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Chapter 2: Paranoid

"Ouch, my ass," I hissed.

I couldn't remember the last time I felt so stiff.

I've been racing down highways for almost two days now. Only stopping to rest at cheap motels or taking a break at gas stations and local fast food joints. Although those stops were few and spars, considering I'm still jittery. I feel as though at any moment I will look back to see the entire pack, charging straight for me in wolf form. Then would proceed to take me home, screaming and kicking the whole way.

Paranoid? Definitely.

The feeling had rapidly decreased ever since those familiar gray, bloated clouds slowly evaporated from sight, crossing in to California. Yet never completely left, and I felt this sort of adrenaline from it. Much like a teenager gets from successfully sneaking away from their house after curfew. On a much more dramatic scale though. Sighing, I decided not to contemplate on the matter any longer as I pulled in to the parking lot of a large building, greeted by a sign that read 'Vegabond Inn' in bold lettering. I parked and quickly entered as I found an older man, in uniform, typing away at the front desk. I quickly approached him and requested a stay for one night in a single. With only a glance in my direction he asked for my name, pounded at the keys, and then informed me of the price in a hurried tone.

Which was surprisingly high. I found, that the deeper I traveled into the state, the more expensive living became. Aside from the living expenses, I became enamoured with the sate every passing hour. I fell in love with the warm ever present sun, wispy clouds, all accompanied by a cool breeze. My favorite aspect though, was the population. I was in awe at the never-ending amount of people which crammed into California's streets. Although who could blame them, with the perfect weather, and beautiful scenery. They came in all different shapes, sizes, styles, ethnicity and demeanor. Here, I became invisible, my bitter and distant attitude deemed acceptable. No sympathetic smiles from townspeople who knew of my father's death. No angry glares of the pack listening to my griping. No disappointing gaze from my mother. No more guilt ridden expressions from Sam. No more Sam. No more Emily. No more Sam and Emily, plus stupid spawn!

I was practically floating.

I was such in a good mood, I didn't even mind handing over the large amount of cash. Bending down to retrieve my bag, I was quickly reminded of my stiff ass as I walked out to the sunny parking lot. Quickly getting on my bike I found a parking space closer to the front, which would display a sign positioned at the end of my bike. Advertising the motorcycle for sale and a number to a prepaid cellphone I picked up yesterday. When I left home, I left my cellphone there, I didn't plan on contacting anyone I knew soon. If ever.

My first initial plan was to just get out of La Push, out of Washington. Spending days on solitary highways gave me time to think, to plan. When I entered Northern California, I had contemplated staying here, in San Diego. Yet, a nagging feeling erupted deep in my stomach at the thought. It was still too close to La Push. The pack could still sniff me out if they searched long enough. I needed to get farther away, much farther. I contemplated going east to New York, or perhaps even Florida. Yet it still didn't satisfy my need to be away. I needed somewhere solitary, yet possessed the same appeal as California.

That's when I thought of Hawaii.

Of all the places, Hawaii would definitely be the last place anyone would expect to find me. Known as a lover's paradise I doubt anyone would think to find a bitter Leah occupying it's beaches. The pack really didn't give me enough credit really, if I could stomach the sight of Sam and Emily for all these years, hormonal newly-weds wouldn't be too hard to take. Plus, there are a few community colleges I plan on registering for the coming up semester. I chose the island of Oahu, which I felt is big enough for me to feel isolated but not suffocated. As it were, my Harley didn't have any plans on going with me. Once I settle down in Oahu I would find a car to restore or buy. Hell, I bet it's so beautiful there I'll want to walk anyways.

My musings were soon cut short as a ringing erupted from my pocket. Hurriedly, I pulled out the cellphone and answered it formally. A grin spread itself on my face as I talked to a man who was interested in the Harley. I made my way through the motel and to the room, while arranging a meeting with the guy today, later in the evening. With a snap I closed the phone and opened my room door, throwing in my bulging duffel bag. Closing the door I strode towards the window, catching my reflection in the mirror. Quickly I stop and did a double take.

I was smiling.

The way the absent minded grin settled across my face, caught me off guard. I was used to the sour expression that usually came with an angry glare every time I looked at my dresser mirror at home. Yet being away from the reservation seemed to take me away from the reasons to frown. I peered closer at my reflection, it was like looking at an old photograph. One of when I was with Sam.

