Project Super Soldier

The French Resistance

"I'm telling you, we lost contact with them three years ago, they might be dead," Charlie Weasley said as he followed a cloaked figure down a dirt road in the moonlight.

"They're alive, your mother's clock is never wrong," Steve replied from under his hood. "It should be up here on the right," he said as he kept walking with the Weasley.

"I can't believe we're here…oh my…" Charlie stopped complaining as the house came into view. "Bill…" he frowned as he took in the wreckage of his brother and sister in law's house.

"Easy Charlie," Steve calmed him down as a large black dog came out of the woods. "Anything Sirius?" he asked as Sirius transformed back.

"It's weird Cap," Sirius shook his head, still not used to the change in his godson. "There's nothing there, the place has been gutted by fire and hasn't been lived in for years," he stared at the building.

"But?" Steve rubbed his chin in thought.

"It's deserted, very deserted, there should be animals or something," Sirius sniffed the air. "And I swear, I smelled people when I was running around in there, but there's no tracks," he frowned.

"Hmm…" Steve grunted and walked toward the wreckage with the two older men following. His team had arrived in France a week ago, shipped as freight for a Muggle construction company and had spent the week reaching the remains of the Bill's home without using magic, so as not to set off any magic detectors.

"We're not even sure there is a resistance left, we stopped getting information from them after we lost contact with Bill and Fleur," Charlie followed Steve into the house.

"This is France, there's always a French Resistance," Sirius joked as he poked around a pile of rubble.

"Goblins," Steve said suddenly, causing the two others to look at him oddly. "Your brother worked for Gringott's," he added.

"Voldemort got rid of all the goblins in the areas he took over, they refused to bow to him and he refused to allow them to handle the money," Sirius shook his head.

"We talked to the ones left in London, they lost all contact with their brothers, Voldemort killed them all or sent them packing," Charlie shrugged. "There's nothing here," he said angrily after they continued to search for a few minutes. "This is a waste of time," he glared at Steve.

"Oh, there's something here all right," Steve cocked his head like he heard something. "Bill worked with goblins, I'm sure he learned a few tricks from them," he mused as he examined a dark spot on the wall. "Where do goblins put valuable things?" he smirked at Sirius and Charlie.

"In vaults," Sirius shrugged.

"You've got to be kidding me," Charlie looked down at the floor.

"No," Steve shook his head. "This place is unnaturally dirty and abandoned, there is a ward of some kind up to keep people away," he explained. "Unless I am mistaken, this is a monitoring charm, so they are listening to us right now," he waved his wand at the wall, revealing a glowing symbol. "So we just wait here for a while until they show up," he poked at the wall. "We start digging in five minutes," he said loudly.

"That will not be necessary," a voice with a thick French accent spoke as part of the wall slid to the side. "Who are you?" he asked as he eyed the obvious Weasley, Sirius Black, and the man covered in a cloak.

"Cap…" Sirius frowned when more sections of wall and flooring slid away and they found themselves surrounded by a dozen wands.

"Take it easy Sirius," Steve calmed him. "We've been sent by the Queen of England, Fudge has been removed and Dumbledore is in charge," he explained as some of them whispered in French. "It's not a trick," he added as he listened in to some of the wizards. "We're here to assist you in taking back your country, establishing a beachhead to go after Voldemort," Steve said calmly.

"So you Brits finally pull your heads out of your asses and just expect us to do what you say?" a wizard said angrily. "It's a trick," he spat at Steve.

"I assure you, it is not a trick, we are here to fix this," Steve glared at the man.

"Bullshit, there's no way to fix this, there's barely any resistance left, Europe is lost," a wizard said angrily. "We need to kill he-who-must-not-be-named, that's the only way," he frowned.

"It won't work, his followers will pick up where he left off," Steve shook his head. "We need to take his entire power structure out, so they can't pick up the pieces," he watched the wizard snort.

"What? You three are going to take on his entire army?" the man laughed.

