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Transferring into Hell

Chapter 1 - Connection

"Sho, use the correct formula! 'A' squared plus 'B' squared equals 'C' squared." The teacher said, after looking at Sho's paper.

"But why does it have to be "a.b.c"? why can't it be "S.h.o"?" Sho said, completely serious. His teacher shook her head.

"it was multiple choice. all you had to do is circle an answer."

"Circle? That would ruin my image! I cross out things!" Sho said, leaning back in confidence.

"Well, the directions tell you to circle the correct choice. Don't do everything your way."

"It's my way, or the highway." Sho said grinning, until he looked at his teacher's face. She had snapped.

"Oh really. YOUR WAY HUH? WELL, I'VE PUT UP WITH YOUR WAY FOR THE LONGEST WHILE NOW, AND I FEEL THE HIGHWAY WOULD BE BETTER FOR MY BLOOD PRESSURE!" The teacher said, throwing the 1509 page textbook easily across the room.

Sho jumped up in shock, while the teacher ran out the private classroom screaming profanities. The principal walked in not long after, and sighed.

"Fuwa-kun, you haven't been here for long, yet you made 5 teachers give up on you, and the rest refuse to even put you in their classrooms."

"Then hire a new teacher," Sho said, like it was normal. The principal sighed and shook his head.

"We have to...expel you. I'm terribly sorry, but there is no reason for you to stay at this academy." The principal said.

"So where do I go?" Sho said, a getting bit angry.

"I am also in the dark on that matter, Fuwa-kun. I will contact that attractive manager of yours. Farewell, and remember not to step foot on this campus again or I will call the police." And with that, the principal smiled, walked away and left Sho in the classroom alone.

A month later, Sho was practicing in his dressing room, when Shouko slammed the door opened and hugged him.. and his guitar.

"Sho!! You finally passed a school entrance exam!" Shouko yelled, jumping in excitement.

"Really?" He said calmly. On the inside, he was jumping along with Shouko.

"Yes! you past with a 89%!! You start two weeks from now! February 19th!"

"Alright! I knew I was a genius!" Sho said, giving in to the growing excitement.


Ren had just came from work and was on the road. The drive was silent, until Yashiro started up a conversation.

"Nice job at work today."

"Thank you?" Ren said, deciding whether or not to accept the random compliment.

"This was a long ride." Yashiro said, trying to beat the silence.

"Yes it wa----" Ren's eyes widened, as he pulled the car to a Immediate holt. The car in front of him swerved to the right, revealing an old man on the ground covered in blood. When Ren looked up to see the car who did it, he realized the car disappeared. It was a hit and run. People ran up to check up on the man, while the busy or heartless people drove around the scene.

Ren was directly in front, and he had cars behind him, so he couldn't leave even if he wanted to.

"WE NEED SOMEONE WHO SPEAKS ENGLISH!" A lady yelled desperately. No one responded, so Ren reluctantly got out of his car to go help.

"I speak English. How can I help." He said to the lady. She smiled thankfully and pointed to the old man.

"He's so shocked by the hit, he went back to his native tongue! Please hear what he's saying! Quickly!" The lady managed to say, before she burst into tears of sympathy.

Ren sprinted to the man and kneeled next to him.

"H-Hello young man. Can I help you with something?" The old man said. Ren looked totally confused.

"No. YOU need the help! Just stick around, the ambulance will be here soon."

"Ah! So you know English well!---(cough) I.."

"Stop talking and don't move! You can increase the injury of an organ."

The ambulance came at that moment, and Ren was happy. He really didn't like being there, and wanted to go home. Unfortunately, it wasn't the end.

"I want the lad on board, or I'm not going in!" The man yelled. pointing to Ren. Everyone stared hard at Ren, using peer pressure to put him in the ambulance. He sighed and got in.

When they arrived at the hospital, They told Ren to go into the waiting room and ordered him to stay. After a couple of hours, they called him into the room.

"I need you to substitute for Mr. Hyuuda until he gets well." A man suddenly said to Ren. Ren's expression was enough to make the man explain more.

"Well, Mr. Hyuuda is a English teacher at my school, and he was supposed to start work two weeks from now, but it seem he can't even stand up. Unusually, no English teachers are available for recruiting. He requests for your to fill in, so I need you to substitute for him."

Ren had only three excuses that could pull him out of this mess, and he planned to use them.

"Well I'm only 20, I'm still old enough to be a student." Ren said, hoping it would work.

"It's okay. You are fluent in English, and your over 18, so your good enough to be a substitute."

Strike one.

"'But I'm a celebrity...." He said, pulling out another excuse.

"That's perfect! This is a school where celebrity or upcoming celebrity youngsters go in order to have a normal high school life.

Strike two.

"What are the odds!" Ren thought, getting irritated. He had one last chance.

"I have to go to work. I can't."

"I already contacted your agency. Your schedule has already been proposed to be fixed."

Strike three, game over.

Ren had enough of this madness. He just would have to speak his mind.

"No. I refuse to do this." Ren finally said walking away. The principal nodded.

"Okay. Nurse, pull the plug." The principal said sadly. Ren stopped and turned around.

"Stop! Wait! Why are you killing him?" Ren said, hurriedly.

"Because Mr. Hyuuda said that if you refused, he would have no reason to be alive because he's too old to get another job, and teaching is his life. So he told me to pull the plug."

"Okay! I will do it! Just don't kill him, and take me home."

"You start in two weeks! Tsuruga-sensei." The principal said, smiling. Ren wanted to rip the smile off the principal's face. They walked to the principal's car.


"Umm.....Ren?" Yashiro called. He was still in Ren's car, which was still in front of the crime scene at 4:00am.


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