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Chapter 1: Beginnings

1,000 ft. until ground. Oh the joy of it all, his G-diffuser was busted, he couldn't pull out of this without passing out. I have to try, he thought. 700 ft., now or never. He gently pulled back on the flight stick, he was starting to have an angle, 10 degrees, 30 degrees, and rising. The G's were pressing hard, 3 G's now, his eyes were shutting, he could tell. 70 degrees, 200 ft. he had no choice, he yanked as hard as he could concentrating on staying awake, he reached 85 degrees, 50 feet to ground. He lost conscious.

"Pilot Fox McCloud has crashed! Reason: severe damage and G forces! Simulator Canopy released! This concludes the hands on flight training. All participants in 'Professor Jared Wells' class are to return to the classroom." Fox jumped out of the fake canopy resembling the SF-14 'Tigershark', the mainstay of the Cornerian Armies space armada. He was wearing his white button up shirt and his green tank top under it, and his green pants with dark gray shoes.

To think that drone got such a good shot, he thought. He began walking towards the rest of the class, when Bill caught him.

"Dude! Fox!" He lightly jogged towards Fox. "I thought you could fly better than that!" He caught up to him and roughly gave him a noogie with his entire hand, messing up his fur.

"I wasn't focused that much on flyin' but rather som-" He caught himself mid sentence, shit, now he's gonna ask me about it. "er, something in another class." They kept walking, letting their feet guide them to the classroom.

It was customary that Cornerian inhabitants have their professions chosen at an early age. It is generally determined by the genetics of the animal. What they are good at, and what they like are the 2 factors. This doesn't cause much of an uproar, as the factors are balanced perfectly. Fox McCloud, who is the son of James McCloud, had the piloting ability, was good at shooting things down in an aircraft, and he couldn't stop messing with his Dad's fighter. Making him the the perfect person for the role of 'Combat Pilot.'

Now at the age of 16, and in full study of what will make him an amazing fighter pilot later on in the world. With his friend Bill, age 16, who also was designated as a combat pilot. They were the best of friends since Preschool.

Bill looked at him "What are you focused on in this 'other class'?" Bill started an act "If you say its about being interrogated in Captivity class, I'll tell you who I'd like to be interrogated by is-" Bill began looking for a hot pilot to use as his 'interrogator'. Then he found one, "The girl they call Krystal."

Fox looked at the ground and blushed slightly, "You wouldn't believe who I was focused on in that other class,"

Bills eyes widened incredibly, "Nuh uh! Dude, you are setting your standards up here," he raised right his hand above his head. "When your maximum is down here" He lowered his hand to has waist.

Fox looked at him and lightly punched Bills arm, "you really can be such an ass sometimes."

Bill laughed at him, and put his arm around Fox, "yep, always there for you. Oh, and if you plan on actually talking to her, might I suggest you fix the fur on your head, you look stupid. Emphasis on the stupid." Bill released him, and Fox padded his fur back to its correct place. Fox's eyes drifted in front of him, about 10 ft. away was Krystal, talking to a few other female pilots, she also was 16. (I know there is a HUGE age difference in the game, but anything less 15 would be awkward) He couldn't stop starring at her tail

"Hey, Fox! What the fuck are you doin'?" He looked into Fox's eyes, and using his index finger and middle finger put them up to Fox's eyes, rotated his hand 180 degrees, and saw he was staring at Krystal, who was wearing gray pants with white shoes that were slightly dirty, a black T-shirt that was relatively skin tight, but not entirely, and a light khaki colored jacket, minus the sleeves and only went down to the top of her stomach. He looked back at the astonished Fox McCloud. "You know, yesterday when I was serving my D-hall in Mr. Wells class, I noticed he had a seating chart made up, I looked and saw you and Krystal sitting at the same table."

Fox came out of his stare and looked at Bill, "dude, bullshit like that isn't going to help me. If you even care about that." They finally arrived back at the classroom, about a 6 minute walk.

As they sat down, Mr. Wells walked in and clasped his hands together, "Alright class! It is time for a new seating chart!" Oh wow, Fox thought, Bill wasn't lying about the seats, but he MUST be lying about me and Krystal sitting next to each other, he never tells me anything straight. "At this table I want Alex Smith, Jerry Renault..." blah blah, I hope I don't have to sit near that Bulldog Michael Gunterman. "...at this table we have our ace in the making Fox McCloud, and to his right will be the lovely Krystal... Shoot! I just realized you 2 are sitting alone, terribly sorry about that. Moving on, at this table I want..."

