Unified Theory

Chapter 15: Burn Out

"Draco, you can have me, just let Teddy go," Harry held out his hands and walked slowly toward the blonde. He watched the mercenaries backing up Draco carefully, a few had wands and he thought he recognized them as Slytherins, but eight of them had machine guns, rocket launchers, and other Muggle weapons. "Gryffindor is on the way, just let Teddy go, please," he glared at Draco.

"I think I'll wait," Draco snorted. "The only thing keeping you from attacking me right now is the boy," he smirked and pressed the wand tip against Teddy's throat. "That is, if you could attack me," Draco taunted. "Seems you are bit under the weather, eh Potter?" Draco sneered. "Ah, there he is," Draco watched as Gryffindor landed next to Harry.

"Let the boy go," Gryffindor's metallic voice spoke.

"Ah, and let you open fire on us, brilliant idea," Draco shook his head. "You know, I think I owe Goyle some money," Draco looked at Gryffindor. "I figured it was you in the suit Potter," Draco frowned. "I figured the rest of the time you were creating illusions of yourself when both of you needed to be in the same places," Draco shrugged.

"Seems overly complex don't you think," Gryffindor flexed his hands, wanting to strangle Draco.

"This is Potter here, he's all about complex little plans," Draco sneered. "Now Gryffindor, off with the suit, or the kid dies," he ordered.

"I want a wizard's oath that you will let him go," Gryffindor crossed his arms over his chest.

"Fine, I swear on my life and magic that once you take that suit off, I will let the boy go," Draco grinned as the oath took effect. "Now off with it," he ordered and watched the suit carefully as Gryffindor raised his head and retracted the faceplate, showing the glowing blue ghost underneath. "Black?" Draco spat as the suit began to fall to the ground as the automatic releases engaged, leaving Sirius' ghost standing there in a pile of metal.

"Yeah, me," Sirius glared at his nephew. "Let Teddy go," he ordered.

"Fine," Draco shrugged and pushed Teddy toward Harry.

Harry grabbed Teddy in a hug, never taking his eyes off Draco. "Get to the castle, get the Aurors," he told Teddy.

"I'm not leaving you alone with them Harry," Teddy shook his head.

"Teddy," Harry looked into the boy's eyes. "Go get the Aurors, please," he commanded as a slight glow enveloped Teddy. "I'm sorry Teddy," he patted the boy on the back as he ran off toward the school.

"Compulsion charm Potter?" Draco smirked as Harry glared at him.

"He would have wanted to do something stupid like stay here and help me, stupid Gryffindor bravery and all," Harry taunted Draco. "What is it you want Malfoy?" Harry stalled for time.

"I want my world back, the one you took away, bringing us and the Muggles together," Draco glared at him. "The only way to do that is to make them fear us again," he rambled. "We're superior to them Potter, it's time they are reminded," he grinned. "I'm starting a war Harry, Muggle weapons attacking wizards, and AKing any Muggle I see," he continued. "All out war until both sides have no choice but to go back to the way it was before you ruined everything," he explained.

"You're out of your mind Draco," Harry shook his head. "The genie is out of the bottle, you can't out it back in, people won't let you," he frowned. "Give this up Draco, it's not going to end well," he tried to reason.

"That a threat Potter?" Draco laughed, reminding Harry of Bellatrix. "You're a bit out-numbered here Potter, Black is out of the suit, what can you do?" Draco laughed.

"I can stop you," Harry said calmly.

Draco stopped his laughing and narrowed his eyes at Harry. "One thing I learned from the Dark Lord and my father, is to take out threats quickly and not toy with them," Draco pulled out his wand and pointed it at Harry. "Reducto!" he fired the curse at Harry's head, laughing as the body crumpled to the ground. "See, I learned, don't bother with the AK on you, sometimes a messy death is the way to go," Draco taunted.

His face grew pale and his laughter stopped as Harry's body got up from the ground. "What the…" he stammered and shuffled a few steps back. "Black!" he growled when he spotted where the spell had hit 'Potter' in the head, now an area of jagged metal, revealing the telltale glow of a ghost underneath it. "Potter!" he whirled to where Sirius' ghost was standing calmly by the armor.

"Got it in one," the ghost spoke in Harry's voice and flickered, revealing Harry under the hologram. "Accio!" he shouted at the pile of metal and was encased in the Gryffindor suit a second later. "Never underestimate sleight of hand Draco," Harry glared at his foe as the faceplate slid down.

