Here we go… this is the last chapter of Fate…Timing is everything. Enjoy:

One, Two… One, Two, Three, Four


The toy store was a quaint shop that didn't seem to have been updated since 1974, the counter was painted a lime green and yellow and green tiled carpet covered the floor. She smiled at the slightly overweight man who took pride in the shop, watching over the patrons that stroll through the aisles. The small area was far more cramped than Haruka liked. She slowly began to empathize with the tiny sardines that get squashed into the cans, at the moment she could strongly relate.

Toys of every type covered the shelves, wooden toys that were crafted by hand, stuffed animals, as well as any top selling pop culture fad that had been put out to appease the masses. Haruka gazed at each of the toys individually, hoping to find one that her daughter would adore. She weaved in and out of the children screaming at their parents to buy them that special toy when a section at the end of the row caught her eye. 'Sailor Moon' the display had a bright pink sign that demanded attention. He the area below containing every piece of memorabilia one could ever imagine putting a face on; lunch boxes, action figures, watches: she was slightly embarrassed at the level of fandom that filled the area.

Embarrassment wasn't the only emotion she was feeling regarding her duties as a sailor senshi. Regret, frustration, confusion… just to name a few. She couldn't help but wonder if she had made a mistake that day in the park. If she had just left it alone… if she hadn't had touched that stick. She could have stayed blissfully ignorant of the whole situation… blissfully happy with Michiru. Her racing, her dreams, would not have had to be placed on the back burner to forever be just that… a dream. They would never be anything more. Had her father known? Had he seen that this would be what waited for her on this journey? Would he be disappointed that she wasn't fulfilling the path he pushed her so strongly towards? She stopped for a moment and looked at the doll, not sure where the sudden idolization of her deceased dad, she had been so distant and had such a disdain for the man. "I'm just fighting for something familiar… that feeling of family… that is the dumbest thought process I have had while over here.

Haruka snapped out of her thoughts and was taken aback by the doll that ended up in her grasp. The soft felt of the dolls structure rubbed against her fingers, the colorful yarn bounced in light aqua curls. It was her, it was Sailor Neptune. Suddenly, it seemed clear. This internal battle she had been fighting all along…dissolved. This journey hadn't been the mistake, not standing by Michiru's side was. She had known this whole time that, while she loved her princess and would sacrifice her life for her, but her duty… was to make those tough decisions so that Usagi didn't have to stain her hands for the fate of the world. Finally she understood. She was to be the one to dirty her hands. Together…with Sailor Neptune.



The sounds of liquids reaching their boiling point added a creepy backdrop to the darkened laboratory as two shadowed figures hunched over their latest creation.

"So, Kaori Night, have you identified the next target?" the male figure with glasses smirked.

"Yes" she stood, her bright red locks illuminated in the light. She was proud of her latest find. "I know that you will be pleased this time."

"Ah" he hesitated, "but, are you absolutely sure?" He asked, not much confidence showing in his voice. His assistant had been wrong in the past.

"Yes, Dr. Tomoe, I'm quite sure. Our next victim possesses the purest heart that we have ever come across." Kaori Night boasted. "I'm confident that this crystal will have the powers that we need."

"Excellent, I will prepare my finest daemon for this 'worthy' target" He began his work, "You are the only one I can trust with this, my loyal Kaori Night."


Usagi held tightly to Mamoru's arm as the pair walked side by side down the sidewalk. "This has been the most perfect birthday." The small blonde squealed as she nuzzled gently against her love's shoulder.

"Well I just want you to feel like the princess that you are on your special day" he smiled as he stopped his stride, causing the blonde to follow. The tall dark haired man turned to face his darling and leaned in to kiss her. He loved the way she stood on her tippy toes to meet his lips. They pulled from the embrace slowly, their eyes gazing deeply into each other's, "And I still have one more surprise" he smiled and glanced at the sign of the shop that they were standing in front of. Usagi had been so blissfully lost in the moment; she hadn't realized that the two of them were standing on the corner of Third and Main Street.

"The Glass Art Gift Shoppe" Usagi read out loud, her level of excitement showing with every syllable. Her eyes widened and her smile stretched from ear to ear. "Oh my goodness!" she jumped up and down, her eyes glistening in her euphoric state. "Are you getting my gift here?" Mamoru smiled as he led his love into the little shop.

