Project Super Soldier

Prologue: Surrender

Cornelius Fudge led his contingent of Aurors that served as his personal guard up on the stage that had been erected in Diagon Alley. Each 'Auror' had a shackled wizard before them, forcing their helpless captives to the front of the stage, knocking them to their knees. "If I may your attention!" he spoke into the magically amplified microphone to the large crowd gathered. "It gives me great pleasure to announce that I have negotiated a peace with Lord Voldemort, the new ruler of magical Britain," Fudge stood back and clapped as the man in question arrived via portkey on the stage.

"Bow to me," the pale man glared at Fudge from behind his snake-like eyes. "That is better," he pushed past Fudge's prone body to the podium to address the crowd of wizards and witches. "Wizards and witches of Britain, you should consider yourselves lucky," his long forked tongue slid out over his lips. "You have defied me for years now, forcing me to take Europe before I came back to you," he waved his wand at the crowd.

"My armies are on your doorstep, and yet you refused to surrender," glared at the crowd. "You would all be destroyed if not for your Minister accepting my demands," he hissed at the crowd. "I spared your lives, but I wanted those who have defied me, I wanted the Order of the Phoenix," he left the podium and walked to the first of the six hooded prisoners.

He nodded at the first of Fudge's guards for the man to remove the first hood. He smiled as he saw the face of his old professor. "Dumbledore, how nice to see you again," he hissed at the old man.

He moved on down the line, taking each face in stride. "Black, Lupin, Shacklebolt, McGonagall," he listed their names before coming to the last, frowning. "Pull the hood," he hissed at the last of the guards, which were nothing more than Death Eaters that had stayed in England during the war to subvert the Ministry. The hood removed, he did not like what he saw. "This is a Weasley," he swung his head to glare at Fudge. "This is not what we agreed upon!" he pointed his wand at the Minister.

"My Lord, we could not find Moody, he disappeared before we grabbed these ones," Lucius Malfoy bowed to his master, having been the closest of the six 'Aurors'.

"Prepare to execute the prisoners," Voldemort watched the crowd carefully. "Bow to me now, or you will be joining them up here," the threatened the crowd, smiling as the gathered witches and wizards dropped to the ground in fear. He frowned as he noticed a small cluster of people standing about fifteen feet from the prisoners and another man standing alone ten feet in front of him. "Looks like some of you want to be heroes," Voldemort hissed as the rest of his guards came forward, herding the prisoners to the back of the stage.

"I figured with all the trouble you went through to try to catch me, I owed you an appearance at least," Mad Eye Moody growled, throwing back his hood. The others joined suit, revealing Nymphadora Tonks, Fred and George Weasley, Neville Longbottom, and Lee Jordan.

"I was wondering where the remains of the Order were," Voldemort laughed. "You think you can stop me, with just the six of you," he hissed at them.

"Seven, there are seven of us" the man who stood apart spoke in a deep voice.

"It makes no matter how many of you there are, your war is over, surrender and I may spare your lives," Voldemort hissed at the man, noticing he was tall, maybe six and a half feet tall, and wearing a heavy robe over him that covered all of his body.

"So long as people have the will to fight, the war goes on," the man said calmly. "Stand down Alastor, no one has to die today," the man waved at the old Auror, flashing a hand covered in a red glove.

"Took you bloody well long enough," Moody swore at the man, breaking out in a grin. "Defensive positions, he'll take care of those Death Eaters," Moody ordered the confused young wizards and witches. "Trust me, do as I say," he silenced them with the harshness of his voice.

"I don't know what game you are playing at, Mr. Hero," Voldemort sneered. "But if you want to make yourself an example, who are we to deny you?" he smirked evilly. "Lucius, burn him until there is nothing left," he ordered as the blonde Death Eater stepped forward from the ranks.

