------- Just something I'm trying. Basically, imagine it's you or one of your friends who is Edward obsessed (three of my friends are like this…you must know someone vaguely who is ultra-obsessed!!!) and then…yeah. Once again, this is OUR world where Twilight is a book and Stephenie Meyer is an author – not Bella's world, where werewolves and vampires roam. -------

"Ni!" Kennedy Powl, my best-friend, squeals and runs towards me. "Ni! Ni! Niomi!!!" can you blame her for her excitement? It's the first day of grade nine. Not only are we entering this High School for the first ever time, but I've been away at camp all summer and she hasn't seen me since early June.

My name's Niomi Lem. And just to clarify, it IS Niomi with an 'i'. Believe me, critical kids and spell check have both pointed out that my name should be spelt 'Naomi' over the fourteen years I've been living. But my name doesn't have that ay sound in it – and anyway, Niomi is what it says on my birth certificate. Who's right is it to question the spelling of my name? All the same, back to Kennedy.

"God Kennedy, you're running towards me as if I'm Bella Swan or something!" I laugh, accepting her welcome-back hug. "Excuse me? Scream for Bella I would not. She's to wimpy for my liking. However, scream for Alice I definitaley would. Oh, and you." She let's go of me and grins. "Of course." I reply with an eye-roll.

If you were wondering, Kennedy is not a lesbian or anything – not to say there's anything wrong with being gay, it's just that Kennedy isn't. She just hasn't developed a liking for guys yet. She's still in the state of mind where she believes boy's have cooties. Although, she does like Jasper Cullen a whole bunch.

"Aren't you thrilled?" she bubbles. "Kennedy, we've returned to school in a harder grade than before, not knowing where anything is or who anybody is. Thrilled is not exactly the word I would use to describe my feelings at this moment." I say. She laughs, "Oh!" she shrugs, "Well I can't wait to learn who's in my classes."

"Niomiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" Jayden's celebratory cry can be heard by all. I turn around, and there she is. Her waist-length blue (yes, blue) hair is swinging and she has on a home-made T-shirt that says, I've changed my name to Renesmee. While I adore Edward, Jayden favours Jacob.

"Long time no see! How's your summer been?" I wave. "Great! Until I got to the part of the book where Jacob imprinted!" she pouts. I giggle, "You think that's harsh? Edward had a kid – if I were to marry him, I'd have a step-daughter!"

Kennedy rolls her eyes, "You two are lunatics. They're fictional!" but her words only cause us to grin even more.

"Twelve times over all," I boast, "Twilight five times, New moon twice, Eclipse three times, Breaking Dawn twice." But Jayden doesn't seem fazed by this amazing record of mine. "So? I've read each four times." She gloats. I gasp, "But Breaking Dawn's only been out for a month! And it's so thick." I protest. "Yeah, well. I'm a fast reader!" she winks and runs off to talk to some other girls.

"Ohmygosh!" Kennedy grabs my arm, "Who is that?" and she points to some guy who never went to our middle school. I shrug, "Newbie? Someone switching from a private school? Who cares, Ken."

"I do!" she stomps her foot. I gape, "What?!? The prudish Kennedy Powl finally has a crush on a real guy?!?" I chuckle in mock-amazement. Kennedy nods eagerly, "Yes yes yes! I saw him the other day at the video store. Is he cute or what?" she squeals. I shrug again, "He's alright."

"ALRIGHT?!" she yelps in disbelief.

He looks over at us in that second, and we both turn red.

"Yeah," I decide, "Edward's better."