Chapter 13: Preparing for Finals.

"For the last two months, Fox and Krystal had been spending a lot of time together. He even turned down a chance to play Wing Commander online!" Bill exclaimed. Taking a bite out of his burger.

Both Logan and Joey went back with false shock. "Oh no! How will we ever survive!" Joey sarcastically replied. "It's fine. We've seen this day coming for who knows how long, Bill. Just go on and accept it." Joey took a drink from his water.

Logan shrugged, "Or you could help get them closer."

Joey about choked on his water, "Fat chance. We've seen what happened to you. This is the first time you've hung out with us since the school was raided. And the only reason you showed is because I told Aaron you had prior plans."

"And I didn't! You lied to her!" Logan shouted, raising from his seat,. Causing everyone around them to look at him funny.

Bill looked up at him, "Sit down Logan. You're embarrassing yourself, not to mention me and Joey." Logan turned red and sat back down. "It would've been ok if we were in the schools cafeteria, but we're in the mall..." Bill looked up to see Fox looking like an idiot trying to locate them, "Hey! Dumb ass! Over here!" Of course, Fox recognized the voice, and walked towards them.

He took his seat next to Bill, "Sorry about being late, Bill. Krystal needed some help at her dorm."

Bill looked like a puppy who had been berated by his master, "You... almost d-ditched us for Krystal?" Bill was shattered inside. He was slowly losing his best friend.

Joey on the other hand, had a sly smirk on his face. "What did she need help with? I mean, it is kind of suspicious of you to be at her dorm helping her with something."

Bill caught on with where Joey was going with this, and was doing his best not to laugh. However, Fox did not. "I was helping her rearrange furniture, why is that so suspicious?"

Joey's sly grin widened ever so slightly, "Oh? Did you help her 'rearrange' her bed?"

By now, even Logan had to have caught on, but Bill looked at Fox, still as oblivious as ever when it came to such references. "Uh... We moved the chair, the coffee table, and her couch. But we left the bed where it was. Accidentally made a mess on the couch, but she cleaned it off."

Bill couldn't contain himself, and he busted out laughing, as did Logan and Joey. No one but Fox would not be able catch the innuendo, and the way he said everything... They just couldn't contain themselves anymore. Bill was able to contain his laughter just for a second, "How far, d-did you move those objects?" He continued laughing afterwards.

"We didn't really move them all that much, we move the chair about two inches, the couch no more than a centimeter, but we moved the coffee table pretty far. We about broke the thing, too."

Bill about fell out of his chair. Fox was on a role with sexual innuendos. "H-how did you almost break it?" He laughed out, "D-did you go too fast for Krystal?"

Fox rubbed the back of his neck, "Yeah, I went a bit too quick and she-" Everyone bottled their laughter, and watched Fox go from normal, to the deepest shade of crimson Bill had ever seen. "How could you guys think that?!" He shouted. Fox put his head down, "That's just... I have some decency you know!"

Bill fell out of his chair, "I think I need a paramedic! My stomach is going to kill me!" He listened to Fox's stuttering, and ramble of how they were immature. When everyone regained their composure from laughing, they looked at Fox, who had still to change back from his crimson red face. "Ha, whew, that was hilarious. Let me go get you a soda, or maybe some cold water. You look like you really need it..."

The next day, on their way to first block, Bill noticed whenever Fox looked at Krystal, he turned a shade of pink and looked at the ground. Bill smiled inwardly at himself, he had a devious plan in the making.

Bill was sitting in his first block, listening to the teacher drone on about the wars of Corneria pre-space age. He didn't need to know this, and as such, figured slacking off would be better. When the teacher stopped his lecture about a battle called the Battle of Gator Hill, Bill decided he'd listen.

"Oh, it would seem I forgot to mention that we are getting close to the end of the year." Yep, nothing slips by this character, Bill was already counting down the days. He didn't need to be reminded he still had 2 weeks, 4 days, 15 hours, 19 minutes, approximately 30 seconds, and about 90 milliseconds before school was out. "And since the end of the year is so close, that means finals are up and coming." Bill groaned, as did half the remaining members of the class who weren't put to sleep by the teachers lesson. "So, since I've been done teaching you all for the past week, I've made the study guide. I want this completed by the day of the finals, this study guide will guarantee you a flunk if you don't turn it in. It is all multiple choice, with two hundred questions." Bill's head smashed into the table, if this was the first block final exam study guide, he wouldn't be able to contain his profanities...

