what have I told you about bringing in your strays?"

The blob examined Ginny, who was trying hard not to stare, even though he had the oddest shape, and was strangely green and yet transparent. Fortunately he was wearing some sort of grey robe; Ginny felt sick at the thought of possibly being able to see his internal organs...

"She's not staying." Jenny explained dryly. "She's just tagging along while I collect something from my room."

The blob frowned (at least, Ginny thought it was a frown) as if it didn't really believe her, but was fortunately distracted by a red skinned female alien with blue hair, who crept out of the room they'd been about to go in, holding her head.

"Where have you BEEN?!" The blob yelled, his face glowing a tinge of red. "Your shift was at five o'clock this morning...!"

Jenny grabbed Ginny's wrist, and pulled her into a nearby room.

"That was Zahir, my employer." Jenny said simply, as Ginny looked around the cramped room, which held three beds and was littered with clothes of a peculiar fashion.

The only tidy section was a shelf tucked in the corner, with some clothes folded up neatly. Ginny was oddly reminded of soldiers she'd seen on muggle TV with Hermione.

"And that girl was Cless, she went out drinking last night. I think her boyfriend dumped her or something..."

"What's that smell?" Ginny complained.

"That would be Zahir. Something his species do during this time of year, like moulting in chickens..." Jenny moaned, sitting on the bed by the shelf, confirming Ginny's suspicions that the possessions were hers. "No wonder the business isn't doing any good, I swear that's why we barely get any customers. At this rate, he'll be closed down in a few months..."

Jenny crossed her arms stubbornly.

"But what do I care? I've nearly earned enough for a decent spacecraft in the Market space yard. I'll be out of here soon enough."

"But... Your Dad's here." Ginny said confused. "I thought you wanted to travel with him?"

Jenny looked up and smiled gently.

"I do, but I also want to see the Universe for myself."

Ginny wondered at first what she meant, but she quickly sussed it out, and sat down next to her.

"I suppose it's like what my brother Bill said when he left home." Ginny said, remembering clearly. "Mum burst into tears and refused to let him go, kept saying he was her baby, and it was too soon for him to grow up…"

"What did your brother say?" Jenny asked, making Ginny smile.

"He said, 'Mu-um! I'm a grown-up now! I need to find my own way, and make my own mistakes! Just like you did!'." Ginny giggled. "Charlie said the same thing when he left, but ohhh, he got a slap for cheek when he turned to Dad and said, 'like when you met Mum!'"

Jenny laughed.

"I know I was only technically born three months ago, but I was born as an adult, and a soldier. I can handle the world without my Dad."

Ginny nodded. After all, she was sure SHE didn't want to live with her parents forever...

She felt a jolt as she remembered. She didn't live with them anymore. She wasn't even sure she'd ever see them again.

"Well then, are we going to find the Doctor now or what?" Ginny said quickly, before the tears came.

Jenny nodded, and pulled a map out from beneath a pile of clothes.

"This a map of the area around the Market place. If I know my dad, he'll have stomped off into God knows where to save you."

Ginny rolled his eyes.

"As if I can't look after myself!"

Jenny blinked.

"Erm... I DID have to rescue you."

Ginny snorted.

"I would have managed if you hadn't come along!"

"Ok, whatever you say." Jenny said in disbelief.

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