The store smelled…expensive. Handcrafted glass figurines, crystal chandeliers and of course, the shoes that Usagi had been ogling over for the past few weeks. The pair walked quickly to the counter where a thirty something woman greeted them, tossing her brightly colored red hair over her shoulder. "I'm assuming you have come back for the shoes?" She gave the couple a knowing smile as she slipped a box containing the delicate items out from under the counter, "I had a feeling you would be coming back for them, so I tucked them away" she smirked, "I would hate for these beautiful shoes to go to anyone else… they were clearly made for you" she cackled.

"Oh my God!" Usagi cheered, "They're even more perfect than I remembered…" Mr. Chiba quickly paid for the shoes and ignored the evil grin that was consuming the features of the sales attendant. "I love them so much!" Usagi smiled happily as she hugged the box containing her gift and the two walked out the door.

"I knew she would come back for those silly shoes…" Kaori Night laughed evilly and teleported out of the store so she could get a better view of the show about to go down.

The couple stood in front of the shop. "Now," Mamoru started as he took the box from his love's grasp and dropped to his knees, "let's see if they feet, my princess." A deep blush rushed to the young girl's features as the tall man slipped off her standard black flats and held her foot and prepared to slip on the glass slipper that appeared to come straight out of a fairytale.

"Oh, Mamoru" she smiled, bringing her hands to cover her mouth and pointing her toes as her love slipped the delicate glass on her dainty foot.

As soon as the slipper rested snuggly on Usagi's foot, they couple's joy quickly turned to terror as they were consumed in a dark light. They both held their arms over their faces to shield themselves from the sudden danger that presented them. After a few seconds, the shoe flew off the blonde's foot and the energy threw both of them on the ground. "AHHHHH!" Usagi screamed in fear as she watched the intricate piece of glass that she had been admiring for so long transform itself into a foe.

"Senishenta!" the youma called as it took its final shape. She stood tall with gold plated, amazon warrior styled armor on. Her body appeared to be made of the same blue tinted glass that had once constructed the beautiful gift. Now the thoughtful gift was nothing more than a hood ornament that sat on top of the monstrous being's helmet.

The monster spoke, "I will take that pure heart that loves this man so deeply!" She cackled as she reached towards Usagi.

"No you don't!" Mamoru screamed as he ran towards the monster and tried to tackle it away from his love. His efforts were intercepted as Senishenta turned quickly and knocked him off his path, doing serious damage in the process. Usagi watched in horror as her hero was knocked down by the powerful woman-like creature.

"Mamo-chan! Nooo!" she screamed as the monster grabbed her shoulders and pushed her against the pane of glass and bonded the girl's shoulders into the strong structure.

"NO! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!" Usagi shouted as she attempted to kick the monster away and break free from her bonds. "That's it!" she reached for her broach, "Moon Cosmic Pow…" She began to call upon the powers of the moon to take down the enemy in front of her, but quickly, Senishenta knocked her broach out of Usagi's hands…the youma was slightly taken aback.

"Were you trying to punch me with that thing?" She said slightly annoyed. "Better take some precautions… you are a little fighter" she smiled as she pushed her targets arms and hands further into the pane of glass to restrict any further attempts of attack.

Usagi stood there helpless as she watched Senishenta prepare her attack. The youma flexed her bicep and a black star appeared, Usagi clenched her eyes shut as she knew what would soon follow.


Haruka walked at a quick pace. She was determined to get to Michiru's place to tell her exactly how she felt. She imagined how the scene would play over, and over, and over in her head.

She knocked purposefully on the door of Michiru's condo. "Michiru, I know you are in there and I need to speak to you right this moment." She said with a stern tone. The door opened revealing her aqua haired goddess, whom was scandalously clad in a purple and black negligée that hemmed right below her hip, not even trying to hide the sexy lace panties she wore.

"Yes, Ruka?" she leaned against the frame of the door and leaned slightly over so that the racer could see her perky, round, perfect breasts. "Are you here to tell me how naughty I have been?" she sensually bit her bottom lip, "Are you going to spank me until I promise not to take all those pretty talismans?"

