(The War)

(Rene's P.O.V.)

The war between the swans and the Cullen's have been ranging on for centuries and it still hasn't came to a stop. Thousands die everyday and they keep fighting for their dead love ones.

Sitting in a chair is a women who is in late thirties though looks as she was still 25 years. Rene Swan, wife to Charlie Swan. They have one daughter named Isabella Marie Swan though she likes being called Bella.

The thoughts going through Rene's head were troubled and yet happy. She doesn't know if she should tell anyone her thoughts though she knows it can stop the war and finally have piece between the families.

The only way of doing so is to give up her only daughter and she wasn't liking the thought to much. She didn't think this up herself but she thought it was a good idea at the time. Her daughter could have everything she ever dreamed of but that meant giving in to her enemy who has killed so many of her loved ones.

She was so confused. She was glad Charlie was to busy thinking about the war to notice her face. He could read her even in the darkest of the night. Looking out the window she saw smoke and could smell a stench of dead bodies. She than made up her mind.

I must speak with Charlie and the Cullen's at once.

"No final answer." Charlie said in a voice that ended everything.

"Will you just listen to me. This marriage can save everything. You know that Cullen's have their connections. Isabella will have everything she ever wanted." I said, trying to convince him.

"No, not my little girl. No one in that family will touch her. You know there are rumors flowing around. The Cullen men abuse their wives. She is not going to live that kind of life." Charlie finished turning away from his wife.

"Please Charlie, just listen to me." I pleading.

Charlie turned around and I saw death in his eyes and I coward down.

"What kind of women are you. Selling your own daughter to your enemy. What did they give you a big bulk of money for her? What is she worth Rene? 50, 100? Why don't you sell yourself to them." Charlie turned and walked out the door leaving Rene on the ground crying.

What they didn't see were two brown eyes hiding behind the closet door. Hurt, confused and angry. I can make my own decisions.

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