"Never said there were three of us," Steve paused and let out a shrill whistle. "Say hello to Ghost Team," he smirked under his hood. A moment later Tonks came out of the woods, bright pink hair and all. A click was heard and the wizards turned to see a pistol pointed at them through the ruined window held by Peel. "Full disclosure Shack," Steve said after a moment, causing the large man to remove the invisibility cloak, startling the wizards he was behind. "We're very good at what we do," he chuckled under his hood.

"It's not enough… they are too many," an older witch shook her head, speaking softly. "We can't stop them, we need a miracle," she sniffed loudly. "Who are you…we've been fighting for years, where was your help then?" she said angrily.

"I was on a long trip, just got back," Steve replied as he lowered his hood, revealing him in his mask.

"Mon dieu," the woman exclaimed before collapsing.


"She's waking up," Steve said as he carried the older woman down the long stairs into the heart of the French resistance.

"What…" the woman was confused when she felt herself being carried, before her memory came back. "You came back," she whispered and held Steve tightly around the neck as they exited the long stairwell into the base.

"Ma'am, you feinted, let me give you to your healers," Steve said uncomfortably as the woman clung to him, crying. "Ma'am, please," Steve struggled as he set the witch down, handing her over to a concerned looking woman. "I apologize, I don't know why she reacted like that," he shook his head.

"You're really him, you came back," the woman gathered herself, slapping hand of the witch that was examining her away. "I'm fine," she reassured her. "I remember you, it was a long time ago though," she stared at him. "Come, I'll take you to our leaders," she took Steve's hand and led the group down a stone hallway. "In here," she said as she opened the door, pulling Steve with her.

"Well, this is unexpected," an older man frowned behind his desk. "Marie, why did you bring them to me?" he asked the witch.

"They are here to help us," she explained in French. "England has joined the fight again," she said hopefully.

"What fight?" the man scowled. "We can barely raid their supplies as it is now to keep ourselves going," they argued in French.

"Enough," Steve frowned, breaking into their conversation, speaking French himself. "We've come here to gather what assistance we can before we retake Paris," he frowned, waving for Shacklebolt. "These are the plans for the defenses of the French Ministry," he switched to English as Shacklebolt enlarged some papers. "You used to work there, before your untimely disappearance," he eyed the older wizard. "How accurate are we, and what have they changed?" he asked as he shoved the papers at the wizard.

"The insides of the building are correct, they could not have changed them since I am still alive," the man admitted, examining the papers. "How did you come by this?" he asked as he looked over the papers.

"Spies and galleons," Steve replied. "What about the outside wards, we figured they could be anything at this point since they were not tied into the Ministry building itself," he questioned.

"Right, the leader of the guard, that bastard Reynolds betrayed us and got my job in payment," he frowned looking at Steve. "What is with the mask?" he asked before the witch hit him. "Stop Marie!" he protested until she quit striking him.

"This is Captain America, didn't you listen to any of the stories I told you when you were younger?" she frowned at him. "You will have to forgive my brother Henri, those that did not live through the second great war, they do not understand what it was like back then," she bowed her head at Steve.

"At ease," Steve said automatically. "We need to take care of some things while we have the time here, can you help us?"

"We're barely getting along, this is out last safe house, we cannot spare manpower," Henri shook his head.

"Not even to get your country back?" Steve asked.


"Bill!" Charlie shouted as he pushed open the door one of the French wizards had pointed him to.

"Charlie…?" a groggy voice responded from the bed as the lumps under the covers moved. "Charlie?" a head popped up and looked at the doorway. "Charlie!" he shouted, jumping up from the bed, running to embrace his brother, wearing only a pair of boxer shorts. "What's going on, why are you here?" he panicked, looking out into the hallway.

"We're here to save your asses," Charlie laughed before turning to look out the doorway. "Fleur looks good," he commented as he tried not to look back at the bed.

"Oh hell, wait outside, let me wake her up," Bill pushed Charlie out of the room, closing the door behind his laughing brother.


"I need numbers, I need to know how many you have ready to move," Steve addressed the former French minister. "I need Shack and Charlie here to communicate and coordinate with England, Peel to smooth things over with the Queen and Muggles, Tonks and Sirius to go see what they can find about the wards in Paris," he rattled things off and pulled out a notepad.

"We have no communication with England; we have been trying since it was cut off," Henri shook his head.

