Here's my first 5D's fic. Sorry if it sucks butt......I really tried my hardest to think this over but if it really sucks, then I don't blame you for not reading it. If you do read it, that's cool. If you don't, then I don't blame you. You have been warned that it sucks butt.

Rose By Another Name

Summary: 6 months after the Duel Fortune Cup, Yusei continues to live with Luna, Luka, and the others in Tops. A few days later, Akiza stops by in seek of help. What will Yusei's decision be? YuseixAkiza, slight hints of YuseixLuna. AU.

Chapter 1

"I wish everything would just go away. Don't try to make me think. You indeed are a wretched foe." Akiza muttered, venomously.

"If I am, then why are you crying?" Yusei asked, noticing a tear falling for one side of her face, "Activate Trap Card, Cosmic Blast. When a Dragon-type Synchro monster is removed from the field, it'll inflict damage equal to the monster's attack power."

As Cosmic Blast's effect takes place, a burst of bright light hits Akiza's mask, causing it to shatter in to pieces like glass. As her bangs fall in front of her face, she falls to her knees. Yusei gasps at her crying, watching her tears cascade down her face.

"," Akiza whispered, as more tears fall down her face.

"Akiza!" Yusei shouted, as people from the crowd start calling out rude things to Akiza.

"You got what you deserved, witch!" one man said, rooting for Yusei.

"Go back to your witch's den." another man shouted, as the whole crowd starts shouting.

"Well done, Akiza. Let's head back." Divine tells her, putting his trenchcoat over her shoulders.

"Akiza Izinski.......,"Yusei thought, watching her leave the stadium.

A few months later...............

Lying across his bed, Yusei thought of the memory of his and Akiza's duel over and over. The memory is engraved in his brain, not able to get his mind off of it.

I wonder if I'll ever see her again, he thought, heading out to the balcony. He had been staying with Luna and Luka for the last several weeks in the Tops residence. They treated him and Yanagi like family. As for the twins, Luna and Lua, they recently turned twelve and Luna has started to develop as a young female should.

"Yusei.....Yusei, you left your......are you okay?" Luna's feminine voice asked, peeking her head around the door of the balcony.

"Oh, yeah, I'm all right. Just thinking." Yusei replied, enjoying the night sky.

"Well, dinner is done if want to come and eat." she told him, quietly moving along.

"Whatcha doin?" Luka asked, walking behind Luna.

"Ah! You scared me." Luna breathed, putting a hand over her heart.

"Hahaha! You have a crush on Yusei! You have a crush on...mmmmm!" Luka pestered, as Luna covered his mouth.

"Stop it! I don't have a crush on Yusei." Luna told him, blushing a bit. She did start to develop small feelings for Yusei, but not to the extent that she wanted to be with him.

"So is Suzuki coming over?" Luka questioned, hearing the doorbell.

"That's her." Luna answered, opening the door for her friend from in her apartment building, who happened to go to the same school as her.

"So, who's this new hottie you were telling me about?" Suzuki asked, as she and Luna went into the living room. Suzuki had blue eyes, jet black hair, and the same complexion as Luna.

"Yeah, who's the hottie, sis?" Luka repeated, crossing his arms.

"Go away, Luka. This doesn't concern you." Luna told him, throwing a couch pillow at him.

"Don't let your new haircut get to your head. I'll be watching you." Luka warned, narrowing his eyes at her.

"Oh yeah, I love your haircut. I like how you went with the side swept bangs. They look a lot better than your old pigtails." Suzuki told her, as Yanagi came into the living room.

"Luna, whatcha doin?" Yanagi asked, cheerfully walking around with his treasure deck.

"Oh nothing, waiting for everyone to come to dinner." Luna said, kindly.

"Great! Dinner's done." Yanagi cheers, hoping towards the dining room.

"So tell me about this Yusei guy." Suzuki whispers, grinning.

"Okay, so a couple months ago Luka and I found him passed out on the ground, and ever since he's been living with us."

"Wow. I can't believe that the new King is living with you." Suzuki gasped, with disbelief.

"Ssshh, he's coming." Luna whispered, as Yusei walked in from the balcony.

"Hi, Luna, Luna's friend." Yusei greeted, heading to the dining room.

"Come on girl, I'm hungry." Suzuki said, playfully.

