Massie Block's Bedroom

September 4th

Massie adjusted the yellow Marc by Marc Jacobs headband that held her luscious hair in place. Thank gawd for her hairstylist, without him; she would probably look like…Kuh-laire! That would be horrible. Before she had time to examine the outfit on her made-to-fit mannequin, Claire herself walked in. Ever since they had become friends, she'd taken up the ever-so-annoying occupation of just "happening" to drop by Massie's room ALL the time.

"Hey Mass." She said with an excitement sure to make anyone think she was high on sugar. Knowing Claire's tendencies it was a very probable assumption.

"Hi." Massie said distractedly playing with her hair. She was still in her gray Juicy Couture pajamas, which was not normal for her, she was usually dressed and ready at least 20 minutes before school started.

"Are you even trying to leave anytime soon, school starts in 15." Claire said holding out an imaginary watch.

Massie looked at her in disbelief. She was actually serious. It was only the first day of eighth grade, how hard could it be? Well asides from the fact that the Briarwood boys now called OCD home. Massie knew that it was all her fault, but she still couldn't help but hate the administration. Couldn't they have put them in trailers or something like that? They were boys, they could handle it. But no, they just had to merge the schools together. It pissed Massie off, but there was an upside to the whole thing, the Briarwood boys are j'adorable. Maybe she would find someone even better than Derrick, or maybe they would get back together. That was her innermost wish, for them to get back together, but she wouldn't admit that to anyone, not even Bean, and that was saying something. Massie pulled the clothes off of her mannequin and walked into her closet, hurrying to get dressed. She reappeared 5 minutes later, ready to go. Massie finally acknowledged Claire and asked her what she thought.

"Hot. Definitely a 10." Claire said with a sweet smile. Massie smiled knowing that she looked good. She wore a magenta Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, yellow flats, and a quilted Chanel bag. It was cute, without being too cute. The yellow in her headband, matched perfectly with the yellow in her shoes, it was perfectly planned and executed, much like everything Massie did, or at least appeared to do. Massie looked over Claire, she had to admit, she didn't look that bad. She wore a pea green top that tightened in the chest area, light wash jean shorts, and ugh, those keds! Hadn't Massie taught her anything?

"Claire, No!" Claire looked startled at hearing her name so forcefully used.

"What?" she said looking over at Massie.

"Why are you wearing those Keds?" Her eyes narrowed and Claire slipped them off pulling the heels that were in her backpack. Massie visibly relaxed as she pulled out the gorgeous heels that were hidden in the bag.

"That looks so much better. Kuh-Laire, you actually look hawt!" Massie said, a smile complimenting her defined features. Claire smiled, enjoying the praise that she received from her friend. While the girls shared a mutual appreciation for the other, Massie's phone buzzed to life, Paper Planes by M.I.A. ringing through the room. Bean jumped back a bit, a little scared of the loud noise. Massie smiled, answering it without checking the id.

"Hello?" she said waiting for a voice to respond.

"Hola. I'm waiting. Where are you guys?" Massie smiled at hearing Alicia's voice.

"We'll be there in 5." Massie walked out of the room quickly, Claire only a few paces behind. They reached the Range Rover in less than 5 minutes shouting goodbye's over their shoulders as they climbed in. Massie's driver, Isaac, smiled at the girls before starting the car, thus beginning their daily route. As they arrived at Alicia's house, they saw the fiery Spanish firecracker standing in front of her door, texting only god knows who on her sidekick. She always had a piece of gossip floating through her brain so this was anything but surprising. As soon as she spotted the car, she made her way over to the car, walking Alicia style, extra slow. She looked a little strange, but she always did when she came back from Spain for the summer. Alicia donned a white YSL dress and purple and black flats, so maybe she didn't look THAT bad, but the bow on the front of the dress kind of totaled the outfit. As she stepped in the car, she hugged the two girls and adjusted herself, to sit perfectly upright.

Next, they arrived at Dylan's house. She wore all black, which surprised all of the girls, even Alicia, who had seen some STRANGE fashion in her own right. She had on black short shorts and a black ribbon trim shirt. She didn't look bad though, at least she had some color, on her feet nonetheless. The flats she wore were yellow, which made the outfit somewhat better. Emphasize somewhat. She also stepped in the car, gave the girls hugs and positioned herself, much like Alicia had done. The car ride was a bit tense, no one wanting to ask why she had such a strange ensemble on. Finally, Alicia broke the silence.