"As you wish my Lord," Lucius bowed deeply before targeting the man. "Incendio!" he shouted, sending a burst of fire at the man, keeping his concentration as the man crumpled to the ground in a ball and the fire burned through bits and pieces of the robes slowly. "My Lord, the flames are not working," Lucius frowned. He ended the spell disgustedly a moment before the man got to his feet, throwing the burning robes toward Voldemort and throwing something that ripped the air apart with a whirring sound. "What?" Lucius stammered, taken aback by the red boots and gloves, blue body suit, stars and stripes all over, complete with a mask with wings on the side of the head and a white A.

"You dare!" Voldemort batted the flaming robe away angrily, before getting a look at the man. "No!" he screamed, bringing his wand to bear on the calm man standing there. "Avada Kedavra!" he shouted. The spell jumped toward the man, who reached his arm out, catching a circular shield as it flew by him in the air before bracing himself as the shield took the blast of the spell.

"Yeah, I dare," he spun and threw the shield straight at the Dark Lord.

Voldemort's eyes grew wide as he saw the shield coming, unable to get away in time, watching as the razor sharp edge cut through his hand, severing his fingers, causing him to drop his wand. "Portkeys!" he shrieked in pain, disappearing along with Malfoy and half of the Death Eater guards. The other half were knocked out on the ground, the shield having made its rounds before he caught it to block the killing curse.

"Bind those Death Eaters, get a move on it, give their wands to our prisoners," Moody barked at the five younger order members as they scrambled onto the stage to help their friends. "It's about damn time, if you had taken any longer it would have been too late," Moody glared at the man before they hugged each other roughly. "Good to see you again Steve," he looked up at his friend.

"You too Alastor," he smiled as Fudge stormed down off the stage at them.

"Are you out of your bloody mind Moody! The war is lost, I'm trying to save our damn lives," he screamed at the old Auror before the other man swung his arm with the shield on it, cracking Fudge in the face.

"Someone go ahead and bind this traitorous piece of shit," he looked down at the unconscious Minister. "How many men do you have Moody?" he asked as he walked to the stage and climbed up before giving Moody a hand.

"Got those five with me, and another ten or so that were planning on covering our escape," Moody grunted as he was pulled up. "Get those six some wands from the ones we captured and puts us around twenty-three fighters," Moody watched as the taller man's face frowned.

"Not enough men," he muttered softly. "How were you planning on escaping, you had to know that you would be outnumbered here," he questioned as he motioned Dumbledore to come over to him.

"Those Weasley twins have some interesting products, we were planning a grab and snatch," Moody frowned.

"That's the best you could come up with?" he rolled his eyes at Moody.

"To be fair Cap, we're a bloody guerrilla war here, it's not the same as back then," Moody stomped his peg leg.

"No, it's not," he patted Moody on the shoulder. "I need you two to go get the old wards back up," he handed Dumbledore a silver medallion.

"Ah, I had wondered when I would get this back," Dumbledore smiled at the man before him.

"How the hell do you expect us to get the wards back up?" Moody glared at him.

"Show the Queen the medallion, she will recognize it, tell her I have returned," he ordered them. "Hurry, before they can call for reinforcements," he ordered the two of them.

"You, come here," he pointed at the pink haired Auror. "What's your name?"

"Tonks, yours?" she questioned him.

"They can call me Cap, or Captain," he replied, looking over the milling crowd. "Call in your evac team, I'm going to need all the fighters we can get," he ordered her as Moody and Dumbledore Apparated away.

He ignored the murmuring of the crowd as Ron and the twins bound Minister Fudge and drug him to the back of the stage, making his own way to the microphone. "People of England, for too long we have been under siege by the Dark Lord Voldemort," he ignored the people that cringed. "The war has come to our doorstep, there are two options we are left with now," he looked over the crowd. "The first option is to go home, cower in your houses, pray that he does not come to kill you," he frowned at them.

"The other option is to fight, to drive them from our shores, never let their darkness touch our soil again, take back everything they've took from us, make they pay for what they have done!" he slammed his fist on the podium, the wood cracking a bit under it. "Run and hide, or avenge your losses, hide and die, or fight and die," he said emphatically into the microphone. "I plan on fighting, anyone else who will fight, come with me," he walked away from the podium, smiling as he felt parts of the crowd follow him.