Muchas Gracias to mi amiga Jasper-is-a-God, who, while not the inspiration behing the story, (sorry dude) gave me the courage to post it.


I opened my eyes, inhaled in shock, and closed them again. That man, blond hair, green eyes, soft features, his skin shone like diamonds in the sun. I realized I had to be unconscious still, there was no possible way this guy was real, and yet…

I could feel the pain, every few seconds a stab of pain shocked my abdomen, followed by a sharp tug. Plus, I could hear his voice, which came as soon as the sharp pains ended, "Alison? Are you awake? Alison, can you hear me?" his voice was like a hundred bells, a thousand symphonies, and a million babies' giggles all at once.

My body was shifted, and tears seeped through my eyelids, "It hurts." I opened my eyes and stared in agony at his worried expression.

The man rested a hand on the side of my face, "I'll make it better, I promise." I couldn't hold back the scream that escaped my lips as he lifted me, "I'm sorry, it'll be better soon."

As soon as I began sobbing, it hurt so much, he began murmuring feverent apologies. I think he was walking, or maybe even running, but I couldn't see how, I wasn't jostled a bit.

I let my eyes droop closed and drifted between alertness and slumber, too tired to really care about whose arms were carrying me.