by Gunman

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Summary: Raye finds Shinji outside her temple during a rainy day and takes him inside to get warm, where the ceremonial fires bring them closer than they ever imagined.

Authors Notes: These are basically going to be Lemon stories where Shinji ends up with a different Sailor Scout under a different situation. These will not be mainstream, these will be totally separate stories of how he gets together with each girl. Pretty much a response to Invincible Shinji's Romance Fanfic Challenge.


Story One
The Fires of Love

(Outside the Cherry Hill Temple)

Shinji Ikari was running full tilt to get back to his apartment, the heavy downpour of the rain having started as soon as he got finished with his after-school clean-up. Through the thick haze of the rain he saw that he was coming up on the Shinto Shrine where his fellow classmate, Raye Hino, lived and worked out of.

Wonder if I could stay there until the rain stops. He thought. No... I couldn't impose on her like that.

However, fate made the decision for him.

Just in front of the temple steps there was a block of soft stone where numerous people has stepped on and indented. As a result, when it rained, it collected a small puddle of water. And in a downpour like this was rather slippery.

Shinji's right foot landed in the puddle, throwing him off balance as well as slipping him up. Falling backwards he struck his head on the concrete and passed out.


Raye Hino sat in front of the ceremonial fire, praying intently as she held a string of beads in her hand. She was deep in her usual fire-reading meditation, which was normal for a Shinto priestess as dedicated as Raye. However, over the last few weeks, the girl's primary focus had been on one thing.

Why am I so lonely? She thought.

To anyone that looked at her, Raye was a beautiful teenage girl with long raven-dark hair, deep blue eyes and an athletic figure toned by years of martial arts study. But despite this, she was so alone.

The reason was fairly well known to her.

She had heard the talk and gossip around the school. 'Raye the bitch.' 'Raye the ice queen.' 'Raye's got a hair-trigger.' 'Raye is a witch, not a priestess.' 'Raye doesn't have a boyfriend because she's so angry.'

And it wasn't like Raye could blame them for that. Not having a mother or father when she was younger, being raised by her loon of a grandfather, and going to a nun-run Catholic institution, T*A Private Girls School, most of her life, Raye had grown up rather cool and distant to other people. Her mother had died when she was very young, and her father, being a famous politician, neglected her except on her birthday. This had given her a somewhat low opinion of men in her life.

Until she became a Sailor Scout and met the handsome and cool Darien, did her opinion of men start to change. Though she had tried to have a relationship with him, as none of the others Scouts seemed interested in him, especially Serena, it eventually became clear to her that they were not meant to be. This was a bit of a blow to her, but she managed to recover thanks to Chad, a wandering musician who came from a rich family. Though she hadn't given that relationship half the effort she had with Darien, she had come to regret it after Chad had moved on.

And unfortunately for her, after the Negaverse was defeated, Raye found herself alone once the rest of the Scouts moved on with their lives.

Serena and Darien persisted in their relationship. Mina had moved to America and started a singing career, with Chad as her partner. Lita had actually gotten together with Andrew Foreman after his girlfriend, Rita Blake, met someone on an African expedition. And Ami was doing an internship at Tokyo Women's Medical University, where her mother had signed her up for future enrollment. And since Ami's boyfriend Greg (or Greg the psychic as he was also known) had moved into a place nearby, her list of friends had withered down to nothing.

Friends. That was a bit of a laugh. The Scouts were her friends only because she was Sailor Mars, the Inner Senshi of Fire. She knew that the only one among them that they all feared more than her was Sailor Saturn, and that was because she wielded the power of death.

At times, that made even Raye wince.

But the Scouts needed her strength and mystic insight in their war against the Negaverse. But with all the Negaverse demons defeated, the other Scouts rarely came around to the temple. Even with their busy lives she would have thought they would have at least written or texted or called. Raye actually began growing colder at the lack of contact she had with her one-time partners in fighting the forces of evil. She had begun to worry if they even wanted to have anything to do with her now.

And to make things even worse, there were all the people coming to the temple demanding good luck and good future readings. That's not how it worked. There were numerous factors that went into creating good fortune for a person, and Raye simply had no control over that. She didn't control luck or fortune, she just predicted and read what would happen. And when people didn't get what they wanted, they blamed Raye. This tended to make the priestess more than a little irritable.

