Frowning at the darkening sky, the raindrops falling heavily on the bare back of his neck House sighed, Wilson was right he was always right even when he was wrong. Shifting his gaze back to the road in front of him House's eyes widened, his whole world flipped sideways and abruptly went black.

"HOUSE!" Wilson burst into the ICU, his heart pounding in his chest, which was constricting more and more by the second "HOUSE!?". A woman in pale pink scrubs frowned at him and walked over placing a deep tanned hand on his chest.

" Sir calm down, you will wake the patients; "she removed her hand and crossed her arms.

" I need to see House, I...I need to see him" Wilson gasped; he couldn't understand why he wasn't being rushed to his bedside right now he couldn't understand why he wasn't magicked to Houses side as soon as the bike had tipped and his head had hit the floor, it just didn't seem real .

" Sir Im sorry but only family are allowed visitation rights", Wilsons heart dropped through the floor, "But. But im his best friend, I've known him for over a decade, Please!? "He whispered his eyes pleading silently

"Im sorry sir but only family are allowed visitation rights". He didn't know what to do, he had to see House and dammit he was better than any of the family House had left and it hit him "I'm…Im his boyfriend I have to see him" his quick thinking had the desired affect, the nurse gasped and with a look of disappointment she nodded her head towards a bed far in the corner Wilson didn't care that by morning the whole hospital would think him and House were dating, but that didn't matter as most of them thought they were fucking anyway.

Smiling and with a polite but rushed thank you Wilson was across the room and at the bedside of his best friend.

"Oh Greg" Wilson whined, House was lying slightly curled on himself, his perfectly flawed face marred with a deep cut across his cheek , his hair coated in oil and blood he looked so small and frail . Wilson couldn't take his eyes off of the blood, the room began to spin and his heart exploded in his chest taking with them his lungs.

His eyes began to sting with unshed tears collapsing into the cheap plastic chair his knees buckling, one thought was screaming through his head, he couldn't lose House not now… not now he had realized who he always went back to, who his longest relationship had been and why his marriages had failed." Greg listen, I know you can't hear me right now but… I just… I need you to wake up please I can't lose you, not now not after everything I've been through with you. I love you, I always have and I just need you to wake up okay?" he sighed and stared at the deep eyes as if they would open through his sheer will alone suddenly extreme exhaustion struck and sighing he blinked his eyes shut.

When he woke he found himself sprawled across Houses legs, dried tears stiffening his face, blushing he turned his head and rested it comfortably against Houses knee. He looked so much more peaceful this morning. Suddenly an azure eye cracked open, Wilson blushed a deeper maroon colour and leapt to his feet.

" Your awake "he smiled "I have been for quite a while actually. Soooo you're my boyfriend are you?" chuckling House sat up a little, fixing an amused gaze at Wilson and his stammering lips." I had to say something, they weren't going to let me see you and best friend just isn't enough for these people" brown eyes hit the floor and Wilson slumped into the chair as if trying to hide.

"Jimmy, look at me I need you to look at me", the use of his first name made Wilsons head snapped up, House's eyes were wide and a flicker of fear was replaced with a shimmering of something else which Wilson couldn't place.

" Jimmy, I need to know if...if what you said is true?" Blue eyes stared for a split second and House looked anywhere but at Wilson. His mouth dropping open he whispered "You heard all that?" a stout nod from House sent Wilson reeling.

"Your asking me if … if I love you? And your not going to make fun of me?" Wilsons eyes squinted with suspicion , the glint of hurt across Houses face was his answer .A firm nod to himself and Wilson turned staring at House "Yes" his eyes were wide and blank, he had just admitted his deepest darkest secret.

After a few seconds which felt like a few years to him, House did something Wilson hadn't witnessed in there whole friendship, he blushed a delightful rose pink and turned away closing his eyes.

For a brief second Wilson panicked, House was rejecting him! His heart breaking he stuttered "S..S...Sorry House, I don't know what I was thinking I was worried and I'm sorry" his world was ending as he stood and rushed to the door, the walls were closing in and he paused as House took a breath rooted to the spot as his best friend and the love of his life was going to reject him.

"I love you too" and everything was alright.

A/N: This is my first fic so please be kind, I know the title sucks but I drew a blank.