Special thanks:

Enacchi, who encouraged the idea when I first mentioned it to her and Beta-read the story for me. Major thanks! :)

Kiara-chan, who (completely unintentionally) gave me the idea for this fic by mentioning the 'Dirty Little Secret' music video. (Maybe some of you will understand the connection with camp....?)

And Aysa-Millana, who corrected the German titles for me (that are now correct) ;3 Thanks again!

Anyway, this is my first T-rated story that isn't a one-shot. So it's new for me, and it's a different style than what I'm used to :)

"Schmutziges kleines Geheimnis"

(Dirty Little Secret)

Chapter 1

"Wie gelähmt"


The air that morning was still cool and foggy as Matt sat in the seat of the bus, looking morosely out of the window. 'Summer Camp' had purely been his uncle's idea. Matt would rather have given up video games all summer than spend any time outdoors. Of course, his uncle had pushed him to make friends after moving to -not just a new town- but a new country. What luck Matt would have with that. Ever since his parents had died, and he'd come to live with his uncle, Matt had been forced to take part in all sorts of 'activities' that required social interaction – something he hated with a passion.

However, after a week of pointless arguing with his uncle about it, Matt had given up trying to convince him he didn't need any outdoor activity. Therefore, he was now on a bus preparing to spend two weeks in Hell. His uncle would pay for this. Dearly.

Just as Matt began to turn the other way in his seat, something caught his eye. A boy about his age was just getting out of the passenger side of a car, his golden blond hair spilling over his shoulders.

Now, there were plenty of boys Matt had already seen that represented the ideal German appearance. This boy, however, was perfect, in every aspect possible. His blond hair and blue eyes would have made Hitler jealous, Matt thought. The boy carried himself with a certain dignity, and Matt was instantly transfixed. Very few times did heat rise to his face as a form of affection, and at that moment, Matt could feel his face turn a deep hot pink.

His eyes automatically followed the boy, as he stepped on the bus, and said something to the driver. Even his voice was beautiful, Matt realized. He couldn't tear his eyes away from the other boy, as he turned and began to walk towards the back.

Matt wished more than anything that the boy would sit by him; how he would have liked to hear that silky voice, addressed to him. Was it his imagination, or had his heart started beating faster at just the thought?

To his disappointment, the boy took a seat in the back, by another boy.

As if it was an automatic reflex, Matt quickly assessed the other boy's features: brown eyes, black hair – something that might have been admired back in Matt's old school in Paris. He certainly didn't compare to the boy he was talking to.

Suddenly, the blond-headed boy looked up, his gaze immediately followed by the boy beside him. As soon as their eyes met, Matt quickly turned back around, realizing he'd been staring like a lost puppy. The other two boys were probably whispering about him now. He silently cursed himself, and sunk low in his eat. Hopefully the bus ride wouldn't be long.

When Matt stepped off the bus an hour later, he was immediately greeted by hot, sticky air. By now, the sun had risen, and it was about fifty degrees hotter. He gave a displeased sigh and trudged to the bus compartment, searching for his suitcase. When he finally found it, he was annoyed to discover that it was lodged in the very back, wedged tightly between two other bags.

Matt took the handle firmly in his hand and gave a tug. It didn't budge. "Shit," he muttered, pulling again. "Damn bag...."

After attempting the same thing for about five minutes, Matt braced a foot against the bus and pulled as hard as he could. When the bag still didn't move, Matt heard an amused laugh from behind him.

"Need some help?"

"Na?" Matt turned around and immediately felt the familiar heat rush back to his face.

"You looked like you were having a bit of trouble," the blond boy from earlier said. Speaking English, he had a beautiful German accent that made Matt's stomach do a funny lurch.

"Na...uh, yeah. Yeah, I uh... can't get my suitcase out."

"No problem." The other boy reached forward and grasped the handle, motioning for Matt to do that same. "On the count of three, okay?"



The both of them pulled as hard as they could, and the bag came out as though they were pulling at a pillow, nearly knocking Matt backwards.

"Thanks," Matt said, a little breathless.

"No problem," the blond boy said, giving a smile that nearly made Matt melt. "My name's Mello, by the way."

