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Tony!!! What the hell is going on I got a call saying one of my agents has been hurt and then I get a call from you saying Tim's been in some short of explosion I demand to know what's going on! Gibbs practical yelled as he stormed into the hospital waiting room, his face red with anger though his you could see a slight hint of worry on his face

"Boss I.." Tony stuttered looking up at his boss with blood on his hands his face slightly wet from recent tears, and a couple of smears of blood covered his face from his attempts to dry his eyes. "Um oh this is Tim's... I-I'm okay,.." Tony stuttered as he saw his boss's expression turn from one of anger to worry. " It's m-my fault about Tim s-should of checked on him an-"

"Nonsense Tony this is not your fault," Ducky said cutting of Tony. "Now Jethro I believe someone has tried to kill our young Timothy, with some short of bomb or explosive judging by Timothy's kitchen." Ducky finished turning towards Gibbs. Ducky was also covered slightly in blood though he did not appear as shaken up as Tony, though his voice had a solome tone to it, which suggested that Tim was not doing well.

"Where's McGee now." Gibbs said surprisingly gentle for Gibbs, due to the fact that he was a little worry because of the state his head agent was in.

"Um.. he's in surgery t-they had to remove some metal stuck in his ar-arms." Tony replied with a little less stuttering.

"Okay Tony I need you to call Ziva and Abby and tell them to get down here, I don't want to call his family until I get the full story, which Ducky I would like you to tell me after I call the director and get someone else to take over the case and make sure we can look into what has happen to McGee." Gibbs said as he flipped out his phone.

"Yes sir but can I tell you what happened I think it may have to do with this morning..." Tony said hesentativly, but felt a little more comfortable when Gibbs gave him a node before talking to the director.


"Oh Timmy .. What happened to my poor Timmy!" Abby sobbed as she sat waiting. She had arrived earlier than Ziva who had to what and inform Sarah (Tim's sister) who was at the college. Gibbs had been fully informed about the circumstance of which Tim had been found and had already had Tim's house made into a crime scene. He and Ducky had left immediately to led the investigation. Tony sat next to Abby in the waiting room rubbing her back and trying to calm her down, he was under Gibbs orders to do so until he got back, not that Tony minded to much.

"What happen! Where's my brother!" The sound of Sarah McGee's angry voice shouting at the poor nurse in the front could be herd by both Tony and Abby.

"We demand to know right now!" the fimalier sound of Ziva shouting caused both of them to exstange glances, before Tony got up to calm both of the ladies down before they took of the nurse's head.

Somehow Tony had been able to led both of the angry ladies towards the waiting room and Abby. Where Sarah promple sat down and cried next to Abby who threw her arms around the young girl despite not knowing her very well. Ziva on the other sat down across from Tony and gave him a death like glare.

Tony then reverberated what had happen to Tim to the girls after words they all sat in silent with occasionally crying from Abby and Sarah. Some time afterwards Gibbs and Ducky returned and the whole group waited for news from the doctor.

Some time later that day...

Abby and Sarah were asleep leaning against each other tissues scattered around their feet and both of their noses red and puffy from crying. Gibbs was out trying to find more about what had happen to Tim by well being Gibbs and scareing the doctors, which seemed to be working because he soon told Tony to wake Sarah and Abby.

"Uh.. What's up?" Abby replied groggily as she awoke. "What time is it?" She asked tony as she sat up right slowly causing Sarah to topple over into the seat. This caused Sarah to sit up rather quickly and startled Tony who gave a very girly yelp.

"Oh my Tony did you become a little girl?" Ziva said giggling at Tony's outburst.

Gibbs raised an eye at Tony before smacking Ziva in the back of the head. "people the doctor has news on McGee." Gibbs said rather annoyed at his agents, he gestured to a small female doctor standing behind him, who seemed very timid.

"Um who's the family of Timothy McGee," the little doctor said with some confidence.

Everyone with the exception of Gibbs pointed to Sarah who looked to be so tightly wound with the anticipation of news that if you poked her with a pincle she might turn into a sobbing bundle of sorrow. That or she looked like a kitten being held above a bath tube. (If you have ever held a kitten above a tub they like freeze and look like their about to have a panic attack.. It's kind of cute ..if your into that short of thing.)

"um are you all also here for Special agent McGee?" The doctor said looking rather shoked at the possibilty that theyt were all here for one guy. .

"yes we are will you please tell us what is wrong with him." Gibbs said looking rather impationt.

"Um right um let's see he has third degree burns on his arms chest and some on his neck fortunately they are not very large and minor as far as thrid degree burns go. Our biggest concern was the amount of debree in bedded in his arms which appears to be some short of shrapnel. We were able to remove all of it which is why we were in surgery for so long. He had some major blood loss from a gash on his head wich is also the cause of a minor councosion, and a piece of metal that appears to have gone clean through his right hand. But over all his injurys are supperficial he should be fine though he'll have some counsiderable scarring and he'll have to have phisical therapy for his arms wich had some minor muscel damage."

"may we see him.. " someone asked though it was clear that everyone was thinking the very same thing.

"Um.. yes you may but please one at a time" the doctor said looking at the rather large crowd, "he won't be awake until tomorrow though."

"Um Okay.. You go first Sarah" Tony said apprehensively while the others nodded except for Ziva who remained stoic.

Sarah McGee followed the small doctor to her brother. She felt odd leaving her brother's friends sitting .. she felt slightly vulnerable without them close by. As she entered her brother's room she felt her emotions become over baring she could no longer hold them as she saw her older lying helpless and pale on the bed. She began to quake with sobs as she placed her hand on Tim's banged hand she slowly sat down in the small hospital chair convently placed by the bed. She looked at her brother's banged form and tried not to break down. She failed miserable, she cried vigorously laying her head on his shoulder. She tried not to think about his weak form.. But all she could think about was who had done this to her sweet older brother her only brother, who was as kind as he was a dork.

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