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Transferring Into Hell

Chapter 11- Everybody hates Mina

Different emotions filled the classroom this morning in its highest intensity. Kyoko was more cheerful than usual, Ren was outright distraught, Sho came with a vendetta, and Mina had a plan.

"Today, we will be reading Moby Dick." Ren mustered out, covering his face with the book to disguise his sheer depression. Never did he expect that the happy faced Kyoko would cause him this much heartbreak. "Whoever can read, I don't care."

Kyoko was about to raise her hand when a note had flopped on her desk with a picture inside it.

"Listen bitch,

I knew that you were a slut, but two guys? With our teacher? AND they were grown men? Whatever you do in your private life I don't care, but I won't be letting you hurt Sho-kun. You let me catch you even talking to Sho and I will make sure everybody knows you're a fluzy."

Kyoko looked around to see who had sent it, but everybody was normal and no one looked up from their books. She shrugged and threw the note in the trash. She had nothing to worry about since Sho was completely dead to her.

Mina saw this and glared at her through her book. How dare she not take her seriously? 'Maybe a little bullying oughta show her.' She thought.

Sho took it upon himself to read. He wanted her to be forced to hear his voice. Just a reminder on how alive he really is.

Kyoko laid her head down and started to nap, so Sho decided to read louder and louder until he was practically screaming.

"SHO. LOWER YOUR VOICE. I CAN'T HARDLY HEAR MY OWN THOUGHTS!" Ren Yelled, throwing his book down.

"HELL NO OLD MAN, I'LL DO WHAT I WANT!" Sho said, smiling viciously. He knew this was his perfect chance to provoke Ren. He had to somehow get him fired so that he can't see Kyoko so much anymore. And Sho would have her all to himself to slowly get her back. His plan with Reino had only one objective: Get rid of Tsuruga Ren.

"Get out of my classroom." Ren said calmly.

Kyoko finally looks up and notices his puffy red eyes and the bags from the lack of sleep.

"Tsuruga-san, are you alright?" She asked.

"Quiet." Ren replied in the coldest way possible.

Sho and Kyoko were both shocked into silence.

The bell rings, and another day of class was ruined by these three's drama. Ren dismisses the class and sits with an almost unapproachable silence. Kyoko didn't leave, and Sho spyed on them through the window.

"Tsuruga-san are you okay? Are you eating well? Are you sick?" Kyoko asked with a faux cheerful-ness.

"Yes I'm fine, thank you for your concern Mogami-San." Ren said with a teacherly voice.

Kyoko dropped the act.

"You're lying. Did I do anything to you?" She said almost desperately.

Ren knew this was nothing for him to get upset about. It's not like she cheated on him, she is entitled to love whoever she pleases. But logic couldn't even stop his jealous rage.

"I want you to smile only for me." He said, not looking at her.

Before Kyoko could even reply, all the teachers in the building came into the classroom.

"Excuse me, Mogami-san. I have to start this teacher meeting." Ren said, smiling that brilliant smile.

Kyoko nodded and left the classroom. She was still so confused. What did he mean by that?


Sho saw that Kyoko was alone and was about to make his move, but he felt a tug on his shirt. It was Mina.

"Hello Fuwa-kun, how are you doing?" She asked sweetly, Sho removed himself from his grap and sucked his teeth.

"I'm busy." He said, looking at Kyoko walk away. Mina noticed.

"What's so good about her anyway? She's a two-timer." Mina said, 'accidently' throwing the picture of Kyoko, Ren and Reino on the floor. "Oopsie."

Sho saw the picture and got the best idea ever.

"Mina, you're a genius."


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