"Matt," he replied. He refrained from mentioning he could speak a little German; the boy's accent while speaking English was too cute.

"Hey, I uh – haven't seen you at school. Are you new?"

"Uh, yeah. Just moved," Matt answered.

"Cool... Uh, well – I guess I'll see you later, then," he said, pointing to the black-haired boy Matt had seen with him earlier.

"Right. Uh – see you." Matt gave a small wave and watched as Mello walked over to the other boy, and they headed to one of the cabins.

Matt forced himself to look away from the blond, and took a look at a crumpled up piece of paper he'd stuck in his pocket: he had Cabin 3.

He groaned as he realized it was nearly halfway across the camp, and slowly he began to trudge towards it.

Mello and the black-haired boy were already inside Cabin 3, when Matt arrived. He felt a funny flutter in his stomach when Mello smiled and waved when he saw him.

Setting his suitcase under the bed, Matt pulled his DS out of his pocket, and stretched out on the bed to play. Maybe if he got lucky, he would be able to stay in here most of the time.

The other boys – they totalled twelve, two to each bunk bed – were already paired up, laughing and talking. They all knew each other from school, Matt realized. He was the only outsider.

Mello and the other boy – whom Matt had already decided he didn't like – were sitting on the bottom of one of the beds, talking in rapid German. Occasionally, Matt would allow his eyes to wander over to them, watching Mello's lips carefully. They seemed to move perfectly when he spoke, the German words flowing flawlessly from his lips. Matt desperately wished he was a fluent speaker.

A few minutes later, one of the counselors came into the cabin, giving instructions, and the boys followed him out of the cabin, Matt going – rather reluctantly – behind.

Outside, everyone from camp was gathered around a cluster of tables. "Sign up for classes," the counselor instructed.

Classes? What is this, school? Matt thought bitterly.

He could see Mello and the black-headed boy together at one of the tables, bending over a piece of paper. Almost automatically, Matt went over to the same table and signed his name underneath Mello – which must have been a nickname, because the blond was listed as 'Mihael Keehl'. The name above him was 'Emil Keller'.

When Matt had signed his (real) name, he followed Mello and Emil to each table, signing his name right after theirs every time, not even looking at what he was signing up for.

That night, the bathroom in the cabin was crowded with people taking showers, or waiting to take a shower.

Matt – too tired to go to the trouble – lounged on his bed, playing his DS, while everyone else crowded the washroom.

A few minutes later, Matt's attention was grabbed again, as he saw Mello walk out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist. Immediately, Matt's face flushed as he imagined what was underneath. He quickly averted his gaze, not wanting Mello – or Emil, especially – to notice his interest in Mello's perfectly flawless body.

Why was he so overly curious about this boy, anyway? He didn't know anything about him, other than his name. I'm pathetic. Ever since Alex, I've just been miserable and looking for someone to replace him. Gods, I need a life...

By now, Mello was fully dressed, for which Matt was partly grateful. Shortly after, one of the counselors came into the room and ordered lights out.

Giving a sigh, Matt turned off his DS and slipped under the thin sheets on his bed. It would be a long night.

-End of Chapter 1-

Author's Notes:

Before I get too much into the story, I'd like to point out the names! :)

I was originally going to name Mello's friend 'Alex', but when I looked up names online I found the name 'Emil', which is German for 'rival' and thought it fit him much better... (perhaps the name-meaning will be clearer in other chapters?) Nonetheless, I changed it from Alex to Emil. Though I really liked the name Alex for him... So I just gave it to Matt's ex instead. (hehe...) 'Emil' can also be French (Émile), but since he's German it's spelled 'E-M-I-L'. But the French name is a variant and comes from the German 'Emil'. And jeez, I'm babbling....

Oh, and Mello has a German accent! I'm sorry for those that are annoyed by this, I just really like German accents and I think Mello would be so adorable with one! (or maybe that's just because I like listening the lead singer for 'Tokio Hotel' talk in English?) It's not noticeable, because I don't change the words to conform to the accent – but he does have one :)

The name is based off the song 'Dirty Little Secret' obviously. (← where I got the idea...)