So to Abomination? Eff you… is a story I jotted down a year ago… I had about… five readers… and now I am writing the sequel to that story. Looooong story short, you may want to read that story prior to this one. You may just understand my jokes then.

Okay, so. Here we go. One, two, one two three four.

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Haruka ran down the winding corridor, panting heavily as frustration began to set in. "Where the hell am I? Michiru!?" the blonde flipped around, searching for her love. "Michi… Where are you! I can't find you!" Haruka picked up her pace, only to run in the same place she had been for the last three years.

"…Haruka…." A ghostly voice called to the lost tomboy.

"Michi!" I am coming! Don't worry" a finish line to the tiresome journey was just ahead. In sight, was a beautiful woman, donned in a Sailor Senshi uniform with beautiful, long, curly, sea-like hair. Just what the blonde had been looking for. "My love I have finally found you!" she sang as she enclosed on her goddess.

"Haruka, hold me"

"Michiru!" puzzled, Haruka stopped in her tracks and stared at her love.

"Haruka? Hold me…" the figure begged. The blonde scuffed her feet slightly.

"I would…. But uh… you're pink…. And you look… sticky… You're not…" The figure gasped, "You are not Michiru! You are the Daimon, Bubblelicious!"

"No!!!" with a high pitched squeel, the figure swelled up, and popped.

"Haruka… Haruka dear, wake up…" the racer groaned, swatted at where the voice was coming from, and attempted to go back to sleep. "Haruka, Haruka Tenoh, wake up right now."

"I'm sleeping. Ten minutes. Ten damn minutes." the agitated blonde scoffed as the persistent voice continued to nag.

Michiru took a long deep breath and leaned in close to her sleeping beauty. In a very soft, seductive voice, Michiru pulled out the big guns. "baby… please wake up…. I need you… I need you so bad…. Please" she slowly ran a single finger along her wife's lower back.

"…doesn't work… but I'm up anyway." Haruka smiled as she opened her eyes and slowly sat up. "Fool me once, shame on you… fool me 387 times, shame on me" the playful blonde winked at her love, who in turn, gave a flirty smile.

"I'll go make your coffee, you need to get ready to take the girls to school" she kissed Haruka's forehead, and started walking towards the door… but was stopped b a sneaky hand, pulling on the waist band of her shorts.

"You did wake me up for lovin', I woke up for lovin'," Michiru laughed as her prince pulled her closer to the bed, "now, woman, I think I deserve a little lovin'" the blonde grinned deviously as she pulled her wife, in a playfully rough manner, on to the bed they shared.

The sea goodess squirmed as her love climbed on top of her and pinned her to the bed, "but Ruka", she said in between spats of giggles, "You haven't even brushed your teeth yet", faking a look of disgust to push her point.

"Well you know, I'm pretty that was a Clause in our vows 'In marrying Haruka Tenoh, you must give her 'Morning Loving' with, or without, the brushing of teeth" the blond smiled proudly as she leaned over and kissed her wife.

"I guess that is just something I'm going to have to adjust to…" she lost her train of thought as Haruka's kisses trailed from her neck, down to her navel. The blonde looked up, slightly confused.

"Its been a minute love, you haven't figured this out yet?" the blonde made her way back up to Michiru's lips, softly brushing her own lips against the delicate skin of her, now blushing, wife.

"I know…" she wrapped her arms around the thin blonde and closed her eyes, "time flies, my love." Michiru placed her cheek against Haruka's and ran her fingers….and ran her fingers….. "What the hell?" she tried to run her fingers through the racers hair, but was stopped by…

"it's gum… ruka…"


"Gum… you have a massive… wad… of gum… in your hair…" she leaned forward and began an attempt to untangle the mess.

"Gum?!!" a gasp escaped the lips of the blonde.

"That's what I said… " Michiru grunted as her wife squirmed and began to freak out.

"Get it out getitout getitoutgetitout!!!!!!!!!" The usually calm tomboy writhled in disgust, which caused a giggle to arise from Michiru. Which earned her an immediate glare from her wife. "…it is not funny Michi…." tears beginning to form in the corners of the blonde's eyes.

Michiru pouted, attempting to hide her giggles, as she pulled at the trapped strands of hair, "babe… I think we're going to have to try something else…

The morning was bright as a familiar pop song carried its tune through the brightly painted room.

"Alexis. Wake up." A small girl with aqua curls stood over her sleeping sister, a large pillow clasped firmly in her hands… a devilish glean in her eyes. "Alexis….. You better wake up now… or you will suffer the consequences…"

"…Marina, don't." the small blonde lump mumbled in reaction to her sister's threats. "If you do, I'll tell papa..."

"Nope, I'm sorry. That is NOT the correct answer. Alexis, suffer the wrath of the almighty…" the small girl pauses for a minute, lifts the pillow above her head, and begins to laugh in a maniacal hysteria *Bwa ha ha ha* " Sailor Marina!!! PILLOW ATTACK!!!" with that, she brought the pillow down, hitting her sleeping sister full force with the feathered torture device. The small girl repeated the motion until a reaction was forced from the blonde girl.