"Kill him!" Draco ordered the mercenaries as he started firing curses at Harry. "Avada Kedavra!" he blasted Harry back with the green light and ducked back behind his mercenaries to regroup.

"Gimme some numbers here Sirius," Harry ordered as he felt the shields weakening from the curses and bullets hitting it.

"Working on it," Sirius replied, having abandoned the 'Harry suit' a moment ago and transported himself to the Godric's Hollow to monitor Harry's systems. "Not good kid," he frowned as Harry fired back with a stunner, taking down one of the mercenaries. "Power levels are bad, you maybe have fifteen minutes, unless you can talk Malfoy into letting you get the backup power cells out of the Harry suit," Sirius frowned. "Burning spells is going to deplete that power even faster, you need to dodge and hold them off until the Aurors arrive," Sirius explained.

"So the Aurors can come and get in a fight with the Muggle mercenaries and help kick start Malfoy's war," Harry frowned inside the suit and shot another stunner, catching one of the wizards in the face. "I can't let him get away this time Sirius," Harry said darkly.

"Aurors will be there in five minutes Harry, just keep their attention," Sirius informed Harry as he was scanning the magical communication channels.

Harry grunted as he took a hit from a small rocket, stumbling to the ground for a moment before the attackers doubled their fire on him. "I got an idea Sirius, just do me a favor," Harry asked as he flew out of the way of another rocket and blasted at the ground by the feet of the mercenaries, trying to locate Draco.

"Whatever you want Harry, just don't go doing something stupid out there," Sirius replied nervously.

"Sorry Pads, stupid is my middle name, sorry about all this," Harry joked. "Code: Green, transfer all suit controls to onboard systems," he spoke into the helmet as Sirius shouted but was cut off. "There we go, much better now," he looked over the power levels as they came up on the sides of his field of vision. "Sorry Pads, you would have tried to stop me," he transmitted back to base. "Divert all power from communications, long range sensors, shields, inertial dampening, and the AK field to blasters and flight engines," he ordered as the computer carried out his commands and he saw the power levels adjust. "It'll have to do," he shrugged and turned his flight path back to the attackers.


Teddy and Victoire ran into the castle in their faster wolf forms, trying to find anyone. They were met halfway to the hospital wing by McGonagall and the others who were reacting to something tripping the wards a minute before. "Malfoy's attacking Harry and Gryffindor!" Teddy explained as he changed back to human and kept running with the frantic group.

"Teddy, look!" Victoire shouted and pointed out the window. The group gathered around the windows, taking a look as Gryffindor dodged attacks and fired back when given the chance. "Is that Harry?" she pointed at the still form on the ground.

"No, it's our Harry suit," Sirius frowned as he reappeared in the castle. "Malfoy tripped the wards I put up, so we played the old switcheroo to buy some time," Sirius explained as he saw Harry turn in his flight pattern and start dive-bombing the attackers.

"Harry suit?" Hermione asked as she watched Gryffindor pick up two of the Muggle mercenaries and hurl them into the lake, taking several direct hits from spells. "It's a suit within a suit…" she realized suddenly. "You idiots double layered shrinking charms to put Harry and his AK suit into the Gryffindor suit and have been using your hard light projections to keep it secret," she pointed angrily at Sirius.

"Don't lecture the dead Hermione, we don't take kindly," Sirius shouted back. "Harry locked me out of the controls on the suits, his power levels are near nothing and the only damn thing that can explain how he is still flying out there is that he cut the power to his life support to try to take out Malfoy and the others!" Sirius glared at her and looked out the window to see another pair of the mercenaries go down from stunners by Harry, leaving a pair of wizards and three Muggles left that he could see.

"He's going to die out there…" Teddy realized as he broke through the last of the charm that was placed on him earlier.


"Avada Kedavra!" Malfoy shouted, scoring a hit that sent Harry hurtling to the ground loudly. "Grenades!" he ordered the Muggles who threw the objects at the downed flier. There was a series of loud explosions and silence as the dust cleared. "Are you dead yet Potter?" Malfoy shouted into the wreckage.

"Stupefy!" the other wizard turned and blasted one of the Muggles to the ground before being bound by Malfoy.

"Imperius curse Potter? You'll have to do better than that!" Malfoy taunted. Suddenly Harry flew out of the dust like a cannonball grabbing the two remaining Muggles and disappearing into the forest before a loud explosion and fireball erupted.

