Author's notes: After a long hiatus, I return to . This time, we're back in the world of Super Smash Bros. The Smash Mansion is my least favorite part of this story, but it works. Enjoy.

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The storm pounded the Smash Mansion's exterior. Thunder boomed so loud that the mansion shook. The lightning would make the electricity flicker inside when it flashed. Outside the world was at war with itself. But inside, the inhabitants were fairly at peace. Many were sitting comfortably around the table talking. Dinner was over and night was approaching.

Many of the Smashers, newcomers and veteran alike were discussing the upcoming Brawl Tournament. It was the third Super Smash Bros tournament hosted here and everyone was anxious to see if Falco would be the champion again. The discussions sometimes turned heated, but they never erupted into violence. If they had, Master Hand would have to separate them.

The storm was so loud that everyone almost didn't hear the knocking on the door of the Mansion. But they did. All conversation ceased and everyone's head turned toward the large doors. Who could be knocking at the door? No one knew where the Mansion was, only those who were invited to the Super Smash Bros tournaments was the location revealed to.

Mario stood up to answer the door cautiously. The door swung open and the full force of nature swept into the Mansion. The sound of heavy rain and thunder drowned out all sound. A fierce wind forced its way in through the doorway, blowing back hair and sending hats flying. Mario held onto his hat and tried to make out the visitors. What he saw astonished him.

There, soaked with rain, stood Roy, Dr. Mario, and Mewtwo, three former Smashers from the Melee tournament.

"Mind if we come in?" Asked Roy in a broken English/Japanese accent. Mario nodded fiercely and stepped aside to let them in. The three entered; dripping all over the marble floor, glad to be out of the storm. Current Smashers who remembered them rushed over to greet Roy, Dr. Mario, and Mewtwo. The doors closed and a general excitement spread through the crowd.

A door slammed somewhere deep in the mansion and two floating hands appeared to greet the three visitors. 'Roy. Mewtwo. Dr. Mario. Its good to see that you could make it.' Master Hand greeted them, though he had no mouth. He instead used a form of telepathy.

"Sorry were a-late," Dr. Mario said. "The storm a-delayed our progress, but we-a decided to keep a-moving'"

'Its like the heavens themselves are spilling out.' Mewtwo added, also using telepathy.

'Well, its just good that you came. Here,' Master Hand snapped his fingers and food appeared at three places at the table for them. 'You must be hungry. Come, eat.' The three happily obliged. As they ate, they met the newcomers and related stories of their adventures since the last tournament. The Smashers talked well into the night, eventually tricking off to bed and the storm subsided.

Falco awoke in the early hours of the morning, sweating. He clutched his head. It ached. He felt sick. He stumbled out of his room and down the hall to the bathroom. He made his way to the sink and held onto it with both hands so that he didn't fall down. He flipped on the light and looked in the mirror.

Numerous red boils covered his face and arms, protruding from between his feathers. The sight of it made him dizzy and the room began to spin. He reached for something to steady him but only grabbed the air. He saw the tiled floor rush up to meet him.

Everything went black.

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