Hey guys HyunMin here.

First I am deeply sorry that this isn't an update (if this is a multichaptered story) and I changed my author's name

Second, the reason why is because I am typing from my phone right now because my laptop will not let me publish anything. I can only publish on my phone.

Third, I CAN'T respond to reviews or pms using my laptop either. I have to go and use my phone (which is super hard)

Fourth, I want to let you guys know that I made a TWITTER ACCOUNT: Hyun_Min93 as a way to stay in touch with my fellow readers and reviewers. I will tweet about the progress of the chapters, I am writing (you can even bug me about updating haha) You can also send me questions, suggestions, ideas or if you just want to chat I can talk to you there ^_^ I hope I get to see you guys there!

Sorry Again!