In fact the only bright light in Raye's life now seemed to be her growing crush on a certain boy pilot. Shinji Ikari had attracted her attention right from the start. As if she had something in common with him.

Which is why she found herself spending more and more time in front of the ceremonial fire, trying to find some new purpose, which she hoped involved Shinji Ikari.

When she first met Shinji she was amazed at how kind and polite the boy seemed. He had surely heard the rumors about her, but that hadn't hindered his attempts at casual friendship.

If she only knew he was used to dealing with aggressive German's.

But what amazed her even more than Shinji's honesty and kindness, was the fact that he was one of the famous Evangelion pilots who once saved the Earth from destruction at the hands of the Angels. This was approximately around the same time she and the other Scouts saved the universe from the Negaverse for the nth time. However, their exploits were more secret than Shinji's for some reason. She later found out it was a computer hacker named Kensuke Aida who made Shinji and the other pilots unintentional celebrities.

But while Asuka Langley Sohryu had basked in her celebrity status, Shinji Ikari and Rei Ayanami had avoided it. Shinji had done better to avoid publicity, but that didn't mean he was unrecognizable to people. Which is why everyone assumed he and Raye got along so well: he had faced giant monsters so an irritable priestess wasn't so hard to deal with.

(Though compared to Asuka, the Angels were less trouble)

And to be honest, Raye actually liked having a guy pay some attention to her who wasn't put off by her attitude and mood swings. Which she felt bad about letting Shinji see that side of her.



"Wow. What was that about?" Shinji asked Raye as she stood over an unconscious boy she had just punched hard in the face.

"It's nothing!" Raye huffed with a clenched fist.

"If it was nothing, you wouldn't have punched him." he said casually.

Raye turned around and glared at Shinji, as if she had found her next target. However, he seemed rather calm despite the dark aura she was giving off. While this confused her a little, it was also a point that she didn't want to hurt Shinji, as he had never wronged her.

"He called my mother a fool for marrying a politician." Raye said.

Shinji looked down at the boy and nodded. "Then I guess he deserved that."

"Yeah. He did. I mean Hiroshi may be a self-serving political jerk, but he had to have some good qualities for my mother to marry him."

"So you're father is Hiroshi Hino, the politician?" Shinji asked curiously.

"Yeah." Raye said, somewhat upset at having her father brought into their conversation. "I'm surprised you've heard him. Most teenagers don't care about politics."

"I don't. But it's kinda hard to not hear about the guy who is running for the Prime Minister seat." Shinji explained.

"And what was your father like? Kind? Sensitive? Generous?" Raye snapped at Shinji.

"No. He wasn't." he said softly, his eyes downcast and his mood sullen.

Raye noticed the somber tone in his voice, her insight telling her she had hit a nerve with him.

"Was he.... the opposite?" she asked.

"You could say that." he replied.

"I see." she, softly. "And he was... absent in your life?"

"He sent me to live with a teacher for over ten years, after my mother died."

Raye looked at Shinji in shock, as if she had just been told his deepest, darkest secret. In a way she felt honored, but at the same time confused as to why he was telling her this.

"What... how old were you... when your mother died?" she tentatively asked.

"Four." he replied.

Raye gasped again. It was just like her.

"Like me." she whispered.

This time it was Shinji's turn to be shocked.

"You're mother died when you were young?"

"I was about five at the time." she said.

The pair continued to talk a bit more before the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch.

(End Flashback)


Raye's memory of that event faded as a vision came to her in the fire. An image of her crush lying face-up in the pouring rain, outside her Shrine.

Raye quickly bolted towards the steps of her temple, through the rain and gasped as she saw Shinji sprawled out on the concrete. She practically flew down the slippery steps and stopped to kneel down next to the boy. She lifted his head up and noticed that he was bleeding from the back of his head.

I need to get him inside! She thought, quickly gathering him up and carried him into the temple. She was amazed that he was lighter than he looked.

They were dripping wet as they entered the shrine. She set him down next to the ceremony fire, which was warmer than any other place in the temple, and quickly took off his clothes.

At this point she was more concerned with his health than any form of modesty that might have come from her action. Keeping him from getting pneumonia was key. Though that didn't stop her from taking a few lingering glances at the boys lean but toned physique.