"That good enough?" Harry replied as the dust finally settled as Malfoy spun back around to face him.

"No suit any more Potter," Draco sneered.

"It was out of power anyway," Harry shrugged and pulled his wand from his pocket.

"You're going to duel me Potter?" Malfoy laughed at him. "You can't even cast a spell I bet," he watched as Harry coughed violently, spewing blood onto the grass. "Give me your best shot Potter," he spread his arms out to make himself a bigger target.

"Do you have any idea how annoying it is to be the smartest person you know?" Harry mused as he looked at his wand. "I mean, having to explain how to make spell generators to Muggles, how to DNA and genetics work to wizards, and dealing with all the misconceptions from both sides, it's bloody annoying," Harry ran his hand over his wand, feeling the cool wood.

"That and always have to explain my crazier ideas to blank stares, it's a pain in the ass," he joked, looking up at Malfoy. "You know, since the war ended, and the AKs Riddle hit me with were eating me away, I've had a theory, but never really had the chance to put it into effect," he continued.

"You are boring me Potter, time to die," Draco raised his wand and prepared to cast a spell.

"Just humor me a little longer Malfoy," Harry eyed the other wizard. "I've felt the AKs eating away at me, eating away at my magic all these years. We tried getting rid of it every way we could, finally had to contain it with an energy field," he licked his lips. "The curse feeds on a person's magic, that's why I never could bring myself to try this before," he stared back at Malfoy.

"Try what?" Malfoy frowned.

"Giving it someone else to feed on, Avada Kedavra!" he raised his wand and shot the green light at the surprised Malfoy, before collapsing himself.


He opened his eyes to glaring whiteness for the second time in recent memory. "Remind me never to do that again," he moaned as he tried to gather his senses.

"Harry!" Teddy gripped him in a tight hug. "You're okay," he said quietly as he hugged his godfather.

"What happened?" Harry asked as he patted Teddy on the back.

"Was hoping you could tell us," Sirius asked. "You were half dead when we found you."

Harry blinked away the light, finally recognizing he was back in his room at Godric's Hollow. "Malfoy?" he asked as Teddy gave him some water to drink.

"He was all dead, now spill it," Sirius ordered.

"Well, I ditched the suit and programmed it to take out the last of the mercenaries before its power core went critical," Harry began. "Then it was just me and Malfoy and all I had was my wand," Harry noticed it laying on his nightstand. "I went back to one of our first ideas on how to fix it, cast the spell myself, give the power an outlet, give it another source of magic to feed on," he lowered his eyes. "First time I've ever cast that spell on a person, you know," he frowned.

"The Ministry recovered the mercenaries, Malfoy was the only one that died," Sirius confirmed. "We ran some scans on you when we got you back in the school and when we got you back here," Sirius explained.

"And?" Harry stretched his sore muscles.

"Besides the magical exhaustion that has kept you out of it for a week, you're fine," Sirius smiled.

Harry nodded and relaxed under the covers. "So when can I get back to work?" he joked.

"Well, you need to talk to your bosses," Sirius chuckled. "You did give the company away to Teddy, Gabrielle, and the others over Christmas," Sirius smirked. "That and the Minister is dying to have words with you after everything she saw at Hogwarts. Not to mention Gabrielle is going to do unspeakable things to you once we tell her you are awake," he added.

"Welcome back Harry," Teddy laughed at his godfather.

"Remind me to stay dead next time," Harry shook his head at Teddy. "And don't get too used to being my boss, read the papers I gave you for Christmas," he smirked at Teddy. "You lot don't own it until I'm pushing up daisies," he chuckled when he realized Teddy didn't know that.

"Plan for every eventuality, right Harry?" Sirius asked.

"Pays to be the smartest one in the room," Harry smirked at Sirius before going white. "Don't you dare," he struggled to get up from the bed to stop the ghost.

"You know I have to," Sirius laughed as he disappeared into the walls to send immediate word to Hermione and Gabrielle that he was awake.

"I am going to kill him," Harry collapsed back to the bed with the beginnings of a headache.

"Be nice Harry, otherwise I might dock your pay," Teddy laughed.

"You don't own the bloody company yet," Harry frowned and grabbed his wand. "Now help me get out of here before Pads talks to Hermione and Gabrielle," he pushed back his sheets and got up. "As much as I love near death experiences, I think I have had enough, so avoiding those two seems like the best plan," he laughed and grabbed some clothes before disapparating with Teddy.

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