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Like Brother and Sister Trailer

They're each other's best friends.

Shows Gabriella rolling her eyes. "Just because you smell my mom's brownies doesn't mean I'm going to let you in," she laughed.

Troy grinned. "But because I'm your best friend?"

"Maybe..." she walked over to her door allowing Troy to follow close behind.

They never had feelings for each other…

"A brother telling his sister that she's sexy? Please leave me out of this conversation."

Gabriella grinned. "Fine with me Bolton."

They never had a level of intimacy, which surprised everyone.

"Wait!" Sharpay squealed. "Don't tell me you guys have never kissed before!"

Troy and Gabriella looked at each other quickly before looking away.

"OMG! For real? Not even a little peck when you guys were small?"

But when feelings change, and take a turn for the century…

Shows Troy's tongue gently rolling against Gabriella's lips and her opening her mouth.

"Troy and I were just sleeping together!" she justified.

No one can believe it.

"Ewwww!" Chad screamed. "That's like incest!

"My stomach felt weird." Gabriella said.

"Like a good kind of weird?" Taylor asked.

"And don't think we'll believe you if you go into a depth story about you falling in love with Troy boy."

The sexy comments never helped…

Gabriella sat on Troy's shoulders, holding herself steady as her eyes shot down at Troy and glared. "Imagine if you were on top of me. That would be so hard. You should be glad that I'm on top; this method is so much easier."

"Imagine that," Troy smirked.

"They're so nice to me, and you Bolton, are no angel."

"What am I then?" he smirked. "The devil?"

Gabriella pressed her lips against Troy's cheek in a seductive manner. "Maybe."

His new girlfriend didn't help either…

I'm sort of going out with Lexi tonight," he announced looking straight at the road.

Gabriella's eyes widened and she almost choked on her drink.

"I hate her, I hate her, I hate her!" Gabriella yelled as she looked back and forth at Taylor and Sharpay.

Confused is an understatement.

Pans to Troy kissing Gabriella.

Is that what friends do?"

"No, friends don't do that."

"Well, we just did."


Zac Efron as Troy Bolton

Vanessa Hudgens as Gabriella Montez

Are they really in love?

Gabriella's lips were moist and soft, her breath was minty fresh, her tongue didn't strangle him or choke him, but Troy didn't feel anything. He was sure he didn't feel anything. He was willing to bet on it.

Or are they just brother and sister?

It was like she shared her room with her brother. Pieces of clothing that belonged to Troy were scattered throughout her room. Some lonely basketballs were tucked in between her closet doors, and a whole drawer of clothes belonged to Troy.

"I love you Troy!" Gabriella screamed tears threatening to fall from her eyes. "Why can't you see that?!?!"

"Gabs, this isn't some movie! We don't get a happy ending!"

Like Brother and Sister

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