It was several minutes later when Shinji awoke and found himself staring at the unfamiliar ceiling of Raye's temple. He saw the fire at the back of the room, but then turned the other way to see a beautiful young woman in a priestess outfit come into the room carrying a small tray of food.

"Raye?" he said softly.

"You're awake!" Raye said happily. "How are you feeling, Shinji-kun?"

"Uh... fine." he said, then noticed he was naked with a blanket over him. "Where are my clothes?"

"Oh, sorry about that. Your clothes were soaking wet. I didn't want you to get sick, so I..." she said, blushing a little as she said that. This kinda surprised her, since she'd never blushed before.

"Oh. Thank you." he blushed back, realizing what she was implying.

"Here, I made this for you." she said as she handed him a bowl from the tray.

Shinji took the bowl, looking at it and then at her.

"It's an herbal broth I made to make sure you don't get sick." she explained.

"Again, thank you." he said as he slowly drank it.

As he drank, Raye took in his features. His eyes were a deep blue that held no form of arrogance or hidden agenda she had come to see from other boys. She saw kindness in them, a warmth that mimicked the fire glowing to the back of the room. His hair was still damp from the rain but framed his face rather well. Like a delicate painting. His skin was unblemished. No scars, tattoos, piercings, or even a zit. And his body...

Raye paused, blushing as she looked away. She had seen his body after removing his wet clothes. It was hard to miss. His figure was lean but athletic, well-toned and with the appropriate measure of bodyfat. Even without going to school with him Raye would have figured him for either a runner or a swimmer.

The second Raye had looked away, Shinji brought his eyes to her, taking in her features.

Her long black hair was flowing down her back and shoulders like a waterfall. Her skin was perfect, like polished marble. She had dark blue eyes, a deeper shade than his own. Shinji knew that Raye was on the schools martial arts team, which gave him the reason to assume she was quite athletic as well as she was beautiful. She also seemed a little sad at times, as if she were alone too. This was one of the things that had attracted him to Raye, as if he sensed a kinship with her.

"They're wrong about you, Raye." he suddenly said.

"What?" she gasped, turning back to him.

"The kids at school. They're wrong about you." he said.

"W-What do you mean?" she asked.

"I've heard the rumors about you. Everyone says that you're a cold-hearted, mean, angry person, but... it's not true."

Raye's heart lifted at his confession. "Why do you say that?" she asked.

"Most people probably would have left me out in the rain. But you actually bothered to bring me into your home. You bother to dry my clothes and me by the fire. And you even made me an herbal broth so I don't get sick. That tells me you're a good person."

Raye was blushing at this explanation. He was being honest, and she realized that she hadn't been thinking about all this. She just... did it.

"Shinji... I have to ask you something." she asked tentatively.

"Okay." he said, giving her his attention.

"Do you... think I'm pretty?" she asked somewhat shyly.

"Well... yes you are... and not just physically." he said with a slight stutter.

"Huh?" she asked, slightly confused.

"Well... when I first met you I thought you were a beautiful young woman. And I thought it was just a little shallow to think that. But when I heard you were on the schools martial arts team, I realized you were also strong. And.. after seeing how kind you really are, well... it just makes you prettier." he stated, blushing slightly at the honest compliment.

Raye's heart was soaring as she smiled beautifully and leaned forward to kiss him on his cheek.

Shinji was blushing fiercely as she kissed him.

Raye pulled back, slightly worried that she had offended the only boy who liked her.

"I'm sorry, Shinji."she said. "I just... well you said I was beautiful and I..."

"No, it's alright. I just... I guess I'm not used to pretty girls actually kissing me." he said shyly.

"Well, you should. You're very cute." she said.

"I... am?" he blushed harder.

Raye moved closer to him, her courage now surging. "Yes. In fact... I've been attracted to you for some time now." she said with a smile.

"Really?" he asked as she saddled up right next to him.

"Yes. You're the nicest, kindest, most honest, understanding, and... handsome guy I know." she said with a timid smile. "I like you, Shinji."

Shinji actually smiled. "I.. I like you too, Raye."

Feeling emboldened towards the boy, Raye leaned in slowly to Shinji, her eyes starting to close.

She wants to kiss me! Shinji realized.

