This one-shot is just so cure my writers bolg! It's not ongoing....Unless you want it to be?

wisdomtetth wisdomteeth wisdomteeth wisdomteeth wisdomteeth....

I walked into my bedroom souly aware of why Edward wasn't here. I just got my wisdom teeth pulled and I don't want to be eaten today. "Bells, I'm going to go fishing with Billy, call Jake if you need anything." as far as Charlie knowns the Cullen's are 'camping'. Well they actually a form of the word. "Nay dud!" he chuckled and I heard the door slam. I plopped down on my bed and took out the bloody gauze that was packed in my moth, and threw it in the grbage can beside my bed. 'note to self : Change the garbage before Edward comes'.

"Bells! You best friend in the world is here to care for your every need!" I sighed. Jacob. And he's in a happy mood. This is going to be great....I rubbed my kaw with my hand and got up slowly to get some painkillers. A warm hand pushed me down on the bed. Then a dakr hadn was in front of my face forcing a white pill and a glass of water towards my face. "Take it or I'll force you to swallow it." he threatened.

I took the large white pill and swallowed it. I gulped down the water like a fish and the taste of blood coated my mouth. Ew..

"Want to go do something? I was thinking somewhere between the beach and the cliffs." I pointed to my mouth."You don't have to chew anything to jump of a cliff Bells." he pointed out. Jacob sat on my bed and it went down about six inches. " I dun onna o anyair!" I screamed and he backed off. "Sorry." he said and I layed back. I felt sleep coming over me and I soon gave in. I felt Jake's weight come off of the bed.

A cool hand was brushing hair from my face and I slowly opened my eyes. "Hello love." my angel spoke softly. He smiled and placed his hand on my jaw. The pain instantly ceased. "Wheres Ake?" I asked. My mouth still somewhat numb. "He left when I arrived." his hand caressed my Jaw and I closed my eyes. "How do you feel?" he asked. "Dust Reat." I said and he chuckled. He continued his godly ways on my jaw until we heard the front door open. "Bells! You here?" Charlie's voice called from downstairs. The door slammed shaking my window. I sighed and got up. I straightened up my clothes and readjusted my ponytail and opened my door. Edward grabbed my hand. I smiled at him and he smiled back.

We walked downstairs hand in hand and Charlie's eyes were the size of golf balls. "What were you two doing up there?" he asked.I immediatly realized what this must look like. "No's not ah yoo tink." I looked at Edward desperately. "Charlie, she called me and I just arrived, nothing happend." he explained and a wave of relief washed over me. Jasper's here. "Hmph." then Charlie went to the t.v and picked up the clicker. "I already ate dinner Bells at Billy's so you don't have to make anything. I bought some jello and yogurt for you. Doctor said not to eat hard stuff for a while remember?" I nodded and I saw a tuff of brown hair throught the window. Edward sighed heavily and there was a knock at the door. "

I walked there with Edwars at my side and opened it. Emmett stood there with Jasper at his side. "We have a problem." Jasper smiled sheepishly. " didn't!" Edward said. Emmett nodded. "He did."