As everyone gathered at the dinner table, it was pretty quiet until Luka broke the silence with a belch.

"Okay, that is so gross." Luna commented, shaking her head.

"Boys will be boys, that's my motto." Yanagi replied, smirking.

"Sure." Luna mumurred, quietly.

"So, Yusei, what do you plan on doing as the new King?" Suzuki asked, out of interest.

"Nothing really. I don't really care much for that kind of life. I just rather be around my friends." Yusei answered, truthfully.

"That's some inspiring words." Suzuki told him, looking at Luna getting googly eyed over him.

"Aren't they?" Luna asked, out of nowhere.

"What?" Yusei questioned, as Luna quickly snapped out of her daydream.

"Oh, nothing." Luna told him, blushing.

"Nice one, genius." Suzuki whispered, getting Luna's dirty look.

On the other side of the city, a woman lives. In a small flat in a small town. People in her neighborhood are afraid of her. The children say that this woman's house is cursed and that if you look at it, you will be cursed by her spirit forever. In reality, this woman is a troubled eighteen year old, who doesn't know what to do with her life. She has another person take care of her instead of doing it herself. Her name is Akiza.

"Akiza.....," she remembers his voice. Strong, brave, courageous, and determined. She remembered that he would never give up in their last duel. His hard work and strategy paid off in the end.

I always wonder if I made a mistake in my life. Was is a mistake to join the Arcadia Movement? Was it a mistake that I met Divine? Is he just using me? Akiza thought, packing her suitcase. She wanted to leave, to escape. She had to.........there was no choice in the matter. She was going to leave the Arcadia Movement, she was going to leave her old life behind and start another, and most importantly, she was going to leave Divine.

"Akiza, where are you going?" Divine asked, cutting the lamp on.

"Nowhere." Akiza mumbled, quietly moving towards the door.

"I know you plan on leaving the Arcadia Movement. I just don't understand why. Those outsiders won't understand you like I do, they'll just cause you more pain in the end." Divine told her, getting up from the chair he was in.

"I'm sorry, Divine. I just don't see any point of being here anymore. This isn't how I want to live my life, in a closed shell. I want to be able to live on my own." Akiza explained, turning away from.

"Don't turn away from me!" Divine shouted, grabbing her wrist.

"Let go of me." Akiza whimpered, as he gripped her wrist harder.

"I won't let you leave." Divine told her, as she feel to her knees.

"I said, let go of me!" Akiza exclaimed, punching him in the face. After he feel backwards onto the floor, she quickly grabbed her suitcase and ran. Once she got to a place where she knew she was far from him, she noticed that she was downtown. Akiza decided to sit in a nearby diner, dragging her suitcase along with her.

"Can I get you something dear?" a waitress asked, cheerfully. Akiza didn't say anything.

"Are you okay, honey? Are you lost?" the waitress questioned, looking at Akiza in her eyes.

"No. I just don't.......," Akiza paused, she didn't want to tell the woman what happened. She wouldn't understand.

"Well, what's your name?" the waitress asked, sitting down across from her.

"Akiza." she said, shyly.

"Akiza, that's such a pretty name. I'm Kendra, it's nice to meet you." Kendra said, smiling, "Now, how about we get something in your stomach?"

"Thank you." Akiza replied, as Kendra left. Now she realized that Divine had been wrong about people who didn't have psychic abilities. He had been telling her since they met that people outside the movement were cruel and evil.

"Here. It's on the house." Kendra told her, putting a plate of bacon, eggs, waffles, and hashbrowns, "It always makes me feel better."

"Thank you, so much." Akiza thanked, picking up a fork. In a few seconds, Luna walked into the same diner with Suzuki.

"Oh, shit, isn't that the witch lady that was at the Duel Fortune Cup?" Suzuki asked, as her and Luna ducked behind one of the booths.

"Her name is Akiza, and yes, I guess she's the witch." Luna whispered, as her and Suzuki slowly walked towards the counter.

"Can I help you?" a woman asked, smiling.

"I'm here to pick up an order to go." Luna replied, as Suzuki was still staring at Akiza, eating, "Will you stop staring at her."

"I'm sorry, it's just that I remember her hair being a little shorter when she was at the Cup." Suzuki muttered, fixing her shirt.