Not wanting to offend her, especially after finding out that she liked him, and realizing that he liked her as well, Shinji moved in and pressed his lips to the young temple maiden's waiting mouth, his eyes closing as well.

Oh Kami, Thank You! Raye mentally cried as her entire body felt alive the second her lips touched his.

Raye moved in closer to gently wrap her arms around his neck. Shinji's arms responded as he pulled them under Raye's arms and placed his palms on her back.

The pair spent several passionate minutes making out, their hands wandering everywhere above the waistline. Raye eventually found herself straddling Shinji's lap, which was still covered by his blanket. Their lips parted to allow them to breath, their foreheads still touching.



The girl's hands reached up and drew her hands across Shinji's bare chest. His skin goose bumped as he felt her touching hands.

He must work out. She thought. His muscles are firm, not large but not soft either. And his skin is so smooth.

Her hands are softer than I thought. He thought. With her martial arts and all I thought they'd be rougher.

Not that he was complaining.

It was then that Shinji noticed something he hadn't.

"Raye. You're robe is still wet." he said.

"Oh... I didn't notice." she replied.

Raye was actually less wet than Shinji had been, since he had been lying out in a puddle in the storm for several minutes before Raye rushed out and carried him in. So it was strange to see that her robe still hadn't dried completely, which was starting to give her chills.

A mischievous thought crossed her mind as she undid the belt on her robe and pulled back her shirt.

"Raye, what are you doing?!" Shinji gasped.

"I'll catch a cold if keep my wet clothes on." she said innocently as the shirt fell down around her shoulders.

Shinji froze as he stared at the girl as she undressed right in front of him. He just couldn't turn away from her, mesmerized by her perky and perfectly rounded breasts. They weren't large like Misato's had been, as Raye had some years to grow, but he was still entranced.

Raye smiled, liking the reaction that she had gotten from him.

"Do you want to touch them, Shinji-kun?" she asked with her usual boldness.

"Wha--- What?" he gasped.

"Would you like to touch my breasts?" she asked with a catty smile.

"Uh... I...."

"Here, let me." she said as she took his hands and placed them on her breasts. "AH!" she gasped.

"Raye?" he said suddenly, his hands not moving.

"Sorry, Shinji. You're hands are just so warm. I guess the rain really got to my body."

"Well... they do feel a little cool. Here." he said as he removed his hands from her breasts and reached around to pull the girl against his own body. "Let me warm you."

"Oh, Shinji-kun!" Raye sighed as she welcomed his embrace.

The skin-to-skin contact, as Raye's breasts rubbed up against Shinji's chest, warmed both of their bodies up quickly. Raye's heart was racing at being this close, and exposed, to a boy.

"How do you feel, Raye-chan?" he whispered into her ear.

"Wonderful." she sighed, resting her head against his own.

"I'm glad." Shinji said as he rubbed her back gently.

Raye let the warmth of their contact flow throughout her body, blissfully glad that she was now in a relationship like the other Scouts were. She suddenly felt something press against her inner thigh. Actually, it felt like something was... rising. Raye immediately realized what it was, and smiled. She pulled back and smiled at Shinji. The way she was smiling made Shinji realize something was 'Up' with him.

"I... I'm sorry Raye!" he quickly apologized. "It.... it's just you're so beautiful, I...."

She pressed her lips to the boys, silencing him with her amazingly gentle touch.

"I'm not offended Shinji-kun. I'm glad I can have this kind of effect on my boyfriend." she smiled as her fingers trailed down his chest.

Boyfriend? He mentally gasped at her rather presumptuous nature. His mind quickly went through the pros and cons in a second.

Raye did have a temper, one he had seen many times before, but that seemed to be her only real flaw. But this anger had lead to other problems, such as her being headstrong, impatient at times, and even rude to people. This had been proven many times when she resorted to physical violence in order to solve her problems.

However, beneath that facade of strength there was a kind and lonely young woman. Someone who was like him, who needed friendship, acceptance, and most of all, love.

And he couldn't deny that her strength was also a plus, coupled with her martial arts skill, and her job as a priestess. Having known many strong women, he realized it was another thing that attracted him to Raye.

And while the Shinto religion, as far as he knew, was rather liberal on the practices of marriage and dating and such, he wondered what the long-term effects would be like.

