Surf's Up: Teardrops on my iceboard, The untold story of Cody's Childhood

By ILoveAnimatedOutcasts

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Surf's up or any of the characters, But I do own this story. I also do not own Happy Feet, which part of the storyline is based opon.

Chapter 1/Prologue

Deep in the land of Antartica, there lives a colony of penguins who take pride in their sameness. These are the rockhopper penguins of Shiverpool. But every now and then, things do happen in shiverpool, one of them being the Blue-Moon Hatching cereamony, which happens every 20 years at the peak of the antartic winter, arround june 7th. Now, Shiverpudilians hatch eggs all year-round, but only those penguins hatched during the blue-moon will become Shiverpool's finest residents, and somehow, every year, the eggs hatched on that night, all hatch the next morning. No one can explain it, but, hey, it's shiverpool tradition, and shiverpool penguins thrive on tradition. But the ceremony that happended on the night of June 7th, 1990 would hatch a young penguin that would, in time, turn Shiverpool upside-down, just because he was just plain different, and wanted to be. And yes, his father is partly to blame.

This young penguin's name was Cody Maverick.

We may all think we know his story, chosen by Pen Gu Island to particaptate in The Big Z surf-off, where fate placed him the the heart of the Pen Gu jungle, Met the "thought to be dead" Big Z, and, just by being who he is, "Pointed the way back" for Big Z, and maybe even all of Pen Gu Island.

But that's only half of his story.

To tell the other "untold" half of Cody's story, we need to go way back to June of 1990, even before Cody was born.....