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Parings: slight McGee/Ziva

Ratting: T for future chapters slight swearing and bloody details... don't you just love blood?!!!


"AAAHHH!" Tim's green flew open as he sat bolt up right in his bed. Sweat covered him from head to toe, and the scream that had woke him from his nightmare left his throat raw. Tim swung his legs over the side of his bed, and his breath hitched in his throat as he began to sob, his emotions shocked from the severity of the dream. The vide memories of his childhood danced through his mind, brought fourth by his nighttime terror. "Oh god," Tim whispered to himself as he began to shake from his own sobbing that seemed unending.

Several minutes passed before Tim could calm himself. When his crying did cease, and there was no apparent sign of distress, Tim picked up the phone, which had been ringing on in off for at lest ten minutes.

"Hello?" Tim said; as he flipped open his phone.

"Probie! Where have you've been! I've been trying to reach you all morning, Gibbs is trying to kiilll me since I can't seem to get you on the phone or through e-mail!.

"Oh.. must of over slept"Tim said his voice harsh from his resent insedent.

"You sound awful McGeek are sure you're not sick or something cause it's kind of hard to over sleep this late."

"Huh?..what time is it?"

"Look a your clock Probie, you really have me worried now, the great McGeek can't tell time! Oh wait till I tell Abby!"

"Very funny Ton- oh wow it is late." Tim said as he caught a glimpse of his clock," dame its late Gibbs not too mad at me is he?"

"No we're just kind of worried, I mean last time you were this late well your sister was accused of murder and-"

"Okay Okay I get I'm late I'll be there in a second."

"Really McGee you sound awful, are you sure you don't wanna take the day off I mean you're already late as it is ."

"No Dinozzo I am not going to take the day off just because I woke up late , unlike some people I have principles."

"Okay Okay no need to get all defensive I was just saying you sound sick."

"I'm okay ..I just had a rough night."

"Oooh you had a rough night gotcha,... so was she blond or maybe a red head, boss man would like that, oh oh or maybe she was-

"Bye Tony." and with that Tin hung up the phone cutting off Tony from his rant and speculations about Tim's love life.

"Great just great I'm late for work and Tony thinks I'm sleeping with someone, great" Tim sighed as he begin to get ready for work. "And to top it all off I have to figure out what to do about the E-mail" Tim thought to himself as he readthe E-mail for the hundredth time before he put his laptop away. Which he had left running all night. The E- mail itself had brought forth many memories and on top of that it was a threat e-mail and Tim couldn't deside between showing Gibbs which would bring about many questions he wasn't sure he was ready to answer or risking taking the chance of it being an empty threat, which Tim doubted....."and I have to call the college to make sure Sarah's just asleep in the library again."

"Huh that's strange I don't remember getting package." Tim thought as he walked towards a medium size brown box that was in front of his front door."It must of come this morning." Tim said idly as he wrapped his figures around the box as he lifted it up taking it to the kitchen table, a distinct burning smell filled Tim's senses as he read that the package was indeed addressed to him and not his younger sister...

Meanwhile at NCIS...

"So where's McGee?" Ziva asked as Tony walked towards his desk.

"Oh well our little lady's man is own his way, apparently he over slept, because he had a rough night."

"Who had a rough night?" Abby said as she spun around playfully in Tim's chair.

"McGee did," Ziva said.

"Aw poor Tim." Abby said as she stopped spinning.

"No no Probie didn't have a rough night he had a rough night," Tony said grinning with glee at his slandering of McGee.

"Oh a rough night." Abby said waggling her eyebrows.

"Grab your gear people we have a dead marine." Gibbs said as he came rushing in. Interrupting Tony before he could say anything more about McGee's rough night."Abby what are you doing in McGee's desk?" Gibbs said as he noticed that McGee was still not at work.

"Oh I was worried about Tim, his never late and so I decide to wait for him here." Abby said as she spun around in the chair once more.

"Well get down to the lab I'm going to need you soon." Gibbs said as he threw Dinozzo the keys to the car.

"Yes sir!" Abby said as she threw up a playful salute and walked off.

"Where's McGee?" Gibbs said as he headed towards the elevator.

"on his way Boss," Tony answered, "Where is the crime scene?"Tony asked puzzled as to wear their destination was.

"At the Washington D.C. memorial college."

"Hey isn't that were McGee's sister goes to school?" Ziva said as she followed the guys towards the exit, she was worry and rightful so. Last time something like this had happen (last time Tim was late) Sarah McGee had been a prime suspect in a murder and it had shaken Tim quite hard. Some time had pass and Ziva realized she was not going to get an answer. She sighed to herself and got in the car that she had followed Tony to. Ziva looked out the car window as the car drove to the crime scene, she hoped Tim was fine and found it odd that she was worrying so much about Tim or as Tony said McGeek.

"Hey Ziva '" Tony said as he tossed his cell phone towards the passenger side seat of which Ziva now resided,"Call Probie and let him know where to meet us."

"Alright," Ziva said as she graceful caught the cell phone and flipped the phone open, her worry for McGee no less diminished.

Bring Bring the phone rang for only a moment when a sound came from it that made Ziva's worry for Timothy McGee increased rapidly. We're sorry but the number you have called is no longer in service please hang up and try again. Ziva quickly hung up and recalled Tim's number hoping she had dialed the wrong number.. no such luck.

"Tony.." Ziva started to say but phased not sure how to say or express her worry properly, " um Tim's number has been disconnected."

"What do you mean his phone was fine a while ago when I called, did you dial the number right"

"Yes Tony I dialed it twice." Ziva responded with a hint of malice in her voice.

"Don't get testy I'm just covering ever angle... Boss is not going to like this." Tony reply said as he pulled up to the crime scene. "Maybe McGeek drooped his phone in the toilet or something." But something in Tony's gut told him this was not the case and if he listen to his gut as Gibbs told them to do so often he felt that there was something extremely wrong was about to happen to McGee.

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Tim gets an e-mail that causes him to have nightmares and then someone tries to kill him will the team be able to help him in time... slight McGiva