"Maybe she decided to grow her hair out. Now let's go before she realizes that we're here." Luna whispered, grabbing her bag and leaving.

After taking a taxi back to the mansion, Luna and Suzuki walked, causing everyone's attention to turn to them.

"Sorry it took us so long. We saw that witch lady at the diner." Suzuki explained, not thinking.

"Suzuki." Luna whispered, rolling her eyes.

"You ran into Akiza?" Yusei asked, as Luna and Suzuki looked at each other.

"Well, not exactly. We just saw her eating and she happened to have a huge suitcase with her." Luna told him, putting the bag down.

"Luna, kitchen." Yusei said, sternly.

"Yusei, there's nothing to worry about. It's not like we went up to her and talked to her. I explained to Suzuki about what happened and everything's sorted out. We both agreed that we wouldn't associate with her because we knew how protective you are of us." Luna explained, sitting in a chair.

"Actually, I wanted to see her." Yusei murmurred, quietly.

Luna almost choked on her water, "Excuse me?"

"I wanted to see her." Yusei repeated.

"Why would you want to see her? She's evil remember?" Luna questioned, not understanding why her friend wanted to see one of their enemies.

"Luna, you and I both know that she's not evil." Yusei told her, leaning against the counter.

"Well, I understand that you were trying to help her in your last duel, but you may never know if she changed or not. I'm just saying you shouldn't grow too fond of her." Luna replied, just as stern.

"I think there's always room in someone's heart for another person. I think you're being a little too hard on her." Yusei said, getting some water from the sink.

"I'm being too rough? Oh, and she wasn't being too rough when her freaking plant monsters slammed you to the ground?" Luna asked, not noticing that she was starting to get snappy.

"That was then, this is now." Yusei mumbled, ending the conversation.

Meanwhile, Akiza walked around town for about an hour searching for a hotel. She finally found a hotel around Tops. As she walked into the main lobby, it was fully of huge chandelier's and other fancy furniture.

"Can I help you ma'am?" the receptionist asked, flipping through a magazine.

"Could I have a room for one night please?" Akiza asked, quietly.

"It's five hundred for one night." the receptionist said, not bothering to look up at Akiza.

"I'll take it." Akiza replied, handing the receptionist seven hundred dollars in cash, "Keep the change." The receptionist handed Akiza a key card with her room number on it.

Apparently I'm in room number 607, Akiza thought, approaching her room. As she walked in, everything was all cream colored and white. There was bed placed next to the window, with a small dresser in the corner.

I'm going to bed, Akiza thought, throwing her stuff in a corner and fell to the bed, I hope tomorrow will be better.

The next morning, Luna woke up to the sun shining through her window. She had been thinking about the whole Akiza discussion her and Yusei had the other day.

I don't get why he's so interested in seeing her again. There's a chance that she hasn't really changd that much from during the Duel Fortune Cup. He can't count on their duel actually changing her, Luna thought, brushing her hair.

"Whatcha thinkin' about?" Suzuki asked, sitting up from the guest bed across from Luna's.

"Nothing, something Yusei and I were talking about yesterday." Luna replied, tying a black ribbon around her hair, just above her bangs.

"It was about that witch lady wasn't it?" Suzuki asked, cutting the small lamp on near her guest bed.

"Somewhat. He said that he wanted to see her again." Luna explained, plainly.

"Didn't people around town say that she had strange powers?" Suzuki questioned, looking through her bag.

"Well, that's true but not entirely. I kind of feel bad that people call her a witch and things of that nature. She's like a lost puppy." Luna told her, making up her bed.

"That is weird how Yusei wants to see her again, after what happened between them at the Fortune Cup." Suzuki said, putting her hair up in a ponytail.

"It would just be so awkward is she just showed up at our front door." Luna replied, as they headed downstairs. Once Luna and Suzuki reached the stairs, the doorbell rang. All the two girls could do was stare at each other.

"I got it." Yusei said, answering the door. No one expected this next moment to happen at all. Akiza, like Luna and Suzuki had just previously discussed, showed up at their doorstep.

"Hi, Yusei." she said, quietly. Luna's jaw just dropped. There she was, standing with her suitcase. She stood almost the same height as Yusei. Her red hair had grown to a little past her shoulders, her bangs were cut a lot shorter. Instead of her usual trenchcoat outfit, she had on skinny jeans, a yellow short sleeve shirt, and black loafers.