' Uhg, Sam and my stupid cousin. They better have changed that poop machine's name!' I thought, watching my smile slide from my face.

Once again, Sam Uley has wormed his way through my thoughts and ruin my mood. A heavy sigh filled the air as I changed my jeans and a light jacket for shorts and a tank top. I planned on exploring California a bit longer, before leaving for the airport in the morning. Glad that I thought to book the flight on-line, in Oregon, after conceiving the plan. I reached into my bag, after putting my dirty laundry aside, pulled out the confirmation number I printed out. Putting it on the bare desk, so everything would be ready. Making sure I wouldn't forget it in the sleepy haze I was sure to be in for the early flight.

" The sooner I'm on that plane, the better." I murmured rummaging through my bag.

After a few minutes of pushing clothing aside and cursing under my breath, I finally pulled out the one pair of flip flops I owned. Slipping them on, I grabbed the cellphone, my wallet, room key, and Ipod as I left my room. Walking down the steps, I walked up to the side way and looked out to see boats bobbing up and down a small dock to the right of me. Although it was gated off and I didn't see traces of sand so I decided that I would explore the beach I was sure was near, I could hear the faint sound of the waves lapping against the shore. I followed that sound I started ahead of me and away from the dock. Reveling in the feeling of sunshine against my skin, the people passing me by without staring or whispering. Even when I told groups of boys who hollered and whistled at me to piss off, I couldn't keep the bounce out my step.

I let my feet carry me down a few miles of side walk, people, and buildings until I finally reached the shore line. I watched as turquoise water churned and splashed, turning into a murky brown as it spilled onto the glittering sand. I then unceremoniously plopped myself down as I watched others laugh and play around me. I received a few glances, some friendly others momentarily curious. Although no one approached me and I was left to my own devices. Once again invisible. I pushed my Ipod's headphones into my ears. The sound of a strumming guitar filled my ears. The tone of a female voice singing a catchy tune, of hoping for a brighter tomorrow, caused me to quietly sing along; bouncing my feet to the beat.

" I just wanna be okay, be okay, be okay," I sang, laying down in the warm sand. 'I just wanna be okay today.'

Lazily, I drummed my hands against my thighs, keeping beat with the faint sound of the bongo's in the song. As the song continued on I watched white fluffy clouds float across the sky. Feeling a sense of normalcy washing over me, the surrounding crowd paying me no mind. Normal, hah! I'm a freaking werewolf! Although I still felt this oppressing feeling the pit of my stomach, reminding me that I was still part of Jacob's pack. I wondered how he finally pulled away from Sam's command. How long it would take for me to feel the release. Usually I ignored the feeling, although it moments of contemplation it often made it's presence. Suddenly I felt the knot it my stomach grow tighter, stronger than I ever felt before in my travels.

" Ow!" I gasped, sitting up.

My headphones, along with the woman's happy voice, fell away and into the sand beside me. While I doubled over in pain, feeling as though Paul had run head first into my stomach. In wolf form. With a running start. Another spasm sent me hissing in pain, causing people around me to glance over their shoulders, before returning to their previous concerns.

Worry. Anguish. Fear. Anger. Determination.

I felt several different emotions instantly flood my being as short spikes of pain shot through my body. Although it confused me, it only took me a moment to know that this sort of influence was coming from my pack. Though I can only hear the others thoughts when I was in wolf form, we knew when the other was in great distress. Never before have I felt others emotions, in my human form, to this extent. I wondered what could be happening to cause this strong of reaction among my group. It only took me a few more moments to realize the answer.

They figured out I'm not coming back.

I don't know what set it off, maybe my mom checked my drawers to see it empty. Maybe they discovered my cellphone. Maybe someone recognized me leaving La Push and mentioned it to Seth. Whatever it was, they know and if I know my brother- the stubborn little ass he is- they won't stop until they find me. Another bout of pain hit me, while I experienced a crippling pull at the base of my spine. Like there was an invisible rope attached to me and it was pulling me back, pulling me north. Back to Washington, back to La Push, and back to the reservation. Fighting the pull only added to the pain as I struggled to my feet. Hurriedly scooping up my Ipod I sprinted as fast I could, trying to dull the pain radiating from my core.

For a human I was fast, although in wolf form I could've made it to my room in no time. The pain inside of me lessened at the thought, as though the beast wanted me too. Was encouraging me to transform. But if I do that means Seth could contact me, Jacob would get the chance to demand me to come home.