But he also upset at the prospect of hurting her. But he did like her. And... right now... they were both naked. That made this whole situation rather weird and uncomfortable. There was a fear in his mind of what if they went too far.

However, he couldn't deny that she was beautiful, talented, strong, and she was even compassionate at times.

It was then decided that Shinji would enjoy being Raye's boyfriend.

"Then I guess..... Raye Hino, will you be my girlfriend?" he asked softly.

She smiled as she pressed her lips to his again, drinking in the warmth and affection he had for her. His arms pulled around her, bringing her flush against his body as their tongues danced inside each others mouths.

Raye was in heaven, until she made a sudden mistake.

Moving her body up to adjust herself in his lap, she quickly came down, her body sliding along his, and suddenly joined together with Shinji.

"AAAH!" She suddenly shrieked in tune with Shinji.

But while her shriek was in the form of sudden pain, his was in shock at what had happened.

"S-Shinji?" she gasped, the pain in her thighs slowly starting to dissipate.

"Raye... did you.... what..." he gasped, his heart pounding in his chest like a hammer.

"Oh Kami! I think I... Oh kami!" she gasped in fear, realizing that this was her fault. "Shinji... I'm... I'm sorry!" she said, tears forming in her eyes as she tried to pull away.

However, at seeing her tears Shinji grabbed her arms and pulled her in close.

"Raye, Wait!" he said softly as he hugged her tightly.

"S-Shinji? What? I don't.... I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to.... I'm sorry." she said, starting to cry and panic.

"Don't, Raye." he said softly.


"It wasn't your fault. It was an accident." he said.

"But I.... Shinji....this.... I mean I...." she said, her voice breaking.

For several sad minutes Raye just cried into Shinji's shoulder, the boy holding her and gently caressing her back.

It wasn't her fault. It was an accident. He thought. But I can tell, she's worried that I might think she did it on purpose. I have to reassure her it's not. He thought as he pulled back to look into her tear-stained eyes. "Raye?"

She tried not to look up at him, ashamed of what she had done. While Raye did have a penchant for boldness, this was not what she had intended. She fought him at first, but he managed to get her to look into his eyes. The second they visually connected, Raye was shocked to see that there was no anger or upset in his eyes. He just smiled as he leaned in and pressed his lips to her mouth. Raye gasped lightly as their kiss deepened, their tongues once again lapping against each other.

Shinji pushed her back onto the blankets, gently cradling her body as his lower member started to move back and forth. Raye gasped as she felt him inside her.

Oh kami! He's... oh Kami, the feeling's incredible! He's so big! She mentally gasped as he kissed her mouth gently with his own. But... I can't do this... I.... it was wrong of me.... oh Kami!... he's so good at... no... stop this... but it's so good! She thought as her body caved into her desires.

Their lips pulled back as their eyes met once again.

"S-Shinji? I don't... understand..." she gasped weakly.

"I'm making love to my girlfriend." he whispered softly to her as he continued to push into her body. "It's what we both want... isn't it?"

"Yes!" she said quickly, wrapping her arms and legs around him tightly to keep him.

This was Raye's true nature. That of the fighter. The woman who would fight and hold on to what she cared for the most. And after losing so much, she was determined not to lose this chance.

Yes! I want this more than anything else! She thought as Shinji continued moving, taking her signal of tightening arms and legs to mean that she wanted this too. And he's already inside me.... so... oh Shinji!

Shinji pulled back a bit to stare at the beautiful young woman beneath him, gasping with such fervor as he continued to move within. He stared at her closed eyes, her panting mouth, her young and shapely body that already had a thin gleam of sweat over her skin. Her supple breasts were moving back and forth with each push, her left hand grasping the blankets for support as her right hand continued to hold onto his neck.

"Raye... you're so beautiful!" Shinji said to he continued.

Raye blushed as he said those words, which no guy had ever really said to her before now. Though they had said it to her from afar, she had never heard the words. A warm and happy smile spread across her face, which made her only more beautiful to the young man above her.

Shinji and Raye kissed again, his arms holding her tightly as he pushed into her again and again as she spoke to him.

"Shinji.... make me yours! It's so good!" Raye panted into his ear.

"As you wish... my priestess." Shinji whispered back to her as his body moved again and again, slowly speeding up to increase the pleasure.