You have got to be kidding me? Luna thought, as her and Suzuki exchanged the same glance. This situation was going to be a problem.

"Come in." Yusei muttered, as she followed him inside.

"Tell me this is not happening." Luna whispered, grabbing Suzuki's shoulders.

"What's going on?" Luka asked, waiting for his twin sister's reply.

"Look to your right." Luna mumbled, putting her hands over her eyes.

"AAAHHHHH! IT'S THE WITCH LADY! RUN!!!!" Luka screamed, running upstairs and slamming his bedroom door.

"What's his problem?" Yanagi asked, coming from the kitchen.

"Luna, are you okay?" Suzuki asked, looking at her friends' shocked expression.

"I think I'm going to be sick." Luna choked out, running to the bathroom.

"Luna!" Suzuki exclaimed, running after her.

While Yusei and Akiza were talking in the other room, Luna was in the downstairs bathroom, vomitting while Suzuki held her hair back.

"I can't believe that girl is here. My home is not a homeless shelter." Luna murmurred, continuing to throw up.

"Well, you can't really say that. You let Yusei and the others stay here." Suzuki pointed out, patiently. She did have a point. Technically, she had let Yusei and the others stay with her and Luka since the cup was over, but that was because they were nice people who had nowhere to go.

"That's because Yusei isn't evil. He's a good person, unlike that girl." Luna replied, as Suzuki handed her a toothbrush.

"Luna, maybe Yusei's right. Maybe she did change, and she's probably in need of help." Suzuki commented, sitting on the edge of the bath tub.

"Why can't she stay with that other dude who's running her entire life?" Luna asked, rolling her eyes.

"Maybe she's trying to get away from him. She probably learned that he wasn't really helping her in the end." Suzuki told her, shrugging her shoulders.

"I just don't trust her." Luna mumbled, quietly.

"I think you just don't trust her because Yusei's giving all his attention to her." Suzuki argued, raising an eyebrow.

"What? That's absurd!" Luna exclaimed, garggling mouthwash.

"We'll see over the next few days. Just give her a chance." Suzuki told her, as they left the bathroom.

"Fine, I'll give her 2 weeks, and that's it." Luna agreed, sighing.

Back in the living room, Yusei and Akiza were on the couch, talking about....well why she was there.

"Why are you here?" Yusei asked, kindly.

"I left Divine. I left the Arcadia Movement for good." Akiza replied, quietly fidgeting with her fingers, "But, I don't have anywhere to go. You were the only one I knew I could turn to. I don't have anywhere else to go."

As Yusei listened to what she was saying, he sort of felt bad for her. Yeah, when they met she had been a little mean, somewhat demented looking, and liked hurting others. To Yusei, it looked like she really had changed from the Fortune Cup.

"Well, you can stay here. If it's okay with Luna." he told her, smiling.

"I'm not sure. It seems like she doesn't like me too much, and neither does her brother." Akiza said, feeling uneasy about the situation.

"Yusei, conference." Luna said, interrupting their conversation. As she pulled him by his arm into the kitchen, Yusei had a bad feeling about what she was about to say, "Your not really thinking about this. Are you?"

"Well, Luna, look at her. She has no place to go, no family, nothing. She's no different from me, and you let me stay here." Yusei replied, looking at Akiza from over Luna's shoulder.

"Well, you're different. She's evil and your not." Luna muttered, turning around.

"Can you please stop calling her evil." Yusei pointed out, getting irritated.

"Fine. I just don't trust her, Yusei. After what she put you through at the Fortune Cup, I just don't trust having her around us." Luna said, crossing her arms.

"Just give her a chance, that's all I ask." Yusei told Luna, holding her shoulders, "Please?"

"Fine, but she better not pull anything funny. My parents are coming back next week and they don't know that she's staying here." Luna explained to him, sighing.

"Thank you, Luna." Yusei replied, giving Luna a hug.

So yeah, this chapter sucked butt, unfortunately. I promise the next chapter will be tons better. The next chapter is basically about how Luna lets Akiza stay with her and the others. Things between Akiza and the others are starting to go well, except not with Luna. Will Luna continue to distrust Akiza or will she begin to lighten up? R&R plz