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The man smiled back at him, "Hello Antony. Alison, my name is Carter, can you understand what I'm saying?"

Fear immobilized me when I saw their teeth, while not fangs, they were slightly pointier than usual. I nodded, he pulled my shirt up just under my chest. I felt all of my muscles tense, my body locked down.

"Carter, tell her what's going on, what you're doing. She doesn't remember anything." Antony said softly as I yanked my shirt back down, grimacing at a sharp pain in my leg.

Gently, Carter pulled my wrists away from the hem of my shirt, where I'd clasped them to keep him from pulling my shirt back up, "I'm just going to double check the way Antony sewed your stitches." He slowly peeled my shirt back, my entire body was soaked with last nights rain.

He pressed his fingers to the spot where I'd felt the pull earlier, air hissed between my clenched teeth and the pressure lifted instantly. I felt another stab in the crease of my elbow, Antony was squatting there, syringe in hand, "It's for the pain, to numb your leg and stomach, we're not far from home, you can sleep when we get back."

I felt cool, hard arms under my back, my head being supported in the crook of someone's neck, I looked back at Antony, not realizing we were moving – rather fast – so fast that I couldn't see the world around me. Everything was a blur.

He flew to a stop, so abruptly that I nearly tumbled out of his arms. I stared up at him, bewildered by the speed we had just been moving at, he grinned. "it's a vampire thing, the speed." He flipped his hair out of his eyes, "How are you feeling?"

"I can't feel the stitches, or my left leg, where's the little boy you were talking about?" I shifted in his arms.

"in the house with Carter, Peter wrote on a piece of paper and just stuck it inside of your coat, only one word 'Riley' , I guess that's his name…he's either your son or brother." He started walking at a pace that was slightly faster than human.

The house was pretty, but normal, a large brick place nestled cozily in the woods, probably around fourteen acres of it. Antony opened the door, took a few steps in, and set me on a beige suede couch. I made a face as my leg hit the soft fabric, it twinged, "I think the medicines wearing off." I mumbled. He pulled me up the couch by my arms to rest my head on the arm.

"it'd be easier to treat her on a bed." Carter picked me up and carried me down a hallway with soft blue walls. He stopped in front of an ordinary brown door, Carter pushed it open, the room was big with light beige walls, a big bed with a light blue coverlet and canopy dominated the center of the room.

Gently Carter set me on the bed, "I'm going to do a few things, your leg is fractured rather badly, but I'm not going to cast it , I want you to stay in bed. I'll do and MRI, CT scan and x-ray. I wrap your stitches up, and then you can sleep."

I sighed, I was really sleepy, "Okay."

Antony read my expression, "Err, Carter? She's probably really tired, do you suppose this could wait, or maybe we could sedate her and do it while she's asleep?" I nodded in assent, my eyelids already drooping.

"Yes, " he felt my forehead, his hands were really cold, "Alison, I need you to stay awake, just for a moment. Antony, pick her up, keep your hands under her feet and neck." He lifted me awkwardly, holding me gingerly, Carter pulled my sweater back and wrapped my stitches deftly. I let my eyes fall closed, not listening to Antony and Carter's whispered conversation.

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