" No!" I yelled to my inner wolf. " I will not transform, I will not let you make me go back."

The pain intensified, reducing my sprint to a slow jog. Yet my resolve did not crumble, I vowed to not let the monster inside my body win. I didn't care if it was my duty as a member of my tribe, I didn't care that Jacob needed me, that Seth and mom would miss me. I can't afford to care, not anymore. It's taken too much from me. Gasping, I finally made it to the staircase of leading to my room. Struggling up the staircase, I gripped the banister as my feet dragged upwards. After what seemed like an eternity I finally was granted access into my room. Quickly I entered, slamming the door behind me, not bothering with the lock.

" Shit, whore, fuckers!" I yelled in blind pain.

With another tremor of pain I fell to the bathroom floor. I could feel the pain getting more intense, a frantic feeling flooding my senses. Cold perspiration rolled down my body as I lay helpless, the cold tile cooling my hot temperature. The only sound was of my heavy breathing, with the occasional curse or moan of pain. Faintly, from the back of my mind, I heard a familiar growl.

" Le....Le....ah..." A faint voice grumbled.

" Jacob?"

I sat up and looked around wildly, half expecting to see my pack leader glaring down at me. The room was empty, I gave a sniff. No one from my pack was in the surrounding area. My rash actions caused my stomach to churn, the knot in my stomach pushing against my lungs.

" LEAH CLEARWATER!" Jacob's voice rumbled like distant thunder.

The voice of my alpha filled my head, pain exploded in my stomach, another tug from my spine. I lunged my body over the toilet, emptying the contents of my breakfast. The muscles in body strained before finally relaxing, resulting in me collapsing to the floor.

I heard nothing.

Jacob's familiar deep voice was gone, the knot in my stomach released, and the rope pulling me cut. In that moment, I was free. The oppressing pressure of an alpha dispelled from my bieng. I tried to focus on Seth, what he would be feeling at the moment. Nothing. The connection I had to my pack, to La Push, severed. A smile graced my weathered face for the second time that day.

A shaky breath erupted from my exhausted form. I took a moment to regain my strength before scooting over to the shower. Turning on the nozzle, I adjusted the temperature, then stood and removed my clothing. Grabbing a towel, I quickly covered myself and locked the door, not wanting an uninvited visitor while naked. I sighed in relief as the cool water cascaded down my warm body, washing the grime and dirt away. After dressing into a pair of loose sweats and non-descript t-shirt I fell onto the twin bed. Thoroughly exhausted, I didn't bother worming beneath the covers. I'd probably get hot under there anyways. The ceiling fan clicked to life with a flip of the switch next my nightstand, before slowly letting my muscles relax. Within moments the last thing I heard was my soft breathing, falling into blissful unconsciousness.

A loud ringing errupted my sleep.

Blindly my hand roamed over the night stand until I found the prepaid cellphone. With a click I answered it.

" Hello?" My voice groggy with sleep.

" This is Ryan, we spoke earlier about your Harley? I'm on my way to the motel with the truck." A deep voice informed me.

" I'll be down waiting." I replied, ending the conversation.

With a yawn, I stretched languidly and turned my gaze to the window. I watched as the dark orange sun started to sink slowly beneath the waves. The small fishing boats bobbing a goodbye from the dock. I pulled my hair into a short ponytail and fixed my mussed clothing. Stumbling towards the bathroom I splashed cool water on my face, waking me and reducing the puffiness my eyes held from sleep. Grabbing my keys and wallet, I slipped on the flip flops that were unceremoniously kicked off into the corner of the room. Locking my room door, I walked over to my Harley, waiting, while I let my gaze wander off into the warm twilight. My ears twitched with every passing vehicle, waiting for the truck to arrive. Soon enough the loud rumble of a black Chevy reached my ears, I watched as the truck parked parallel from me. A man in his older forties stepped from the car, calling out my name before approaching.

" Leah?"

" That's me." I nodded. " Ryan?"

" Yup." He nodded with a smile, coming to my side as he observed my bike. Letting out with an appreciative whistle.

" 1997-Sportser? Still needs repairs?" He questioned.

" '98, it's fully restored." I answered in a clipped tone, all business.

" How much?" His eyes shifted from me to the bike.