The blonde blinked for a moment, as a 'Whap, Whap, Whap" intruded her thoughts, and the vision of annoyance of a sister on top of her. "Really?" She calmly said. "Marina, I am going to count to three. If you are not off of me, and the pillow is motionless on the ground… I am going to K-I-L-L… you…."

Marina held her stance.


The younger, aqua haired girl did not budge. Determination in her eyes as she dared her sister to continue.

"Two…" Alexis spat the phrase with an obvious tone of anger.

The smaller girl stuck her tongue out at the blonde's threats of retaliation.


Haruka crossed her arms, and anxiously tapped her foot as she sat. "Michi…I don't think this is going to do anything. Other than make me smell like a sandwich…." the woman sat as the violinist began spreading globs of peanut butter over the mess of hair and pink bubblegum.

"Ruka, this works every time. Now just watch as the gum comes right …" Michiru tugged on a comb… until the teeth broke off in to the snarl. "…shit…" Michiru cursed, causing the blonde to look up at her wife.

"That look causes me to worry, Michi… please stop with that face" Michiru's eyes were wide, a creepy fake smile stretched ear to ear. "Michi… please stop…"

"Maybe…we… need… Mayo..nnaise….." she nodded her head repeatedly at her own suggestion. "Definitely Mayonnaise…."

"…oi oi…" Haruke dropped her head and tried not she show her distress.


"I WARNED YOU!!! I WARNED YOU!!! "NO! NO!!!…." a pause of silence. "EWWWWWW!!!!!! EWWW!!!! EWWW!!!!!! MAMA!!!!"

Michiru looked up, the origin of the screams, as she opened a jar of questionable mayonnaise. "Looks like the girls are up, love." she smelt the contents of the jar, and instantly soured her face and held the jar at a distance, "Here we go, Ruka…" she laughed nervously.

"I told her. I told her one hundred times…" Haruka vented as Michiru slathered her head with the rancid spread; the smell alone made both women gag. "Oh my god, Michiru!" the racer covered her nose and placed her head between her legs.

"Don't!" Michiru laughed as she held her nose, 'you're getting it on your pants!" she pointed the greasy stain forming on Haruka's pant leg.

"I told Alexis not to chew gum in our bed…. She always takes it out of her mouth and leaves it…. I told her one million times…." Haruka mumbled as her wife scrubbed her head with a pot cleaning, steel wool sponge.

"Good morning, Mama. Good morning Papa" the two young girls said in unison as they entered the kitchen.

"Holy cow!" the small blonde covered her nose, and stuck out her tongue to show her disgust, "Bleh…..what is that smell? It smells like a aminal died in here….."

"An-I-mal… Alexis. …" her mother corrected.

"That is what I said. A Aminal." her mother twitched slightly. Why are you making a mess on Papa's head?…" the girl tilted her head slightly, puzzled.

"We are trying to get the gum out… Alexis. " Haruka said in an accusing manner.

"Gum…? What gum?" The blond tried to pretend that she did not know what her parents were saying. "I never… chew gum…." the seven year old looked at the floor, pretending to be interesting in the current activities of her feet.

The racer looked at her eldest daughter, and took a deep breath. Fear shot through Alexis' small body.

She caved. "it was me Papa… I'm sorry……….." she said with tears filling her bright emerald eyes. Her head dropped, and the blonde curls bounced as the little shoulders shook.

A hand rested on the shoulder of the small girl, causing Alexis to momentarily control the tears and look up. "Mama…" the small girl's bottom lip shook. She looked in to the bright blue eyes of her mother, and wrapped her arms around the woman's waist. "mama… please don't be mad…. I'm sorry. I was listening to music on your bed… it must have falled out and I didn't notice…. Im sorry…." she muffled her apologies through the embrace.

Michiru held her daughter, and bent down to eye level to look at the small blonde.

"We know you are sorry. Please, listen to your Papa in the future. " She smiled sweetly and wiped the tears from her daughter's face. Alexis nodded.

"Are you two ready for your first day of school? " the racer asked as the leaned her head in to the sink and turned on the water.

"Yeah, I guess so." Marina smiled as she packed her favorite coloring book in to her book bag. Marina was short for her age and had dark aqua, curly hair. She was a perfect Mini Michiru., unlike her sister who took after her papa in every way.

"Well" the older of the two girls began, "We better leave now, we promised Chibi-usa we would walk with her this morning." Alexis grabber her own back pack and ran to kiss her mother good bye. Her sister following her lead.

"Well don't I get a kiss?" Haruka asked, a pout on her face. The two children stood still.

"Please?" Haruka begged. The girls remained where the were and n sync, brought their hands up to cover their noses.

"Stinky, papa…" The girls said in unison.

"Can we kiss you twice and give you esstra big hugs when we get home?" Marina bargained with her papa, batting her sparkling sapphire eyes (which always melted Haruka's heart), "please papa?"

Haruka nodded and blew kisses to her girls. "Okay, but I will require a hug for each year. Alexis, seven from you…" she pointed to Marina, "and six from you, my princess." The racer smiled, and waved, as those responsible for the joy in her life, walked out the door.

"Haruka…" The blonde looked over her shoulder at her wife, who had tried again to pick out the pieces of gum from the racer's head. "I think we are going to have to shave it all off."

"Damn." The star dropped her head. Defeated by the daimon named "Bubblelicious".

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