Disclaimer: I don't own The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. This is from Uncle Phil's POV. I just wanted to do something short and funny with these characters. Reviews always welcome.



Hurricaines. Tornadoes. Monsoons. All of these natural disatsers can strike without warning and do a considerable amount of damage.

Yet none of them have a thing on my nephew.

As a judge, I've seen every possible crime and misdemeanor ever commited by John Q. Citizen, and still I get nervous just being in the same room as that boy, just wondering what he's gonna pull next.

"Yo yo yo, Uncle Phil, how you gonna play a nephew like that?" was the first thing out of his mouth when I walked in the door the other day.

"What now, Will?" I sighed.

"Ren and Stumpy just said you said he could take the Benz this weekend."

"That's right, I did. Carlton has a tennis game to attend."

"Tennis?" Will scoffed. "Come on, man---his feet don't even reach the pedals!" He snaked an arm around my shoulders and lowered his voice. "Look here, Heavy P. See, I got this date with a honey this weekend, and I was kinda hopin' for a little "game, set, match" myself, you know what I'm sayin'?"

I faked a laugh, then smacked him on the back of his underused head. "No, I don't, Will, not when you talk in a language that is clearly not english, and besides: you know the rules. Carlton gets the car, end of discussion."

Just then my youngest, Ashley, came running down the stairs. "Daddy!"

"Hey, sweetie! How was---"

"Yeah yeah, listen, can I have fifty dollars?"

So much for thinking the enthusiasm was due to my arrival.

"Fifty...? What do you need fifty dollars for?"


"Uncle Phil?" Will interjected.

"Not now, Will."


"Just tell me what its---"

"Look Uncle Phil, why don't you just gimme the keys, and we'll hash out the details later."


"Uncle Phil?"



"FINE, Will!" I found myself handing him the keys to the Mercedes.

"Thanks, man! Hey, you're looking slim today, have you been workin' out?"

About half an hour later, I heard a loud noise---which is never good news in my house---and it was followed by Will running in through the back door.

"I DIDN'T DO IT ON PURPOSE, MAN!" he pleaded. "The garage door was s'posed to be OPEN!"

"You ran my Mercedes into the garage?" I could feel my neck changing colors.

"Uncle Phil, I need you to remember something before you jump to conclusions. I'm an only child."

Oh, some days, how I'd rather have a monsoon.