" Only asking forty-five-hundred." I answered in a monotone voice.

His eyebrows shot up, slowly accompanied by a smile.

" That's a great price, why so low? You sure it's fully restored." He seemed hesitant.

" Look I have to sell it by today, I have an early flight." I replied in a clipped tone.

He took a few moments to observed the engine, breaks, clutch, and tires before giving me a nod. With a wave of his hand, I watched as a second person exited the car. Judging by his face I assumed he was no more than twenty-three, with similar features,the man's son I assumed. Flashing me a smile, he helped his father lift the bike into the back of his car, his gaze flashing towards me every few moments. With a roll of my eyes I helped the two men chain the bike to the truck, turning towards Ryan expectantly. As previously discussed he handed me the money, cash, before thanking me.

" No problem." I nodded, handing him the helmet.

" Think you can join that gang now Chase?" Ryan questioned jokingly, throwing his son the helmet.

Chase caught the helmet, fumbling for a moment obviously caught of guard. He mumbled a small 'no', his face heating up in an embarrassment. I only raised my eyebrow in confusion, glancing back towards his father.

" Earlier today we had to take a trip up to Fresno. Me and Chace saw a group of boys on Harleys." He clarified.

" All buff, tan and shirtless. You should have seen them, they looked like they were on 'Mission Impossible'. 'Course Chase thought they were amazingly bad ass." He ended with a chuckle.

I froze.

" No, it couldn't be!" I thought frantically. " How did they get here so fast, how long was I asleep?"

Questions buzzed frantically through my mind as Ryan thanked me once again before leaving. I stood there momentary shock, soon reminding myself that I was facing a pack that could track vampires. It shouldn't be too hard to track on of their own. My false sense of security was shattered and for the second time that day, I was running. Quickly I entered my room and threw my few scattered belongings into my bag. All the while, I was talking to the nearest cab company. After giving my address I palmed my wallet and flight confirmation. I glanced at the room key and decided to leave it on the desk, putting the room service card indicating room cleaning on the door handle.

I waited in the crisp night air, awaiting the cab. Paranoia reared its ugly head once again, and after what seemed like eternity the yellow car pulled up. I quickly threw my things into the back seat, motioning for the driver not to bother with the trunk.

" San Diego Airport." I huffed. " Fast."

For ten at night, traffic was Hell. It seemed once pulling onto the high way we would move an inch. Then stop. Move one inch. Stop. One more inch. Stop. I shifted restlessly in my seat, until a familiar smell stopped my actions. I gave a long intake of air, shifting my nose upwards, ignoring the strange looks from the driver. Moist earth, sweat, a pungent familiar stench. One that I used to wrinkle my nose at, but soon became comfortable. With another sniff it got stronger. I shifted in my seat, looking ridiculous as I got on my knees, gazing through the back window. The rumble of a motorcycle sent me whirling into my previous position.

Sure enough, two lanes away on the other side of the high way, sat Jacob Black.

I quickly registered that he was alone, the same searching expression as he sat in traffic. With a 'woosh' I threw myself to the floor. Scrunching my knees and curling my head, hiding myself from view.

" What the-" The driver yelped. " You okay back there?"

" Shhhh!" I hissed. " Don't turn your head, look straight. Don't talk."

" Hiding?" He questioned calmly, shifting into his normal position.

" Jealous ex-boyfriend, three cars behind." I lied.

A chuckle from the front seat.

" That happens more than you guess." He informed, his demeanor relaxing.

Minutes morphed into hours, I could hear the rumble of the motorcycle switch into lanes. Getting closer. He knows I'm close. Soon my body was pressing into the front seats as the car sped slowly to life. I didn't sit up until the car was at a steady pace, watching through the window as the airport came into view.

The driver dropped me off at the curb, I payed with tip and was on my way. Even though the pungent smell had faded I wouldn't allow myself the mistake of getting too comfortable. I hurried into the terminal, found a computer and received my ticket. I approached the security line with a groan, spending at least thirty minutes to approach the security check-point and being shuffled through. Too nervous to eat, read, or relax in general, I settled for waiting at the entrance. I checked the time, eleven-forty-five. My flight didn't arrive until five-thirty in the morning. An undistinctive call from the end of the hallway caused my turn swiftly. Only to watch a small family shuffle down the crowded hallway.

Still paranoid?

I turned sharply at the sound of someone dropping their carry on.


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