In Fox's head the teachers voice faded out his mind. He was bursting with thoughts, no way, Bill really gave me the straight answer, he legitimately told me, oh man, but its going to be such an awkward silence. "That should sum it up, move to your seat and have 5 minutes free time, and then prepare to learn a little bit about G forces, but DON'T leave your seat." The class got their things and moved to their respective tables. Fox moved his stuff to his new table, shared with Krystal. They sat in silence for 2 minutes, then Fox pulled out his phone and began fiddling with the settings and slid it back into his pocket.

Krystal noticed him using the phone, and asked "why did you bring out your phone?"

Fox looked up at her after sliding his phone away, oh shit, what am I supposed to say? "Well, uh... I'm going to... well, you'll see. It's funnier if its a surprise."

Krystal smiled, "Come on, tell me! I won't tell anyone."

Does she really want to know that bad? "Well, it will make this lesson much more interesting, trust me." I should say my name "My name is Fox McCloud, whats yours?" DOH! The teacher already said our names.

"It's Krystal, nice to meet you." She smiled at him, Fox blushed slightly, but it was nearly unnoticeable, and Krystal didn't catch it.

"Alright class, lets begin, the lesson in the simulator room was to teach you about a G force, a G stands for gravity everyone in this room is at 1 G..."

Fox whispered in a low voice to Krystal, "here is just one of the things I was planning." Fox smiled as he put his hand in his pocket, his hand over his 'play' button on the phone. Krystal smiled with excitement to see what it was. "And please, whatever you hear was for comical relief, don't take it as my exact personality."

"Ok, I won't." She whispered back.

"...We invented the G-diffuser system. Does anyone know why it was invented?"

That was Fox's que, he pressed the button, and through the intercom speaker came the words, in an incredibly funny voice, "because you touch yourself at night." The whole class broke down with hysterical laughter lasting for at least one full minute, even Krystal snickered at it, eventually turning into all out laughter.

The teacher laughed half heartedly, "No, I'm afraid that is wrong. It was invented to remove the G's in atmospheric flight, it did this by making the canopy weightless using the 'John's theory of Weightlessness'. This diagram I'm drawing represents how that is done, please copy this down..." The class went on for about 40 more minutes then near the end of class the teacher wrote under the homework section on the board. "Tonight, I want you all to draw the effects of G's, and the effects of the G-diffuser."

That was Fox's final que, he clicked the button on his phone again, and out of the intercom speaker came, "AW SHIT!" The class exploded with little snickering, and again, Krystal snickered slightly.

"Class, this is due tomorrow, and I won't accept late work from this, and Mr. Grey, could you please stop using your phone that way."

Bill looked down and raised his shoulders, "for the first time in my life, I can honestly say, that you have the wrong man, although the work is pure genius." Just then the bell rang. Everyone flooded out of the class. Except for Fox and Krystal.

"Hey Fox, what class do you have next?" She asked as she put her blue binder away.

Fox looked into his backpack, stuffing it with his black binder, "I have P.E., you?"

Krystal swung her bag and slid her arm through the strap, and she held onto the strap with one hand. "Really?! That's where I'm going!"

"Cool, wanna walk there together?" Fox swung his bag over his shoulder, and held onto the coat hanger strap on top of the bag with his index and middle finger.

"Yeah, maybe if I walk with a you, some of those other guys won't try to hit on me."

Fox and Krystal walked out of the room, "yeah, I see logic in that. Come on, let's head down to the obstacle course."

Chapter 2: P.E

Krystal and Fox parted ways temporarily, as they had to change into their physical training uniform, a shirt, and shorts. The girls shorts were generally shorter than the guys, which were normally just below the knees, the girls had theirs no more than half way down the thigh, most were barely even a half a foot down from their butt, and everyone wore skin tight shirts. Most of the guys were in good shape, but Fox was in great shape. Muscular chest, and a slightly visible six-pack. Triceps that barely filled his shirt, and muscular arms, but still maintaining his body to look like it was natural muscle, rather than built. Fox generally walked out of the locker room with his shirt off. He did so when Krystal was walking by with a few other Fox's. All of them stopped as he put on his shirt. In the corner of his eye, Fox caught a look at Krystal, who's breasts caused the shirt to go out quiet a bit. Damn she looks good, he thought. Fox walked away, and all the girls started talking and giggling.

