Author's Notes: So, my first Doctor Who fic and it's not even a proper one. But... that's... okay?

This is just a stupid little missing scene from Season 2--place it wherever you like, it doesn't matter.

Soup & Blankets

"I kind of miss Mickey the Idiot," the Doctor muses in the middle of dinner three months after the Impossible Alternate Reality Fiasco. Usually they eat on the go, but Rose has been sniffling for the past couple of days and the Doctor is nothing if not overprotective. He grins over at her eyes, which are barely peeking up over the edge of her blankets. "Then again, I also miss K9."

Rose's eyes roll around once and then squint at him in a manner which he presumes is agreement, but could also be annoyance. It's difficult to tell without a visual on her mouth. "Mmmrph," she says, "Mmmgurblegurbledlom."

The current physical state of his latest companion wasn't one of her own design; the TARDIS, picking up on the Doctor's worry, had practically wrapped her in the blankets as soon as she'd lain down. The Doctor couldn't help but feel somewhat smug about how fond of Rose his ship was; usually she felt competitive with the female companions the doctor brought along, but for whatever reason had fallen in love with the blonde girl. Sometimes he caught her changing the temperature, catering to Rose, and most of the meals they ate were Rose's favorites. He wasn't jealous.

Okay, he was a little jealous.

"You miss K9 too?" The Doctor asks teasingly. "That's sweet."

Rose giggles and kicked lightly at him from beneath the covers. She wriggles a bit until her mouth is above the mountain of blankets and takes a deep breath. "I said, 'I always knew you liked him a bit.'" She nudges at him again. "You think you're sooooooo mysterious, but I see right through you, Mister."

Then she smiles and takes a long slurp of her soup. A bit of it dribbles onto her chin and the Doctor wipes it away with his thumb.

"I'll bet you do, at that," he muses.