"Wow... Three D-halls..." He muttered, looking at his D-hall papers. "They shouldn't have given us so much crap for finals. How are we ever going to get all this done?" Bill rubbed the back of his neck as he shoved his D-hall slips into his pocket. Then, his devious plan came back into his head. "Hey Fox, why don't we get everyone together for a study group?"

Fox looked up from his well over 2,000 questions worth of study guide work. "Yeah, that'd be a great idea! We could get everyone in on it."

Bill nodded excitingly, "Yeah! We can have Joey, Logan, even Aaron and Allie. Not to mention Krystal." Bill laughed evilly on the inside, he knew Fox would say no now.

"Er... On second thought, maybe it's not such a great idea anyway." Bill had sunk his Battleship. "I mean, I'm not sure all of us could focus on doing school work, especially not-"

"Especially not you, because Krystal will be there, right? You'd find it hard to concentrate if she wore any of her skin tight clothing, not to mention those really short shorts she has..." Bill trailed off, and looked at Fox who began to turn red.

"T-thats not what I'm worried about! I mean, Logan and Aaron won't be able to concentrate! They'll end up disgusting us!" Fox tried to recover, but Bill saw right through it.

"Well, then we'll let them study themselves. That'd leave you, me, Allie, Joey, and Krystal. We can all crack down and get this done in a day if we stay up late Friday."

Fox was being very persistent. Bill had done more damage to him and his mindset about Krystal than he originally thought. "But then I'd feel bad for leaving them out of our study group."

Bill nodded, going along with Fox. "That is true..." He looked over to see Fox let out a sigh of relief, and decided he'd strike. "We can just tell them no romantic crap, or we'll kick them out. I'm sure that'll keep 'em in line. So what do you say? It can work out, and this would take us a good week and a half to do alone."

Finally, Fox gave in. "Fine. We'll try it. But the moment something goes wrong, I'm leaving. I'm going back to the dorm, you can make the arrangements this time."

Once Fox was out of sight, Bill pumped his fists in victory. "I am going to have so much fun this Friday..." Bill's plan was set into motion, now all he needed to do was set Fox and Krystal up for some rather 'awkward' situations. But first, he needed to let everyone in on the plan.

First person on the list would be Joey. Bill ran to Joey and Logan's dorm room and knocked. He waited outside the door for a few seconds before Joey answered the door, "Joey, need to talk to you. If Logan's here, I also need to talk to him. While I'm at it, we should invite Allie and Aaron over for this..."

Bill went into full explanation of his devious plan. Explaining all the pros and cons, the difficulties, the reward, and even pulled out statistics. "So, any questions, comments, complaints? Or should this idea be trashed?"

Joey put a hand to his chin, "Well, the idea itself is genius. Makes me wonder what you do in your pass time." Bill beamed with delight. "However, you left out key details of the after effects. This plan can go one of many ways. One is that you speed the process of Fox and Krystal dating, and if I'm correct, that's not something you were aiming for."

Bill shrugged, "I don't care anymore. It'll give us more repeat incidents like the one at the mall food court. In fact, that would actually be a nice side effect, they are taking a bit to long to realize anything."

Joey nodded, "Then there is no problem with the plan, at least that I see." Joey looked at the room of people, "Anyone have any objections?"

Everyone shook their heads, and Bill practically glowed. "Alright! Now that I have everyones full cooperation, this will begin Operation: S.E.C.K.S"

Joey shook his head, "That makes it sound like we're trying to get them to do something rather indecent. Let's just call it Operation: Finale."

"Fine. Operation: Finale. Everyone, don't forget your roles! And good luck, men!" Bill saluted his classmates, who saluted back. "Dismissed!" Logan and Aaron left together, and Allie right after them. "Joey, your role is the most important. Don't forget the thing."

Joey nodded, "Don't worry I won't forget that." Bill gave him one last salute, and then left for his dorm.

A/N: A quick update, this idea hit me like a semi. What better way to begin the final adventure of this story? Studying for finals... You know something is up :D