Haruka pushed the door wide open, closing the gap between her and the sexy violinist. She slid her hands under the aqua locks so she could cradle the love of her life's head and bring her lips closer to her own. She planted her lips firmly against Michiru's and kissed her as though they were the only two in the world, her hand moved from holding her head and slid down the slinky nighty and let them land on the musician's ass. She squeezed the firm cheeks before picking up her lover…

Lost in her naughty day dream, Haruka had neglected to pay attention to where she was going and she snapped out of it a little too late and ran face first into a large piece of plywood two workers were carrying. "Ouch…" she muttered before the darkness took over and she fell over backwards.

Once she came to and the stars that clouded her vision began to give way. "Are you okay?" one of the workers asked as they stood over her. The racer's eye twitched slightly as her head pounded, but she managed to nod through the pain and accepted the two men's help back to her feet.

"Thanks" she waved in appreciation. "I'm fine. Sorry for not watching where I was going" she smiled and began to regroup as the guys walked back to finish their work.

Haruka stood there, slightly afraid to move until the blood flooding to her head returned back to its normal flow. As she stood, a ghastly wind grabbed her attention. She quickly brought her hands to her ears as it seemed as though her element was screaming. She knew… she knew that the omen meant one and only one thing… "Princess…" she turned on her heels and without a second thought, followed the wind as quickly as her legs would carry her.

She stopped as she reached the corner of Third Avenue and Main Street and gasped at the sight that had become far too familiar. This time; however, was different. Her kitten was the target. "If anyone…If anyone holds a talisman… it's her…" She gulped as the daemon prepared the attack that she knew what would be the death of her princess. She put her fears aside and dashed towards her kitten.


Usagi clenched her eyes shut as she prepared for the excruciating pain that she knew was coming. She had never felt so helpless. "What kind of warrior am I that I can't even save myself…." She cried silently to herself. "This is how I end… I let everyone down? Mamo-chan…Chibi Usa…"

She braced herself. "This is it…" she thought… but after a few seconds, the pain… never came. She slowly opened her eyes. "Did someone take her out?" She wondered. "Did someone save me?" her eyes widened as they adjusted to the scene playing out in front of her. She looked up at the sandy blonde hair of the figure standing in front of her. It was Haruka… not the strong soldier Sailor Uranus, but Haruka. Usagi shook her head in disbelief. She could have easily transformed and taken out Senishenta and retrieved the crystal like they had done a million times before… but she didn't.

"Haruka! NO! STOP IT!" she screamed as though begging the woman to stop and save herself, but Haruka didn't budge.

"Ah… Haruka Tenoh…" Kaori Night appeared, delighted at the surprising turn of events. "Passionate American racer with big dreams to chase the wind… willing to sacrifice her life for this…" she looked at her original target, "this, whiny, cry baby of a girl…" she laughed, "Seems too good to be true. We may just get two talismans out of this deal." She cackled in delight.

Haruka stood strong as the beam of negative energy dug deeply into her chest. She stood with her arms extended to protect her princess, "You will never touch Usagi…" she gritted her teeth, the pain of the attack doing nothing but firing her determination.

"Stop it! Haruka!" Usagi felt more defeated than she had a minute ago. The racer turned her head slightly to look back at the young girl.

"The girls will be here soon, I'll be okay… " She winked at the buns-head. "Don't cry, Kitten…" she whispered as she smiled softly at the girl she had once loved.

"Pull it." Kaori Night ordered the monster to finish the job and the dark energy intensified.

Haruka screamed as she felt her life pulling away and a bright shining light illuminated the darkness. She stood, losing her ability to focus, she couldn't help but let her mind wonder.

"Michiru, I'm home!" Haruka walked in the door, a small dark haired child passed out in her arms. "Himme-chan is out cold!" she laughed as she gently pushed the door closed behind her. She smiled as her beautiful partner walked into the room, took the sleeping child from her arms and placed a soft kiss on Haruka's cheek.

"How was Usagi, is she feeling better?"

"Yeah, every year she eats way too much birthday cake." She laughed as her love walked into the other room to put the child down to sleep. Haruka sat on the couch and waited for Michiru to return.

"Hotaru must have had a blast playing with Chibi-Usa today, she is out like a light" Michiru giggled with a poise that Haruka absolutely adored. "Would you like some tea, honey?" she gestured to the kitchen. Haruka shook her head and patted the cushion on the couch with a look that lovingly called her love to join her. Who could refuse?