Shinji pulled her hands up over her head, intertwining his fingers with his own as he deeply kissed her with his mouth. He moaned softly as he did, his body pushing into her athletic frame with growing enthusiasm, quickly taking her to orgasm.

"Of KAMI! YES! YES! MORE! DON'T STOP! PLEASE!!!" Raye gasped as she screamed out in a pleasure she had never known.

Shinji himself screamed out as well... unable to hold himself back as he erupted within her.

"Oh.. God... Raye-chan...." Shinji panted as he rested atop the raven-haired woman, their hearts beating in tune through their chests.

"Shinji...-kun.... my.... love...." Raye sighed as their breaths mingled together as they panted.

The rain outside continued to pour, the pair obliviously falling asleep next to the ceremonial fire.


(Three Days Later)

"Shinji-kun?" Raye asked her boyfriend as they sat cuddled up against each other under a tree in the courtyard of the Cherry Hill Temple.

"Yes, Raye-chan?" Shinji said, looking up from his book, his arm around Raye's waist.

"I... I want to say I'm..." she started to say.

"Stop." he suddenly said.


"Raye... there's nothing to apologize for. I told you that a dozen times already."

"But then why do I feel so guilty about it?"

"Because you're a wonderful woman who possesses a pure heart and an incredible capacity to empathize with others. Especially with those you care about."

Raye was silent at that, her mind in thought. "But..."

"Raye... I love you." he said with assurance. "What happened to us was.... unexpected, but it wasn't your fault. I know you didn't do it on purpose just to get yourself a boyfriend. You're not like that." he said, gently caressing her cheek.

"I just wonder how long we're going to be able to keep that from everyone." she said, meaning their having sex.

"I don't really care if anyone finds out. I've found someone I can be happy with. Someone who's beautiful, strong, wise, vibrant, fearless, cunning, loyal, and who loves me back. I love you, Raye Hino."

A small tear went down her cheek as he said that. "I love you too, Shinji Ikari."

The pair kissed deeply before Raye buried her face in Shinji's neck, the young man holding her tightly to him.

"I just hope your father doesn't find out about this." he said.

"Because he's a politician?" she asked.

"I'm sure he'd love to have an Eva-pilot for a son-in-law, if only to boost his popularity."

"True." she said. I can only image what he'd think about me being a Sailor Scout. She thought.

When the pair had gone to school the night after their healthy expressions of love, everyone was naturally shocked to see that Raye Hino had gotten herself a boyfriend. And more from the fact that it was Shinji who had become said boyfriend. But Shinji hadn't been deterred by the whispers and stares he had gotten from them. He and Raye were bonded now, both physically and spiritually, and he wasn't going to let her go anymore than she was going to let him go. And even though her guilt caused her to fret, it was Shinji's love that gave her the courage to face what she had done. It was something she embraced wholeheartedly. And she would never let go.

And like Shinji predicted, Raye's father found out that his daughter was dating an ex-Eva-pilot, which he encouraged, if only because it enhanced his reputation as well.

Hiroshi never found out about Raye's secret identity as a Sailor Scout, but Shinji was eventually told by Raye about her past. Shinji never revealed her secret to anyone, his promise to her.

Eventually the pair got married, after they had finished college. Raye's friends from the Sailor Scouts attended the wedding at the Cherry Hill Temple, and the last of Shinji's friends: Misato, Toji, Hikari, Kensuke and PenPen, attended as well. The pair lived at the Temple the rest of their lives, where Shinji often gave cello recitals. They had two children: a boy who was like Raye and a girl who was like Shinji. Their names were Kaworu and Serenity.


Author's Notes:

Well... here's my first Sailor Moon/Eva crossover story, where Shinji gets together with a different Sailor Scout. I originally wanted to start with Sailor Mercury, but coming up with a story for her first out was hard. I was trying to write out several of these stories at the same time, and this Shinji/Sailor Mars story just came up faster than Mercury's story.

Also, if it seems fast in some parts, please let me know. I was writing this up over a period of time, but then I just kinda rushed through the ending. If I can, I will change it. I'm also facing a bit of motivational troubles with several of my stories.

Anyway, this is yet another reply to Invincible Shinji's Eva Romance Fanfic Challenge.


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