"Can you believe how strong he is?" One of them asked.

"I hope I'm his partner for the obstacle course! He could probably carry me all the way and still place the top 3!" Another one said.

"What about you Krystal, what do you think? Krystal? You listening? Helloooo?!" She could not answer, her head was spinning with thoughts. Wow, I didn't expect him to look that good. "Krystal! Answer me!"

"Oh, uh, yeah, he's great..." She said.

One of them leaned forward and asked Krystal "does a certain someone like a certain someone?"

Krystal blushed, "I dunno, I've only talked to him for like, 10 minutes."

Then the P.E teacher came towards them, "ladies! Let's move it along, everyone is waiting on you!"

At the obstacle course the teacher began explaining what he wanted them to do. "People, I want you all to run the obstacle course today. Winner gets extra credit. And before any of you complain, I'm giving Fox this weighted vest, 50 pounds if shear lead, plus the leather." Fox grabbed it and his hand barely dropped from the weight, and he put it on. "Ok, then, since I've already called your name Mr. McCloud, you will be paired with Krystal. Jared, you will be with Jennifer..."

After the names were called, they lined up. "Change in plans, fastest time wins. Fox and Krystal, you will be last..." The course takes about 15 minutes, they go every 5 minutes, and a computer keeps track of them. Finally, it was Fox and Krystal's turn. "Fox, Krystal! GO!" The coach shouted.

The took off at a mad sprint towards the first obstacle, the wooden wall. Fox jumped up and skipped half the wall and used his arms to pull himself to the top. Krystal was right behind him and jumped and skipped a quarter of the wall. Fox extended his hand, she grabbed it and he lifted her over the wall with one hand. Krystal let go, when she hit the ground she rolled and took off, Fox jumped off and flipped in the air, then when he hit the ground, rolled also, and took off to catch back up.

They continued their mad sprint, Fox managed to catch Krystal, they approached another obstacle, the rope swing. They had to use the swing to get over a hole in the ground. Fox went first again, this was the last obstacle, the rest was a test of endurance with running, he and Krystal were going for the school record, 13 minutes. Fox leaped for the rope and swung across. He threw the rope back at Krystal who jumped and grabbed it, she swung across, and landed. It was a straight forward run to the finish, about 5 minutes at the pace they were going. Near the end of the race, Krystal stumbled, she was about to smack down into the pile of mud in front of her. As she lost her balance, Fox grabbed her hand and pulled her back into balance as they crossed the finish line.

"Krystal and Fox, time was 12 minutes 58 seconds and 69 milliseconds. Congratulations on beating the school record!" The computer timer stated. Fox and Krystal were still holding hands, when they realized it, they yanked their hands away apologetically.

"S-sorry." Fox stammered,

"It's ok, really." Krystal bent over and grabbed her knees, and Fox put his hands over his head, exposing his muscle through the shirt. They both glanced at each other, but quickly looked away.

"ALRIGHT EVERYONE! Get to the showers and clean yourselves up. Fox, Krystal, amazing job, I am impressed, you two might just have a future in piloting."

Fox began leaving when his legs turned him around why did I turn around? He saw Krystal still breathing like every breathe was her last. Fox's legs took him closer to her and managed to say through his breaths, "you did... really good." He leaned beside her and patted her on the shoulder. "I'll see you after class in the gym." Krystal got the wind in her to stand up straight, and after realizing what Fox had said, smiled to herself. He's a good guy, and she left for the girls locker room.

Chapter 3: A Knight to Remember

Fox was sitting in the gym, ruffling through his wet fur on his head. He pulled reached into his pocket and pulled out his scarf, and tied it around his neck. His signature look, he then reached into his pants and pulled out a pair of his Dad's old aviator sunglasses, he smiled at them and put them away, just as Krystal walked in. Not going to move, no sir. If she wants to talk to me she will come over here herself. He was lying his guts out, he wanted to move and go talk to her, but he didn't want anyone to catch on that he was hitting on her, which no one really seemed to catch on as of right now. It couldn't hurt, I mean, Jesus Christ, I can't stop staring at her. He reached into his pocket again for his sunglasses, and put them on, at least she won't know I'm staring at her with these on.