Michiru took her place next to love and rested her legs on Haruka's lap, wrapping her arms lovingly around her neck. "What's up?" Michiru asked playfully.

Haruka closed her eyes and smiled, "Not much, I have something for you though…"

"Oooh, I am intrigued." Michiru cooed as she gently kissed the racer's forehead. Haruka reached into the breast pocket of her blazer and began to pull something out.

"You should be, now, close your eyes… and hold out your hand." The blonde whispered sensually. Michiru did exactly as she was told, a soft smile turned on her lips. Haruka placed the gift in the middle of the violinist's palm. "Now… open them."

Michiru opened her eyes to see a small red velvet box sitting in her hand. "Open it…" Haruka nudged. Her eyes began to swell and she took a deep breath to keep her hands from trembling in anticipation. Michiru slowly opened the box to reveal the perfect diamond ring nestled inside.

"Michiru, my love…" the woman quickly turned her gaze to meet the eyes of her lover. She was nodding her head, knowing the answer already to the racer's question, but she stayed quiet to let her love finish. Haruka took the ring form the box and took Michi's hand, "I wake up every morning and thank the heavens that I have you in my life…without you, my life has no meaning and every second I spend with you is absolute perfection… Please, please, please…" She added for extra emphasis which made Michiru laugh, "Will you please marry me?" She knew the answer so she slid the ring on her love's slender finger.

Michiru was speechless; she nodded and kissed her ruka deeply. Her actions were all Haruka needed….

A tear came to Haruka's eye as she realized that the life that she wanted… the future she had been dreaming of… was gone. With that, the racer began to feel very cold and no longer had the strength to stand.

The site was silent. Everyone seemed to be staring in awe at the bright twinkling crystal hovered over Haruka's limp body that slowly transformed itself into a radiant sword. "A talisman!" Kaori Night shouted, leaning forward. "Get that talisman, Senishenta!" she ordered and the daemon to retrieve the precious item.

Senishenta lunged towards the talisman. "DEEP SUBMERGE!" The silence was broken as the wave of a powerful attack knocked the youma off her feet and released Usagi from the monster's grasp.

"You bitch!" The red haired witch screamed as Sailor Neptune swooped and grabbed Haruka's saber, protecting it from the grubby hands of her enemy.

"How dare you? How dare you attack my friend…?" Sailor Moon stood proudly. No one had noticed her run after her broach and quickly transform. "In the name of the moon… I will destroy you…" She spat. It was a side that not many people had seen from the head senshi. The soldier's body was tensed with anger. She clenched her staff and pointed her weapon towards the cackling woman.

Sailor Neptune ignored the chaos of the battle going around her as the other senshi began to arrive and join their leader in the battle; tears filled her eyes as she clenched the talisman and kneeled by Haruka. "You can't die, Haruka…" She fought her quivering lip as the weakened racer reached up slowly to touch the senshi of the sea's face.

"I was wrong… I should have been by your side." She took a shallow breath, "I… I love you… Michiru… I'm" she closed her eyes for a moment, "I'm sorry." Sailor Neptune leaned down and kissed the racer deeply.

"I love you so much, ruka…" she wiped a tear quickly as if hiding it from the blonde.

"I know…" the racer winked. "Can I rely on you to save the world? Protect the princess?" Michiru nodded. Haruka smiled and closed her eyes. Michiru watched terrified as Haruka's breaths got shorter and shorter… and then stopped.

"Haruka?" Sailor Neptune said, a slight panic in her voice. "Haruka!?" She said a little louder as she shook the racer's shoulder by the sleeve of her shirt. "HARUKA!" She knew it was over. Neptune couldn't help but think that she had failed. She clenched her love's talisman.

After all of this time, she couldn't believe that Haruka had been that sacrifice… she glanced over to where she knew where Alexis was hiding. How do you tell a child that their parent just died? Her heart broke. How do you tell her… that we didn't get there soon enough.

"Moon Spiral Heart Attack!" Sailor moon shouted her strongest attack.

"Lovely!" Senishenta screamed her last words as she returned to the pod from which she came.

"Do you think that I will just let you get away with my talisman." Kaori Night spat angrily. "Think again, brats!"

