To start things off I would like to thank thunderbird for reviewing and giving his/her thoughts. And, yes it's the yu-gi-oh GX jaden in this story, and alexis will be in it, I mean what kind GX influence would be there if there was no jaden/alexis pairing… wink wink. And as for sora and tai yes. And, yes to it is after season 1 Digimon.

Now for some background info. Kari and jaden have been friends sense they woke up in the hospital. Sora and tai somehow got together a few weeks after the two pre-teens were released for the hospital. A couple of years after the defeat of malomyotismon, (In which everyone else got digimon partners and that whole twenty years later thing never happened) Tai, Izzy, Matt, and Sora got accepted to Duel Academy, where they meet up and befriended Atticus Rhodes and Zane Truesdale. Some time in said students' third year Tai Yagami and Atticus Rhodes disappeared. Sora broke down shortly after and dropped out, but still keeps in touch with everyone digidesten or not. A year after tai and atticus' disappearance, Hikari (Kari) Yagami signed up for Duel Academy along with her friends Ken Ichijouchi, Daisuke (Davis) Motomiya, Takeru (TK) Takashi, and Jaden Devlin to find out what happened to her brother and to see if they have what it takes for the Professional Dueling circuit. All five friends passed their tests, as did two other duelists they meet at the exams. Bastion Misawa and Syrus Tresdale were their names. While kari and jaden were dueling two figures above in the stands paid close attention to there duels, Zane Truesdale and Alexis Rhodes. Kari was ranked to obelisk blue, tk, bastion, and ken were signed to ra yellow, and davis, syrus, and jaden went to slifer red. Next all events that happened in the first season of Yugioh GX, with the exeptions of kari, tk, davis, ken, and no existence of chumley and chazz happened to where I start chapter 2


Now we are at Duel Academy's once a month promotion duels.

"Attention students! Attention!" said Crowler on the overhead speakers that were attached to his microphone. "To close the promotion duels we have a very special treat. Representing the senior class, duel academy's top student, Mr. Zane Truesdale!" continued crowler, as the raven-haired teen, donning his obelisk blue outfit, came out onto the dueling field. "And to represent the freshman class, our new transfer student from Romania, Prince Vladimir Alucard!" Crowler yelled.

Many if not all students gasped and whispered among themselves about having a royal prince attending the same school as them. Then the doors on the far side of the arena opened and out came the man of the hour. He had dirty blonde hair, a thin goatee on his face, and was wearing a floor length cloche-like cape, which completely hid what he was wearing underneath. Now most girls would say "he has the face of an angel and the body of a super model" but most girls weren't Kari Yagami nor where they Alexis Rhodes. Said girls were in the stands with their boy-crazed friends Jasmine and Mindy, and Kari's male 'just friend' TK, who was promoted to obelisk blue for wining his match.

Accompanying the prince were two boys and a girl, all looking to be about his own age of sixteen. The girl had black hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin. The two boys looked exactly like Fai and Kurogane from Tsubasa Chronicle. They and the girl stopped when their prince stopped at the edge of the duel field.

"So, you're Zane Truesdale. Or, would you prefer Hell Kaiser?" asked prince Vladimir. "Zane's just fine, your majesty." Said Zane as he bowed respectfully.

Meanwhile Kari, Tk, Alexis, Mindy, and Jasmine were watching, when two ra yellows, two obelisk blues, and three slifer reds students joined them. "What took you guys so long? You could of miss this duel." Asked tk when he noticed the new arrivals. "Well, we had to pry Syrus off of Jaden when he said he was staying in the red dorm." Said izzy, one of the obelisk blue students.

"Ya, well we're here now so let's watch the shows." Said tk's older brother Yamato (Matt) Ishida emphasizing the word "shows" when he noticed how close Tk and Kari were standing to each other. (A.N. the older kids still like to tease them.) Everyone other than jaden and davis got what matt was saying, Tk and Kari moved away from each other and both gave Matt dirty looks, tho Tk's face had a faint blush. "Ya, as much fun as poking into someone else's relationship is. We should probably watch the duel." Said Alexis.

Back with Vladimir and Zane.

Vladimir's hand snaked its way up to his cape's clasp and undid it, revealing the prince's true attire. Sturdy looking boots bearing metallic sliver crosses, black dress pants held up by a belt with a sliver skull buckle and two deck boxes, and a black sleeveless shirt. Every one noticed he was also wearing sliver crucifix earrings and a sliver crucifix around his neck. And of course a duel disk, tho it was different from the duel academy issue model.

"Shall we begin Zane?" asked the prince as he placed a deck he took out of one of the two deck boxes on his belt into the duel disk. Zane nodded and placed his own deck in his duel disk thus activating it. Vladimir's duel disk sprang to life like a normal duel disk, but looked completely different. When the monster card zones deployed they were slightly more away from the part attached to his arm than a normal duel disk, and a segment rotated from underneath the two-spaced monster card zone part, and stopped to where it was directly across from the card graveyard. And the card zones were in a completely straight formation. All in all the whole thing resembled a large cross being held onto Vladimir's arm by an metallic dome-like structure.

