A/N: First part here based off of the end of DH, so forgive the copied dialogue, I didn't write it, it was Rowling.

Unified Theory

Prologue: Not This Time

"The true master of the Elder Wand was Draco Malfoy," Harry stared down Voldemort in the Great Hall.

"What does it matter?" Voldemort taunted his enemy. "You no longer have the phoenix core wand, we duel on skill alone, I can attend to Draco later…" he was interrupted by Harry.

"You're too late, I already took Draco's wand," he smiled at the piece of wood in his hand. "The question is, does the Elder Wand recognize I disarmed its master, because if it does, it means I am the true master of the Elder Wand," Harry locked eyes with Voldemort.

"Avada Kedavra!"


The who men shot their spells at each other, the spells whizzed by each other in midair, not connecting, but continuing on, both striking their targets square in the chest.

"No!" the cry came from the crowd as Harry fell to the ground and Voldemort's wand sailed through the air, clattering to the floor beside Harry.

"The Boy Who Lived, is no more!" Voldemort laughed maniacally, glaring at the crowd of gathered wizards. "Bow to your new master!" he glared at the crowd that was staring past him at Harry.

Harry's body jerked as he coughed, pulling himself to a knee. "That's interesting," he frowned, looking down at where the killing curse had burned away his shirt and robes, leaving a scar the size of a fist.

"Why won't you die!?" Voldemort shouted at him as Harry picked up the Elder Wand, getting fully to his feet.

"Cause I'm the hero Tom," Harry shook off his disbelief at being alive. "Believe me, I'm as surprised as you are about this," he shrugged. "Avada Kedavra!" Harry shouted, sending the familiar green spell at his enemy.

"Hey there Teddy," Harry smiled as he pulled the small boy into his arms. "You're getting bigger," Harry smiled as the boy giggled in his arms, changing his hair to match Harry's. "Oh, you like my hair?" Harry laughed at his godson.

"Are you sure you'll be okay Harry?" Andromeda Tonks asked, eyeing the refurbished Grimmauld Place carefully. "I don't want to be a burden on you or anything, but sometimes I just need a break from him," she smiled at her grandson in the young man's arms.

"We'll be fine Andy," Harry smiled, kissing the child on the head. "I don't go out much anymore, not since I broke up with Ginny," he spoke of his ex-girlfriend who he had broken up with again, a couple months after the defeat of Voldemort when she seemed obsessed with getting married and settling down. "This little guy won't cause me any trouble, will you?" he chuckled as Teddy grabbed him by the nose.

"You're not going to try to patch things up with her? Nymphadora and Remus always spoke like the two of you were meant for each other," the older witch sighed, headed to the door as Harry escorted her.

"She was obsessed with Harry the hero, not the real me," Harry grinned weakly. "I'm good as is Andy, don't worry, we'll be fine, now scoot," Harry laughed, pushing her out the door, closing it behind her. "Won't we Teddy?" Harry twirled around with the boy, both of them laughing.

Harry was feeding Teddy in the kitchen later that night when someone knocked at the door. Harry didn't bother getting up as he saw the house elf Kreacher going to answer the door. He didn't particularly like having the elf around, and was planning on moving out of the house eventually. It has been six months since the death of Voldemort, and Harry was growing depressed by the house. "What do you think Teddy, think I should find a new house?" he asked the boy who threw some of his dinner at Harry. "I'll take that as a yes," Harry smiled as he wiped the baby food from his glasses.

"Master, Arthur Weasley is here to see you," Kreacher bowed before backing away.

"Arthur, I really do not want to talk about Ginny any more, I've had everyone from Bill and Fleur to Ron and Hermione here talking to me about her," Harry sighed, cleaning his glasses on his shirt, watching the blur of Mr. Weasley move into the room. "Arthur…?" Harry frowned as he placed his glasses back over his eyes, noticing a pale look on the man.

"There's been an accident Harry, Andromeda was driving back to her home and…" Harry zoned out as Arthur explained things to him, concentrating everything on keeping back the tears as he fed his godson.

"And may I present, newly elected Minister of Magic, Lucius Malfoy!" the crowd clapped in the crowded lobby of the Ministry.

"Thank you, thank you," the man beamed at the crowd. "I am honored to be elected to this position and will endeavor to do everything in my power that dangerous half breeds will never endanger our society again," Lucius began to rant about Voldemort's history as a half blood, and the danger of werewolves, vampires, giants, and the like.

"Sonorus!" a voice came over the crowd. The crowd turned away from the Minister to look at the voice. "One year since Voldemort was defeated, one year and you lot have the intelligence to do this," Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived addressed the crowd. "He was one of strongest of Voldemort's supporters and you fools let him play on your fears of another wizarding war to get him elected," Harry glared at the crowd.

"Mr. Potter, stop this disturbance immediately," Lucius responded from across the lobby.

"Sorry, I don't take orders from Death Eaters," Harry spat on the ground and pushed his way towards the exit. "Mark my words, you will all regret this, and I won't be back to save you again," he directed at the crowd before Apparating away loudly.

"Padfoot, tell Teddy to get finish getting ready please," Harry said out loud as he finished putting the finishing touches on his expensive suit.

"Coming!" he heard the boy yell from his room.

Chuckling to himself, Harry made sure he had the Elder Wand holstered as the glowing blue ghost of Sirius Black stuck his head down through the ceiling. "He playing with his hair again Pads?" Harry asked, brushing some lint from his shoulder.

"For some reason he wanted to look like you, no accounting for taste, kids these days," Sirius laughed as he floated down to stand beside Harry, inspecting the suit. "Not bad, I'll make you a chick magnet yet," he whistled.

"Thanks Sirius," Harry laughed, running his hand over his trim goatee and mustache, having given up on taming his hair long ago.

"You sure you're ready to do this Harry? There's no backing out if we do this," Sirius examined the man before him.

"Yeah, I am Sirius," Harry smiled genuinely. "There you are Teddy," Harry smiled as the boy ran into the room, his hair matching Harry's, sans the goatee. "Nice hair," Harry commented, messing up the boy's hair.

"Don't Harry!" the boy slapped his hand away. "I worked hard to get it right," Teddy pouted as the hair moved back how he had it on its own accord.

"You'll do fine Teddy," Harry smiled at his godson, dressed in a suit like Harry's. "Well then Marauders, ready to prank the world?" Harry smiled as he activated the portkey, transporting the boy, man, and ghost out of the house.