"We have our own way of communicating," Steve brushed him off. "Peel will be in touch with the Muggles to get them out of the way, don't worry about that," he continued. "I need you to get Tonks and Black into Paris to scout it out," he ordered.

"Give me a few months, we are low on supplies as it is, we can't just pull up and…" he stopped as Steve interrupted.

"You misunderstand me," Steve frowned, getting up and pulling a pocket watch from his belt and handing it to the older wizard. "Get them into Paris, get your men ready to move," he turned to walk out of the room.

"What happens when this time reaches zero?" Henri frowned, looking at the numbers on the watch ticking down.

"When it hits zero, we take back your country," he nodded at the shocked man. "No more retreating, no more falling back to fight another day, we are taking it all back, one piece at a time," Steve said coldly before leaving.


"Well?" Steve asked when Peel caught up with him. He was outside in the ruined house, watching the woods carefully, not fully trusting the wards.

"Black and Tonks took a motorcycle they had lying around here, last communication we got from them puts them in Paris sometime in the next 45 minutes," Peel explained as he looked down at notebook in his hands.

"Notebooks holding up?" he glanced at the plain notebook in Peel's hands.

"Yeah, time delay is about five seconds, but they get through all the wards," Peel nodded, pocketing the notebook. Back in England the Order (mostly Hermione with some direction from Dumbledore) had created sets of notebooks that allowed people to write in one and have the words transfer to the other, allowing them to bypass all the wards monitoring normal magical communication in and out of either country.

"How many does it look like we will have assisting us?" Steve asked, mulling over the battle plan.

"The French Muggle minister is under the Imperius, Shack and I will be going after him with a small team from MI-5 and a few others from the Order," Peel began laying out the battle plan. "That leaves you and Charlie to lead the couple dozen members of the resistance into the French Ministry of Magic and secure it," he paused. "You're going to be outnumbered 3 to 1, at best."

"Workable," Steve nodded, chewing a piece of gum to help him think. "Keep in touch with Sirius and Tonks, if they fail, we are going to be in deep trouble," he ordered, before going back to watching the woods and glancing down to his watch every now and then.


"Ah Paris, the city of love," Sirius joked as he and Tonks got off the motorcycle, stretching their muscles.

"Don't get any ideas…we are not going to even touch on those pureblood incest jokes," she threatened him before changing herself to look like a little old lady.

"Oh come on…it's more fun than sneaking in that way," he frowned as he looked at their target.

"Shut up and change, we're doing old lady and her dog, not your supermodel idea," she glared at him.

"If this doesn't work, we get to do the streaker plan right?" he joked before changing to his dog form when she tried to hit him.

"Okay, we're clear, give them the green light," Peel said to Kingsley after checking around the entrance to the alley they were hiding in.

Kingsley quickly set one of their notebooks on the ground and pressed his wand to it before stepping back. A moment later there was a pop as five people appeared, holding an identical notebook.

"That was interesting…" one of the men, dressed all in black with an assault rifle slung over his shoulder commented, taking in his surroundings. "What's the plan?" he asked Kingsley and Peel as he and two other men hid their weapons on their persons as best they could.

"Why only five of you?" Peel frowned, looking at the brown haired witch.

"We did some more testing with the notebook portkey targeting, it is a mass issue, if we tried to send more than we did…it would have been messy," Hermione explained.

"We had to send Hermione instead of an Auror because of her size difference," the other wizard, Remus Lupin continued. "This is all we have," he sniffed the air.

"We'll make due, we get ready to move in two minutes," Kingsley looked at his watch. "By that time Cap, Charlie, and the French wizards should be setting off enough magical alarms for us to get in unnoticed," he continued. "Let's get climbing," he ordered as he led the team up a fire escape to the rooftop. "Time Peel?" he asked as he helped Hermione up the last rungs and the team gathered again.

"Twenty seconds," Peel checked his own watch.

"Okay, the plan is simple, we go in, neutralize the targets, non-lethally if possible, and break the curse on the Prime Minister as soon as possible," Kingsley ordered. "Pair up, one soldier with each wizard," he watched Hermione glare at him. "Or witch…" he frowned as Peel chuckled. "Okay, let's do it," he ordered after closing his watch and looking across the skyline at their target.

