my first fan fic so go easy on me. this does goes intristing in the next chapter i already have the second chapter so i hope you like it

"No one is looking at you no one is looking at you" a young brunette named Mikan Sakura told herself.

As she was running by she saw a plaque it said ALIC-



"Sleeping through class huh Mikan ... You know with that brain of yours you should pay attention"

Hotaru said emotionless.

"Gomenasai Hotaru what class do we have next?"

"Math which is Jinno Sensei"

"Wow my worst subject you know Hotaru I had a weird dream before you woke me up"

"Yeah what was it about"

"Everyone please get into your seats class has started"

"Today class we will be learning about solving equations involving decimals"

"Mikan Sakura please report to the headmaster office"

"Yes at least I get to skip class"

I dashed out of class ignoring stares I received. When I got to the headmasters office I knocked.

"Come in"

"Please sit down"

"As you know you have 2 alices, nullification and S.C.E. steal, copy and erase"

I nodded

"So you will attend Alice academy you will return in a few years."

"When will I leave?"

"In five days or so you will have time to say good bye but you shall not tell them why your leaving"