Wilson laughed as House rushed to open the door, but was stopped abruptly by it slamming in his face.

"Uhh Greg? I'm still out here and I don't have my key?"

From inside he heard a muffled reply "I know, but you can't come in yet"

"Well why not?"

"It's a surprise"

Wilsons interest peaked, "A surprise?". House wasn't exactly one for surprising people, unless he was pranking them.

Wilson's blood ran cold, what if all this was an elaborate prank? Oh god and he was standing out here like an idiot and he obv-

The door swung open and House gazed down at the ruffled Wilson with a amused grin "Your worrying this is all a prank aren't you… Im good but im not that good" Then turning he wandered away down the hall "Coming?"

Wilson's eyes grew wide and he hurried inside. "Greg?", then turning to look at the living room his heart leapt, House was standing bashfully in the centre of the room surrounded by candles, a large heavy looking book sat on the coffee table in front of him as well as two beers. House looked sheepish and rubbed his hand over the back of his neck.

Wilson gaped "Wha?"

House limped forward and sat on the couch lifting his feet and carefully placing them next to the beers "eloquently put, come on, sit!"

Wilson beamed and took off his coat, rolling up his sleeves and landing softly on the couch next to his lover." Greg, what is all this?"

"This is our anniversary, and I...I wanted to do something special because you love all that romantic crap, plus I love beer" House said to the piano raising his beer and taking a sip.

Then Wilson raised his eyebrows and pacing a hand on Houses thigh he leaned forward and picked up the book "So what is this?" he murmured peering up into nervous blue eyes.

"Just open it"

Wilson sighed and opened to cover mouthing the words as he read the dedication

To my best friend, my best memories

House was staring at the piano as if it was the most interesting thing in the world, so Wilson returned to turning the pages, on the first page was the mug shot from the night they met, both his and Houses taped in next to each other.

He smiled at the memory and continued to turn the pages laughing at some of the pictures and he even cried a little at how lost and alone House looked at his wedding.

He got to the second to last page and had to look up "Greg? What…where did you get all these? And why are you so nervous? Greg?"

House suddenly turned back to Wilson and stared his eyes wary and guarded "I… I kept them, the photos, I kept them over the years because it's the only proof I had that I..I could be happy"

He stared as if Wilson had said something strange "Oh Greg"

Then House frowned "Turn over the last page for god's sake".

Wilson frowned and stared down at the page, turning it over he turned his head in confusion "a ring?" he glanced up and froze at the deer in headlights look House was wearing.

"Greg...Greg are you asking me to…to…to marry you?"

House blushed and looked away "I just thought" Wilson beamed and leapt forward at Houses slumped defeated body

"Oh Greg! I would love to marry you"

House let out a low groan but smiled up at Wilson who was sprawled across his chest, In the tussle they had fallen to the floor, House lying out straight on the floor and Wilson falling back down on him.

"By the way I am not becoming the fourth Mrs. Wilson okay?"

"Well I could always be the first Mrs. House?"

House chuckled "damn right"

A/N that's it, the end. I know I cut this kind of short but I didn't know how else to end it. Thanks to everyone who read and all those who reviewed you have been brilliant.