"Duel!" both duelists yelled before drawing their first five cards. "Nobility reigns Zane." Said Vladimir who then drew a sixth card. "I'll start us of with three face downs and end my turn." He finished. Zane drew his cyber dragon and smirked. "I play the spell card Double Summon and like the name suggests I gat to normal summon two times this turn. First up is my Cyber Phoenix (1200/1600) who I sacrifice to summon my Cyber Dragon. (2100/1600) Now Cyber Dragon attack him directly!" said Zane when his famous cybernetic serpent appeared. "Not so fast Zane! Your attack activates my trap card Mask of Weakness, which lowers one attacking monster's ATK by 500 points." Said Vladimir when blue energy accumulated in Cyber Dragon's mouth. (CD 2100~1600) The energy burst from Cyber Dragon's mouth and hit Vladimir [VLP: 4000~2400] who didn't so much as cringe. "By taking battle damage I get to activate both of my Attack And Receive trap cards, which inflict 700 points of damage to you plus an extra 300 for each copy in my grave yard." Said Vladimir as his last two face downs revealed themselves. [ZLP: 4000~2600] "I set two cards face down and end." Said Zane. (CD 1600~2100)

Vladimir drew his card and smirked when a plan came to his mind. "I play the spell Heavy Strom and destroy all spell and trap cards on the field!" he said as a fierce wind revealed Zane's facedowns as Attack Reflector Unit and Negate Attack. Then said cards shattered into data bits. "Next I summon Dark Crusader in attack mode." (DC 1600/200) a humanoid figure appeared on Vladimir's side of the field. It had a skull-like face, wore black armor, a red cape that matched its red hair, and carried a large sword. "Next I activate his special ability, by discard Dark monsters from my hand my crusader gains 400 ATK for each one. And I choice Archfiend of Gilford alone! (DC 1600~2000) Not only does Dark Crusader get more power, but also your Cyber Dragon lose points thanks to my archfiend being sent to the graveyard. (CD 2100~1600) Next I equip my monster with Megamorph, to boost his power even higher (DC 2000~3600) and I attack Cyber Dragon." He finished as his warrior leapt forward and slashed Zane's dragon right down the middle. [ZLP: 2600~200] (DC 3600~1200) "With that I end." Vladimir said calmly.

In the stands

"Wait, why did Vladimir's monster just lose a lot a points?" asked Syrus. "Because Megamorph's affect works with the monsters' original ATK." "When the card holder's LPs are lower than the opponents' it doubles the ATK." "But when your LPs are higher it halves the ATK." Said Bastion, Ken, and Izzy in that order. "Well what ever the case, this Vlad guy is betting Zane and it's only his second turn." Said Jaden, earning him a bop on the head from Kari and Alexis as well as a hysterical Syrus.

Zane drew his card and smirked again. "Since you're the one between us both to have a monster on the field, I get to special summon another Cyber Dragon." He said as he placed his second Cyber Dragon onto the field. "Next I summon Armored Cybern (AC 0/2000) now my cybern is a union monster that goes to a Cyber Dragon or a fusion monster that requires Cyber Dragon." Said Zane as his new monster attached itself to Cyber Dragon, making it look like a gold colored vest with cannon barrels on Cyber Dragon. "Now, when equipped with my cybern, I can once per turn lower my dragon's ATK by 1000 to destroy one face up monster my opponent has out, like your crusader." (CD 2100~1100) Zane stated before blasting Dark Crusader into data.

"Now, Cyber Dragon attack him directly!" Commanded Zane to lower the prince's life points. Cyber Dragon blasted Vladimir into a kneeling position. [VLP 2400~1300] (CD 1100~2100) Vladimir's attendants rushed to help him up. The Kurogane look alike ended up being the only one needed to help the prince get to his feet. Vladimir drew his card.

"I play Pot of Greed and draw two cards." He said then drew two cards. He gave a devilish smile as he began the last move of the duel. "It's time to end this. I play Monster Reborn to revive my fallen monster, Archfiend of Gillford in attack mode." (AG 2200/2500) He said as a gargoyle like creature came to the field. "Next I play Axe of Despair." Zane's eyes widened and the whole audience gasped at the mention of that equip spell card as Vladimir's monster gained 1000 ATK. (AG 2200~3200)

"I hope this doesn't hurt your ego too much Zane. Gilfer destroy his monster!" said Vladimir, pointing at Cyber Dragon, or what everyone was thinking he was pointing at. The archfiend used his new axe to slice Zane's monster in halve, and since Cyber Dragon was equipped with an union monster, it was Armored Cybern that was destroyed and was pointed at by Vladimir. But the outcome was the same either way. [ZLP: 600~0] Now Zane was the one to kneel as Cyber Dragon and Archfiend of Gilfer vanished. All the students stood shocked, Crowler basically mourned the fact one of his best students was defeated, and Chancellor Shepard nodded and spoke to professor Banner.

"Hm, impressive strategy you can tell he planed ahead." Said the chancellor. Banner nodded in response. "Indeed. I can see why he's one of Europe's top duelists, but I don't see any signs of him being evil." He said referring to the many rumors that circle around Prince Vladimir Alucard. "Well one duel won't show his full nature. We need to wait and be patient." Said Shepard earning a nod from Banner, a confirming meow from Banner's cat Pharaoh, and a verbal response from Seto Kiba over the videophone from which he viewed the entire duel. "You'd should see his other deck." He said.

"Whoa, someone tell me, did Zane just lose?" asked Davis when he and the others got over the shock of their friend losing. Said duelist let out a sign as he got to his feet. Then he noticed Vladimir was approaching him. "You all right Zane?" he asked Zane. "Yea, I'm fine. I hope we get to duel again." Zane replied. Vladimir smiled and held out his hand. "As do I." He said Zane also smiled and shook Vladimir's hand.

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