Sailor Neptune slowly stood. Her head down, her fists clenched, she was shaking with fury. "You fucking bitch…" She muttered the words. Michiru was not one to lose her temper, but at this moment she may as well have been Bruce banner… but the moment she lifted her head… the senshi knew that they were about to meet the Hulk. "How dare you take Haruka!" She shouted as she lifted her hands and pulled every ounce of power she could muster and called it to her palms, "DEEP SUBMERGE!" she threw the attack at the red haired woman and smiled as it hit her target. She rushed the woman and started brutally attacking her in hand to hand combat before she had the chance to recover from impact.

"MARS FIRE IGNITE!" Sailor Mars through her strongest attack, Sailor Neptune jumped from her opponent to avoid being hit.



Attack after brutal attack. One by one the senshi took their chance to land their toughest attacks while their victim was stunned.

"This is for Haruka!" Sailor Moon shouted, "Moon Spiral Heart Attack!"

The senshi took a moment to watch their opponent struggle to stay on her feet. Kaori Night wiped the blood trickling from her lip. Sailor Neptune walked calmly towards the enemy, the space sword in her hands. "You will never get your hands on this precious talisman…"

"Like hell I won't…" she spat. "You may have won this time, but I will get my hands on that talisman" she laughed and before any of the senshi could land another blow, she vanished into thin air.

The danger was gone and Alexis ran to her papa. "Papa!" she screamed hysterically. She ran past everyone else there and fell on the ground, burying her face in her papa's chest. "It's all of my fault!" She cried.

"Alexis…" Sailor Mars walked calmly and kneeled next to the child. She leaned over and placed her ear next to the racer's chest and listened closely. "It's faint, but there is still a heartbeat…"

"What do we do?" Sailor Moon asked, her voice wasn't chipper as usual, but carried a very serious tone.

"We have to find the other talismans…" Sailor Neptune stated without skipping a beat.

"What? So your answer is to kill two more people? That's great. Well, not all of us are alright with murdering two other innocent people." Sailor Jupiter spat.

"She's gone…" Neptune glared at the younger senshi. "Don't you understand? This is how it has to be." She did her best to contain her emotions, "Do you not think that I'm heart-broken that Haruka is one of the three people that needed to be sacrificed?" she looked over again at the body of her love, "but… it is her fate… if we don't find the other talismans… her death will be in vain. We have to save the rest of the world."

"There has to be another way!" Sailor Moon fought for her normal stance of no death is necessary, nearly bringing Neptune to her boiling point.

"Give us the talisman!" shouted Sailor Venus. "We will find how to save her and the world. We have to get Haruka's purity crystal back into her body!"

Alexis sobbed into Haruka's chest. "Pluto… Pluto…" She begged the time goddess, "I know I was late… but please… Please… help…" she cried as her figure slowly began to fade. "We need help fast. We have to save Papa…"

The argument between the inner senshi and Sailor Neptune heated. None of the women were willing to budge on their views of how to save Haruka and the world and were teetering on the edge of turning their attacks on each other. Sailor Jupiter and Mars began to prepare their attacks, but this time…their target was a fellow soldier. "We won't allow you to just give up and let Haruka die!"

"Mars….Fire…." Sailor Mars was interrupted by a blinding light. The light was so intense it caused all of the women to fall silent and cover their eyes.

"Alexis…" A soft, familiar voice emerged from the light causing the small girl to look up.

"I know this light…" Sailor Moon exclaimed, "It's the glow of the imperial crystal….It's the same light that surrounded me when I fought Queen Beryl…" she held her chest, "Such a warm light…full of love…"

The light subsided revealing two figures. Sailor Pluto stood proudly holding her time staff, and Neo-Queen Serenity held her Moon Rod high, her gown flowing, her aura glowing.

"The queen…" The inner senshi gasped and dropped to one knee simultaneously, placing their hands over their hearts.

"I thought you couldn't come back in time, your majesty?" Sailor Venus asked.

"There has been a distortion in our time-line… Sailor Pluto's power, though vast, couldn't hold this world together. We must move quickly, my power will not last long in this time…" The queen's eyes widened as she realized the small blonde curly haired child held her tightly around her waist. "Well, hello sweetheart." She smiled, obvious love in her eyes for the child. The queen bent down to reach eye contact with the small girl, "You did an excellent job." She patted her head. "Everything is going to be okay."

