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BTW, the prologue is in Yami's POV)


Codename, Wolf 4831


The alarm rang; I could clearly hear the voices of everyone yelling, not clearly understanding what they were saying. I could figure out only one word: prototype.

I let out a growl loud enough for me, but not for them, to hear. I wasn't a prototype anymore. No, I was a complete and whole creation now, and I definitely wasn't going to let them use me as their weapon. The same voices became clear this time. Someone had ordered the doors of the experimental base to be closed, every exit I could possibly find. I turned in a corner, still running in two legs, and finally saw the two doors that hadn't been activated yet. My excitement turned into horror as they began to close.

I cursed mentally; I had less than 20 seconds. I tried to calculate on my mind… the phasing lasted about 7 seconds in which I'd be capable of running twice as much as I'd run in two legs. Then I could have at the most 10 seconds to get out. I only had one chance.

I felt the fur growing out of my body as soon as I thought the word phase. When I felt changed enough, I turned to all fours and prayed the good Lord that it was just what I needed to escape. Ten seconds; I only had 10 seconds left.

Here went nothing, the mental countdown started.

Ten… nine… eight…

The sound of the bullets shooting out of the handguns and rifles hurt my ears more than if one of them had actually hurt me. None of them did, of course.

Seven… six… five…

I was so close and yet the doors seemed so far. Time was running out—this was my only chance, I had to give it my very best shot!

Four… three…

The space between the exit and me suddenly looked longer. I wouldn't be able. I ran faster, the fastest I'd ever run in my life. It still wasn't enough, not for me. Every bit of hope built within me vanished as easily as if it'd never been there.


Darkness surrounded me at the moment I heard the doors close.


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