"Dyl, What the hell are you wearing? Are you depressed or something?" Dylan looked at Alicia and finally blurted.

"I gained three pounds. Just when I give up on my obsession, it comes back again. Black makes you look thinner." Everyone knew about Dylan's screwed up views of her body, but they thought she had gotten over it.

"Oh, come off it Dylan. Eat a gummy worm." Claire shoved one at Dylan, and she surprisingly ate it.

"Thanks, Claire." She said giving her a weak smile. Claire beamed back, happy that she could help.

The girls pulled up to the ornate apartments that Kristen stood in front of every morning. Everyone knew that she wasn't rich and lived in the apartments across the street, but she still stood there every morning, in case anyone outside of the PC was stalking her. Kristen wore gray short shorts, a white screen tee, and gladiator sandals and everything was, of course designer. She may have been poor, bur she wasn't fashion stupid. Kristen kept up appearances, just like any member of the PC did. After Kristen entered the car, they made their way to OCD. Well, now it was BOCD. At orientation, they had already gotten the boohooing speech, so there weren't any surprises left. Not even the fact that they had changed the beloved café. Everyone except Massie ah-dored it.


Front Lawn, BOCD

September 4th

They stepped out of the car, looking as hot as the sun. No one could tell them otherwise. People gaped, and smiled, trying to get a word in. The girls ignored them, brushing them off.

"We're walking to Paper Planes." Massie said so only the PC could hear her.

Each gave her a slight nod of the head, signaling that they knew. The PC walked into the building, immediately making their way to their lockers that were all next to each other. That was the biggest relief of all, that they still had their lockers. Massie walked to her locker, which was in the center, and put in the combination. As soon as it sprung open, she checked her reflection, making sure she looked perfect. She had to, naturally, especially if she'd be seeing Derrington all the time. If they wouldn't be together, at least he could see what he was missing. After everyone did a face check they each hurried to their respective homerooms. Massie to History, Alicia to English, Dylan to Science, Kristen and Claire to Geometry.

Massie walked to her first period, still scheming for a way to win Derrick back. It wasn't her fault that she was hopelessly in love with him. She walked into Mrs. Harper's homeroom and flashed her smile before pulling out her cell phone. Mrs. Harper was a cool teacher, not caring what you were doing, until first bell rang at least. She stared at her phone, taking a random seat in the front of the classroom. She checked her messages, which were, surprisingly empty. Massie scowled, and slipped her phone into her Chanel bag. Instead of continuing to sulk, she looked around, freezing when she realized who sat directly next to her. Her lips got dry and her eyes got wide when she saw who sit was. Derrington looked even hotter than normal, if that was even possible. He wore pants. Pants! Now that was an anomaly. Not to mention the fact that they were Diesel. At that moment Massie wanted to kiss him.

Claire had almost the same amount of shock when she walked into her own homeroom, Kristen's arm locked with hers. The girls were best friends, on account of the fact that they were the "poor" ones. It was something to bond over. As Claire adjusted the low ponytail that kept her flaxen hair at bay, she noticed a head of hair that was unmistakable. Cam. He was standing in front of her with his back to her. She wanted to turn him around and hug him, but she also had the impulse to smack him. It was hard battling two emotions at once. Claire moved past him slowly, letting her shorts peak for themselves. She wanted him to see that she had moved on, she was fair game now. Claire had spent too much time crying over him and she didn't want to be stuck on him. She still liked him, he had been her first kiss, but she didn't want him to think that. Claire could feel the eyes glued to her backside as she purposely took the desk farthest away from the door. Wolf whistles followed her and Kristen held back giggles as she watched her friends show off. She was the only one who didn't have some type of love interest at the moment. Well she had one, but that was just a fling, nothing serious. The rest of the girls, save for Dylan, who was just being, Dylan. Kristen rolled her eyes playfully as Claire announced that she needed a pen. Cam looked murderous, and that was exactly the effect that Clair had wanted. Kristen found it a bit sick, that she was doing that to him, but hey, you know what they say, all's fair in heartbreak and war.