"Occulus maximus," Kingsley, Hermione, and Remus said in unison as they enhanced their vision and squinted at the room a quarter mile away.

"Got it, going to pop right behind the target," Hermione prepared to side-along the soldier with her.

"He's talking with someone, going to pop right behind whoever is on that couch," Remus gripped the soldier with him.

"We'll secure the door," Kingsley nodded and gripped the remaining soldier and Peel. "Go!" he ordered as the seven people vanished from the rooftop instantly.

"Nobody move!" Kingsley shouted as they reappeared in the French Prime Minister's office, pointing his wand at the two surprised men.

"Stupefy!" Hermione shouted, knocking the Minister to the floor unconscious.

"Don't even blink," Remus ordered as he held his wand pointed at the other man while the three soldiers moved with Kingsley to secure the doors by blocking them with furniture. "Rabanastan LeStrange," Remus snarled, recognizing the wizard in front of him.

"You've truly lost your minds, haven't you?" the Death Eater taunted them as Hermione mumbled and kept her wand on the Minister, trying to lift the curse. "The guards will be here soon, the Dark Lord will be very happy with this present," he smirked. "Stupid girl, you think you can lift my curse, who do you think you are?" he laughed.

"The smartest witch you will ever see in the rest of your short life," she glared at the Death Eater. "Finite Incantatum!" she pointed her wand at the Prime Minister, jolting the man and causing visible pain to LeStrange. "Ennervate," she commanded, waking the confused Minister who started talking a mile a minute in French.

"Girl, tell him to call off the guards or we are going to be in a world of hurt here," one of the soldiers said hurriedly as someone began pounding on the door from the other side.

"I'd be more worried about the magical guards than the Muggles," LeStrange growled at them.

"Your Death Eater friends are otherwise occupied I believe," Kingsley stared back at him. "Tranq him Peel," he ordered as the squib quickly jabbed a needle in the Death Eater's neck.

"You fil..thy…." LeStrange stammered before collapsing on the couch.

"Stupefy, Incarcerous," Remus said quickly, binding and stunning the dark wizard for good measure. "Hermione, get him to call the guards off," Remus frowned and moved to help keep the door closed using his werewolf strength.

"Okay okay okay," she waved them off and calmed the French Minister down explaining things quickly.

"If he tries anything Peel, make sure he doesn't escape," Kingsley ordered as Hermione helped lead the Minister to the door to talk to the guards.

"He moves and he'll regret it," Peel smirked as he finally found the wizard's wand and tossed it to Remus. "Cap's gonna want him alive to interrogate, that shot in the neck I gave him should keep him out of it until we give the antidote," he relaxed a bit as the Minister calmed his guards. "Let's hope the others succeeded or we are going to have to make a hasty retreat," he frowned and looked out at the skyline.


"Can I help you ma'am?" a man in a blue uniform asked the old lady while keeping an eye on her large dog.

"Oh, it's been a dream of mine to come and see this for so long," she dabbed at her eyes with a handkerchief.

"I'm sorry, but you'll have to leave your dog outside," he frowned as the dog sniffed at the wall. "Animals are not permitted on the premises," he explained.

"But I never leave my Snuffles…" she turned on the waterworks and started crying.

"Fine, fine, take him," the guard gave in, finally calming the old woman. "Don't let him make a mess up there, please, it could get me fired," he pleaded.

"Thank you sonny," she smiled and hobbled off to the elevator with her dog.


"The plan is simple, we will apparate to the Ministry in two minutes, blast through the wards, then secure the building. Try not to kill anyone unless there is no other way, we have no way of knowing who is supporting Voldemort, so stun or bind everyone we come across, no exceptions," Steve ordered as he looked over the French wizards and witches. He recognized Bill Weasley and his wife Fleur, her younger sister Gabrielle, Henri the ex-Minister, and a few younger faces that might have been present at the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

"We have the element of surprise, they will be thrown into a panic when they realize what Tonks and Sirius are doing, so we need to take them out in one fell swoop," he continued, eyeing his watch. "I will be going to intercept the Aurors in the barracks, you all know your targets and jobs, let's go," he ordered before disappearing in a crack.

