Erm... I'm really sorry, you guys, for... y'know, for lasting FOUR GODDAMN MONTHS in FRIGGING UPDATING, but now that I look back at the story, it's like... so full of imperfections--flaws I'd like to correct, so I thought maybe I could rewrite the whole story and put it up... and I'd like to hear your opinion on this matter:

Would you like me to finish the story and then rewrite it, or would you first like me to rewrite it and leave this story as it is right now?

I know that a lot of you will say that it's my choice, but I REALLY wanna listen to what you think, guys. And, I just DON'T KNOW what to do next in this story; I mean, I DO know, but to get to that part... the details in the middle are the hard thing to come up with.

And I also know some of you may not give a damn about this, and that I shouldn't be whining...

I'm sorry, you guys. I'm sorry you have to put up with such a crappy author/writer like me. And if you have any ideas, they would do me no harm at all; I'd love to hear your thoughts and your ideas, 'kay? For the next story I put up--if I ever put up another--I'll make sure to have it well planned and have a regular basis on the updating thing, like someone once told me.

Again, I'm sorry, and thanks to all of you who have had faith in me during this story and had faith in me with Shonen-Ai High School. Thank you, guys, you're all amazing and the best thing in the whole world, and I deeply apologize yet again.

Best regards,