Krystal was talking with the female pilots. She wasn't really following their stories about their trip through the obstacles, and how the guys had helped them out, her mind was off in a daydream...

She was back at the obstacle course, and when she swung on the rope, it broke, as she began to fall, Fox jumped of the bridge, reached his hand out and caught her before she fell into the dark abyss, with Fox hanging on the edge of the bridge. Fox pulled her up and put her on the bridge edge, while he pulled himself up, and extended his arm, he pulled her up. As he did, she looked him in his emerald green eyes, and they came closer, but she was interrupted by the bell. Shoot, just when it was getting good.

Back to Fox, he removed his shades as the bell rang. Put them back in his pocket, and walked towards Krystal. She was still packing up some of her school stuff. Her black shorts, black jacket, much like his own, and her gray shirt, he couldn't help but look at her. She hadn't noticed him so he thought he'd play a nice joke on her.

Fox sneaked up behind her, she was in her knee's, he bent over close to her ear, and waited for her to notice slightly, then calmly said "boo."

Fox got his desired result, she jumped and dropped her book. She turned around and saw Fox laughing, she slapped his leg, "that wasn't funny!" She was embarrassed, and she was embarrassed in front of Fox, now she blushed even more.

Fox stopped laughing, "sorry, but you were right there and-" he sniggered, "I'm sure you know how it goes."

She stood up and crossed her arms "don't do it again or I might turn around and slap you instead."

Fox bent over and picked up her backpack and her book. "I won't for the rest of this week, but maybe next week, I'll catch you off guard." Fox handed Krystal's bag and book over to her. "Well, that ends our classes, you headin' to the dorms?" No matter what she says, I am going to my dorm. Fox thought.

"Actually, I was going to get food." Krystal began walking out of the gym with Fox.

"Ah, well. I guess I'll see you then." Fox began to turn towards the dorm room hallway.

Later that night in Krystals Dorm, 9:40

Krystal was trying to sleep, she tossed and turned, but sleep eluded her. Eventually, sleep eluded her enough for her to give up on sleeping. She put on some clothes and went out for a walk, a very dangerous thing to do in the city, even with combat training. She picked up the silver dagger her father gave, sheathed it, tied it around her thigh, and left the dorm. She exited the school, and began walking.

Foxs Dorm, 9:40

Fox was having a fitful sleep, he was having a nightmare. He and Krystal were flying the SF-14's around, when suddenly, Krystals engine exploded, she went down and crashed. Fox landed his fighter and ran over to Krystal, who was bleeding. She tried to say something Fox couldn't catch, and then she died.

Fox woke sweating, and breathing deeply. It was a dream. He thought but she died in it, why am I having a dream about her dieing? Fox rose out of bed and put on his clothes, but he couldn't find his green tank top. He left his button up shirt unbuttoned, for some instinctive reason, he grabbed his laser pistol. I've never been one to turn my instincts down. He tied the holster to his right thigh, and holstered his gun. He left the school, and began walking.

Half way through his walk he heard a voice down a dimly lit alleyway. "No money eh? Then I guess you'd do nicely naked." There was a short pause, he heard a female voice, but couldn't understand it. He heard hand contact and a slap. "That dagger won't do you any good, now be a good girl, or you'll end up dead!" He heard a scream, he took off for the alley and pulled his gun out of his holster, and saw a panther trying to rape a girl, but she was putting up a good fight. "Well, if you won't let me, then I'll just shoot your arms, and do it anyway." He saw the panther pull his own pistol out. Lighting struck, and it began to pour rain.

Fox acted on instinct. He aimed his gun and shot the pistol out of the panthers hand. He looked at his pistol, and it stated it had no shots left. Shit, Fox thought. Well, that panther won't know the difference. "Leave her alone, or the next shot won't be aimed for your hand."

The panther turned towards him, and realized that Fox gun had no power left. "Hah! Your gun doesn't even have a charge anymore." He looked back at the girl, "stay right there darling, while I kill this nuisance."