"Sailor Neptune" Sailor Pluto addressed her colleague. "We have to retrieve the other talisman."

"I know." Sailor Neptune nodded. "Where do we start?"

"Well, we only have one left to go…" The senshi of time called her Garnett Orb to her hand. "I hold a talisman in my hand, and you carry the third in your heart." The girls gasped. "The pure heart that has loved Sailor Uranus for more than one lifetime…" the old friend said with a smile. "Now, think of that love, and summon your talisman."

Sailor Neptune stood still, her eyes wide. "I… I am the final sacrifice?"

Sailor Pluto smiled. "Yes, now, I need to rip out that pure heart crystal… "she said solemnly as she held her hand out in a creepy, rigid, claw like fashion making Sailor Neptune sweat slightly.

Michiru gulped, "I'm ready." She closed her eyes. "Take it." Pluto rolled her eyes.

"You have always been so dramatic…" Sailor Pluto laughed. "There's no need for that, my friend." She walked over to the senshi of the seas and placed her hand above her friend's heart. "Just… remember. Remember that love… remember that warmth… and call upon your talisman." Neptune looked slightly puzzled, but nodded in agreement.

Neptune closed her eyes and tried her best to remember. The memories flooded in, the moment she met Haruka for the first time. That chance encounter at the lobby, their first kiss… the first time Haruka had made love to her. Her heart felt full and suddenly she felt light.

She held her hands out in front of her body and imagined her special item. She could feel it. She opened her eyes and there it was: her talisman. A beautiful mirror with Neptunian engravings on the sides and handle, the symbol of her heritage carved perfectly on the back.

The three talismans had been found. Sailor Neptune looked at Haruka, "Is this going to save her?" she asked.

"Just wait." Sailor Pluto smiled as all of the women's focus landed on the fallen soldier. Just when they began to think that their plan had failed, the bright symbol of Haruka's guardian planet appeared brightly on her forehead and her body began to disappear, just to reappear, clad in her Sailor's fuku completing a triangle with Pluto and Neptune holding each point. Haruka's talisman seemed to fly to its owner and moments later, the small delicate crystal escaped the saber and returned to the senshi of the sky's chest. Her color began to come back, and Michiru sighed in relief as her love regained her breath and opened her eyes.

"…Michiru! I thought I would never see you again…" were the first words to come out the senshi's mouth. Haruka turned her head to see her beautiful daughter smiling from ear to ear, wiping a tear of joy from her cheeks.

"You were right; it just took a little faith in your princess." Neptune smiled at her love. The three women held their talismans high… and summoned their true powers bringing the holy chalice to light.


"And they all lived happily ever after. The end." Haruka read the last page as she sat on the edge of her daughters' bed. She very carefully stood as to not wake up the two sleeping girls. She tip toed to each side of the bed, and gently placed a kiss on the forehead of each girl before turning off the light and sneaking out the door.

"Are they still in the same bed?" Michiru asked as she handed Haruka a cup of tea.

"Yeah, at least for now, she had to have missed her sister while she was gone…" she smiled at Michiru as they walked together to their own room.

Haruka sipped her tea and placed the empty cup on the nightstand before slipping into her pajamas and sliding into the overly fluffed up bed she shared with her wife. The two women snuggled into their own perfect spots. Michiru's head resting on Haruka's chest, Haruka's arm tucked underneath her love's shoulders, Michiru's leg wrapped the long legs of her lover.

"ruka?" Haruka smiled and kissed the top of Michiru's head before responding.

"Yes, my love?" she said sweetly.

"Tell me a story… "She giggled as she ran her finger slowly down the blonde's belly, tracing the lining of her racer's panties.

Haruka cleared her throat. "Well… Once upon a time… there was a very handsome woman who met this wonderful, beautiful, sexy, perfect woman…" Michiru looked into her love's eyes. The lips of the two women met as Michiru slowly pulled over the covers and Haruka turned off the light.

"Michiru, I'm so glad that I had the chance to fall in love with you all over again…"

"Me too, Ruka….but let's not do it again..."

The End.

Alright kiddos. After how many years, I hope you liked how it ended. Alexis is back home safe and sound, our Haruka and Michiru are back together, happy and more in love than ever. It has been super fun writing this and I hope you guys had as much fun as I did. I'm in the process of a new story, so I hope to hear from you guys soon.


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