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Kari awoke from her slumber just as the sunlight peecked throught her and Alexis' window. "What was that dream about? Or was it a dream at all?" she puzzled. "What dream?" asked Alexis, waking up aswell. Kari then told her roommate all about her dream with Jaden in that strange town. "Oh my, that sounds realy weird. And these monsters came from the smoke?"Alexis questioned. "Yeah. And the scary thing is, when they were attacking I felt the same feeling when we watched Zane duel Vlad at the promoution duels a couple of days ago, and when he dueled Davis I felt it too." Kari confessed.

A few minunets later

Kari was just arriving at the docks where the Silver Dourm/Yacht was stationed. She was about to step forward when she heard. "Kari, wait up!" Kari turned around and saw Jaden running at her. Once Jaden caught up with her he knelled over with his hands on his knees, panting from all the running he did. "Sor...Sora called me and told me you were going to talk with Vlad about what he did to Davis yesterday. And I thought I might give you a hand." he explained once he caught his breath. Kari smiled warmly at Jaden. "Thanks Jaden. Now let's go and give Vlad a piece of our minds." she said before turning back to face the yacht. Just as the two teens made it to the top of the gangplank Sora and Zane came out the doors to greet them. "About time you two showed up." said Zane only to reseave an elbow to the ribs from Sora. "Come on guys. Vlad has a meetting with Mr. Pegasus aswell as his dad later, so he won't have a lot of time." explained Sora as the four of them walked into the yacht. "Wait, Pegasus is coming here?" went Jaden. "No, their meeting is a video confrence." answered Zane making Jaden sweat drop and blush from embaresment.

Kari and Jaden soon found themselves walking into a large room that most likely serves as the living area. On the couch watching the big screen tv was Sai and Yukko was seated in a massaging recliner. "Ah, here's our guests. Welcome to the Silver Dourms." said Yukko. Kari bowwed to Yukko, seeing as she was the teacher of this dourm, and jabbed Jaden in the side to make him bow aswell. "If your looking of Vlad, you better hurry. He's on his way to his office for the confrence." said Sai. "WHAT!" asked Kari, Jaden, and Sora. Sora then grabbed Kari and Jaden's hands and pulled them towards the com center. "I can't believe he would do this when I clearly told him Kari and Jaden would be here to talk to him." she grumbbled.

Vlad's office

Vlad kept a professionaly orgainized office space while also having some personal items in there, like the display case that held an althentic replica of the Jango Fett and Boba Fett costumes from the Star Wars movies, pictures of him with celeberities and other famious people his favorite being the autographed pic of him and Steve Irwin, and other things of that sort of thing. Vlad went to his desk and sat down in the chair as two screens came down from the celling, one wired to talk to Maximillion Pegasus and the other to Seto Kaiba. The faces of these two men came onto the their designated screens. "Oh, Vladimir-boy, It's so great to see your all settled in at Duel Academy. And I must say that was an impressive win you gainined yesterday. It made me fell as if I was watching a duel between Joey Wheeler and Kaiba-boy." said Pegasus. Kaiba grunted before telling his aadoppive son how felt. "It realy pains me to say it, but I agree with Pegasus on this one. You dueled with vidgar and demionstrated that you are the right man for the job we need you to do." Vlad felt a surge of pride at hearing his father's words and was about to speek when the doors to his office flung opean and Sora came in with Kari and Jaden. "Vlad, I told you, you will talk to my friends here and what do you do? You go off and say "I'll be in a video confresnce with my dad and Pegasus Sempai." But here you are doing nothing when you said you'd be talking to you stupid bosses!" exclaimed Sora. Then Kaiba and Pegasus' monitors turned around to face the three guests. Sora stood there stupidfied at unintenionaly telling Seto Kaiba he was stupid. Then pegasus noticed Kari standing there. "Well, if it isn't young Hikari Yagami. I haven't seen you since the contest." he said happily. "Oh, it's good to see you too, Mr. Pegasus." Kari said as she bowed politly at Pegasus, remebering the last time she saw him in person was when she had won a contest he had held years ago.

Vlad stood up and looked at Kari when Pegasus was talking to her. She seemed very farmiluar to Vlad but he couldn't quite put his finger on where he had seen her before. "What is this all about? As you can see, I am in the confressnce right now. So if you'll just make it quick." he said irutated. "We are here so you will apollogise to Davis for what you did to him yesterday." said Kari. Vlad just sighed. "Why I will apolgise, just as soon as he deserves it by proving he is worthy of being here at Duel Academy, which I higly dought will happen." was his replie. "Then you and I duel. I win, you have to apolagise to Davis, but if you win we'll drop this whole thing." proposed Jaden. Vlad just breathed in and said. "No." Kari, Jaden, and Sora stared at Vlad. "What do you mean no?" asked Sora. "If I did, then Davis wounldn't be the one to prove his worth, asumming if I lost." Vlad resoned. Jaden looked down to the floor in defeat. "But, I will apologise if Davis get's atleast a B- on next weeks tests." Vlad offered. "We have Tests next week?" exclaimed Jaden, not know that next week was the Post Promotuional Exams. Sora, Kari, and Vlad sweat dropped at Jaden's responice. "So, do we have a deal?" Vlad asked as he aprocced Kari with his hand out to her. Kari and Sora looked at Vlad's hand before looking back at his face. Kari smiled brightly. "Deal." she said and then raised her hand to shake Vlad's. But when their hands took hold of the other's both Kari and Vlad's eyes widened and they felt as if a thousand jolts of eletricsity went through their body's. Then the two teens screamed out as if in pain before both of them passed out and fell to the floor.