The panther charged him, Fox took his gun and threw it at the panther. He didn't know if it hit his desired target, as the panther still charged at him. The panther threw his fist out, aiming for Fox's stomach, Fox side stepped him, held out his right arm, ran 3 steps forward, and attempted to clothes line him. He succeeded, his arm caught the panthers neck, causing him to land straight on his back, and slide a few feet. The panther jumped back on his feet, wiping blood from his mouth. "Well, I guess I'm gonna have to cheat a bit." Fox heard the sound of a switch blade, and saw the glint of the shinning blade next to the panthers waist. The panther leaped, and pinned Fox down with his left hand, his knife raised in the other. Lightning struck, and in the corner of his eye, saw the dagger barely in reach. "Maybe next time you will know your place. Oh wait, there won't be a next time." The panther raised his knife in the air, Fox grabbed for the dagger. The sound of two sharp piece's of metal puncturing flesh was heard.

Fox yelled in pain, the panther was quiet. Lightning struck, and in the panthers heart, was a silver dagger. The panther fell on Fox's chest. He tossed the dead panther off of himself. Fox got up, and walked over to a wall and leaned his back against it, gasping for air. In his left bicep he felt a never ending wave of pain, he reached for it and found that the knife was stuck in it. He slid down and sat, leaning against the wall. The girl ran over to him and knelled down next to him. When they were face to face, lightning struck, and they immediately recognized each other.

"Hey Krystal, fancy meeting you here." Fox managed to say, holding the knife.

"Fox? What are you doing-" Fox put his right hand over her mouth.

"Couldn't sleep, now I have a favor to ask of you." He released his hand from her mouth.

"What do you need?" Krystal had worry written all over her face.

"The knife, I need you to pull it out. It hurts really bad, and I can't force myself to rip it out." Fox grabbed her right hand and put it on the handle.

"Ok, on the count of 3 I'll rip it out. 1..........." Fox began taking in rapid breaths. "2............" Fox closed his eyes. "3!" She ripped it out of his bicep.

Fox let out a yell. "Son of a BITCH! That hurt." He had put his hand over his shoulder as he yelled.

Krystal dropped the knife, and put her hands over her mouth and nose. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you!"

Fox put his right hand on her shoulder, "it's ok, it was going to hurt whether I went to a doctor about it or not." He took his right hand off her shoulder, and lifted her face up so his eyes met hers. "Thanks." He smiled at Krystal.

Krystal smiled back, and without warning, hugged him. After about 2 minutes this way, she pulled back, and said, "I should be the one thanking you, you saved me from... well, you know what."

Fox smiled, "I did what I saw was right. But I didn't think I'd have to take his life." Fox sighed. "I am sorry you had to witness me kill him." He looked at the corpse, he moved Krystal out of the way, pulled her dagger out, and found his own laser pistol. He holstered his gun and gave Krystal the dagger. Fox walked over and picked up the knife.

Krystal sheathed her dagger. "Fox, what are you doing?"

Fox walked over to the corpse with the panthers knife in his hand. "If we make it look like he killed himself, the chances of you and me being tried for murder are slimmer." He took the corpse, stood it up right, put the dagger in the panthers right hand, and thrusted the dagger into the open wound on the chest. Then he let the body fall limp. "It is a nasty business, and I am sorry you have to witness such a thing, especially from me." He turned around and walked toward Krystal who just stood their stunned. He wrapped his hands around her body, and hugged her. "I'm glad you weren't seriously injured." He released her. And walked backwards.

"Fox, is everything alright?" Krystal walked towards him.

"That knife, was there anything on it? Anything other than just metal?" Fox was feeling dizzy.

"Yes it had something on it. Why what was it?" She asked worriedly.

Fox leaned back against a wall, using his hands to try and support him. "Shit, he poisoned that blade." He said weakly. Krystal gasped, Fox turned to her, "get help... find a phone, make a run to the hospital, hurry, I think he used Titanian poison." Fox puked, trying to remove the poison from his system, it wouldn't work, and he would just keep puking until he eventually died. "Hurry, I don't have more than 30 minutes to live." Fox feel to the concrete. He saw Krystal leave, if I die here, I'll never get the chance, He thought. I must stay alive. Fox stood back up and using the wall to support him. The world began spinning, he feel down again. He lifted himself back up and puked again. He lost feeling of his legs and fell. This looks like the end, good-bye, Bill, good-bye Mom, good-bye Dad, good-bye Krystal. He saw the world fade to an even darker black, that was the last thing he remembered.