Notes:The two attacks Aokiji used,Ice Quake and Ice Saber v.2,I just made them up.

Chapter 6:Happily Ever After

They both sat on the beach,the sunset making the tropical island look as if a battle never happened.

"Luffy.....I have a question."Robin said,looking at him.
"What's up Robin?"He replied,looking at her quizzically.
" did you escape the ice?"
"It's sorta hard to explain.I wasn't completely frozen.I had this feeling....that I had to protect escape. And once I thought that,the ice suddendly melted."(Haki?!)

Robin seemed satisfied,and she leaned her head on his shoulder.

"Um,Robin?You see that in the distance?"Luffy asked,pointing at a blot on the ocean.

"It's.....the Thousand Sunny!"She said,jumping up on her feet.

"Cinco......Fluer!"Creating 100 arms,they rose into the air,waving at the Thousand Sunny.

30 minutes later,the crew was reunited.

Chopper immediatly attended to Luffy's wounds,and Sanji prepared a feast for Robin's return.

They sat on the deck,relating stories to one had noticed something different about Robin and Luffy.....

"You two....what did you do on that island?"

"Oh,me and Robin are dating now."Luffy said with a grin,and Robin smiled as well.

The entire crew was in shock,Sanji the most.

"NoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO!!!!!"He wailed in agony.