Chapter one

(Bell's POV)

Moving to a dreadful place was not my plan for my summer vacation. Moving to Forks, WA was the most boring town there ever was. Why my father bought a house here is a complete mystery. My sister's Alice and Rosalie didn't like it one bit neither.

The carriage moved over a bump that brought me back from my thoughts. I looked around and all it was were tress and dirt. No town anywhere. The trees were green though the moss was covering the trunk. It is beautiful here but, it wasn't for me. Maybe I'll get use to it. Maybe.

(Edward POV)

I was walking back to the house when I saw my mother and father talking in their study. Their movements made it seem important though I tried to ignore them but their thoughts I could not ignore.

"The house across La Push is finally vacant. Do you want to know who has taken it?" Esme told Carlisle.

"Even if I don't want to know I don't have a choice in the matter." He told her with a smirk.

I walked in and saw Jasper and Emmett standing by the door listening in.

I walked towards them "What have I told you about listening at the door."

"Shh" Jasper shushed me.

"There is someone moving across La Push. Three females apparently." Emmett told me.

I listened closely.

"... I heard they are all single." Esme said and Emmett squealed like a girl. Jasper and I looked at him and shook are heads.

" How can that affect the men.?" carlisle said.

"How can you be so tiresome. You know all three boys are single. They can get married. Its perfect." Esme's voice went higher.

Carlisle sighed and opened the door to find us listening at the door.

"Boys." He said with a smile and a knowing look on his face.

Esme came running out of the office. "Carlisle if you do not go and visit them then we will. They must get to know each other immediately."

"There is no need. I already have." He said

Esme looked dumbfounded for a second. "Have. Oh Carlisle, how can you tease me so. Do you care for my poor nerve?"

"Quite frankly dear, I've been married to them for 25 years." He said.

She ran up and gave him a kiss.

"Are they cute, How old are they, Are they rich?" Emmett and Jasper asked.

"Yes, 17, 18, 19, and yes very."

The pictures he showed me in my head they were all beautiful but I had one person in my mind. Brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin. She was perfect.

"Are they coming to the ball tomorrow dad?" I asked

He looked at me and smiled.


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