"Fire!" he ordered as the group of thirty wizards and witches apparated right outside the Ministry building.

"Reducto!" all the voices shouted as the light from their wands broke through the wards at once and destroyed a portion of the wall large enough for a giant to move through comfortably, revealing the shocked faces of a handful of ministry clerks on the other side. "Go go go!" Steve shouted as he led the group inside, stunning a wizard who was making a break for the door. "Let's go!" he shouted and darted out into the hallway, heading toward his target, ignoring the others as they moved around and attacked their targets.

He came around a corner quickly, coming to the stairway that led down to the Auror barracks. He took off his shield and jumped on it, using it to slide down the stairs like a surfer. The door at the bottom of the stairs was opening when he reached the end of the steps, he crossed his fingers and kicked as he jumped off the shield, sending it hurtling to the door where it dug into the door and the wall, jamming it shut.

He heard the Aurors shouting on the other side of the door as the alarms finally started blaring, noting their arrival. "Stand away from the door and surrender your wands," he shouted through the door. "Otherwise I will have to hurt you," he threatened as he felt around his belt, pulling out a small bag.

He shook his head when they started swearing and shooting spells at the door itself to try to get to him. "Fine, we do it the hard way," he muttered, pulling his shield from the door and wall loudly. The Aurors pushed the door open immediately, pointing their wands at him. "Catch," he laughed, throwing the bag at them.

"Reducto!" one of them panicked, exploding the bag as the area became pitch black.

"Instant darkness powder!" one of them exclaimed.

"Find him and stun him!" another ordered before a series of thumps were heard.

"What's goin…"

"Marcel is that yo…"

"Find him, he can't stop all of us!" the leader panicked. "He can't even see us!"

"No, you can't see me, I can see you just fine," Steve smirked at the man as he knocked out the last of the Aurors, thankful for the usefulness of thermal vision goggles.


"This way, quickly," Henri led Charlie and Bill down a hallway, having separated from Fleur and her sister a minute ago as they blasted into an office, unleashing their Veela temper. "Reducto!" he shouted, aiming at a door, causing it to blast inwards.

They ducked as the spellfire was returned. "The Dark Lord is going to kill you!" the man inside the room shouted at them.

"Throw down your wand Reynolds, it's over!" Henri shouted at him.

"Henri? You really must have lost your mind, coming here to die like this!" the man inside the room laughed. "The Dark Lord made plans in case something like this happened; his reinforcements will be coming through the Floo any second now!"

"I highly doubt that," Charlie snorted as Bill took aim and blasted at a desk in the room, causing the man to scream.

The three of them moved into the room carefully, checking for traps. Charlie moved over to where Reynolds was buried under the remains of the desk. He grimaced and turned away after examining the body. "Nasty way to go, piece of the desk shrapnel went in the right eye, straight to the brain," he shook his head. "How's the Floo?" he asked Henri and Bill who examining it.


"And five…four…three…two…one!" Sirius counted down and watched the runes they had inscribed begin to glow. "Okay…no explosions, looks good," he looked around carefully.

"Talking with Peel right now," Tonks said offhandedly as she sat on a pile of stunned guards. "Still mad at you for biting that guard…" she frowned.

"We would have had to stun them anyway," Sirius shrugged and looked over the side railing down at the ground. "Not like they were going to let us deface their national monument just because we said please," he smirked, tilting his head up, looking to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

"Looks like everything worked, Peel's team has the Prime Minister, Cap says he took down the Aurors, and Charlie says they took the rest of the Ministry, only lost four of our people," she explained as she read the script in the notebook she was reading and writing in. "Might as well get comfy, Cap says it's going to be a while before they can get someone else here to charge the runes," she frowned.

"Come on Nymphadora smile, it's not every day you help overthrow a country and turn a big old piece of metal like this into a gigantic anti-apparation, anti-portkey, and anti-Floo ward," Sirius laughed before he found himself wrapped up in ropes and fell to the floor.

"Don't call me Nymphadora," she glared at him before silencing him as well.

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