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The Myth of Nakahara Sunako



Contrary to popular belief, Nakahara Sunako was not the spawn of the Satan. Though she would have blushed at the compliment.

She didn't have a torture chamber either. Though it had been on her wish list since she was thirteen.

She didn't drink blood or feast on human flesh; she drank soda and feasted on chocolate.

Her favourite hobby wasn't slashing and stabbing at people. Though she really, really loved slasher movies and uh…actually, she was highly capable of doing those things.

But generally she was….kinda normal.


Speaking of the devil (ha), Nakahara Sunako was walking down the corridor...

Well, floating. She sometimes did that.

Students of Mori High had mostly become used to the strange things that happened around Nakahara; several hid under their books in case of any exploding light bulbs as she floated past and others pulled out flashlight helmets in case she had a particularly dark aura around her that day.

But most just avoided her path.



Some say her family was murdered. Some even say she was the one who murdered them. The rumours really ran amuck.

Some things though, the general populace agreed on.

That she was living with the most handsome and popular guys in Mori High was – several girls sighed here – true. They had stalked the boys and Sunako home several times already to confirm.

That Takano Kyouhei was in love with Nakahara Sunako was absolutely, completely untrue, nay, IMPOSSIBLE. LUDICROUS.

Even if he had said so last Valentine's Day.


"I mean, she's so…so scary and gloomy!"

"She's not his type!"

"No way! No way! Kyouhei-kun's heart must never belong to Nakahara!"

"Impossible! Kyouhei-kun confessed his love for me two weekends ago!"

"Ha! As if he would. He's already kissed me! And that was a month ago. I'm seeing him tonight!"

"Ha! You? I think not."

There was a subsequent scuffle with much pulling of hair and scratching with manicured nails.




Her relationship with the four "Princes of Mori High" was something that everyone envied. Even the teachers, disturbing as that was.

However, she didn't seem to appreciate their prescence as much as the other girls did.

"What kind of girl is she anyway?!"

She generally avoided them, something that pleased some girls. They could relate to her constant nosebleeds.

Still, most of the female population loathed and behaved in a hostile manner towards her because of her relationship with them, but her class half loved her for it because it meant they could catch a glimpse of one of those beautiful beings when they came to see her.

Like now…

"Sunako-chan, can I borrow your Japanese-English dictionary? I've left mine at home."

"SQUEE! Takenaga-kuuun!"

A Noi-shaped beast snarled in the corner.


Or yesterday when, bishounen of all bishounens, Takano Kyouhei came into the class.

"Oi, Nakahara Sunako! I'm still hungry! You didn't pack enough for me!"

"I packed two for you! Just like you asked!"

Girls could be heard muttering about how unfair it was that Sunako got to pack anything or do anything that Kyouhei asked for.

"NOT ENOUGH! I want yours!"

"Get lost!"

"I want your mushroom omelette!"

"Kyouhei-kun! I have mushroom omelette!" several girls cried out at once. Oh, those girls were cunning…

He glared at them all before snatching Sunako's bento and running off.

"You bastard!"

Sunako sped off after him.



Nakahara Sunako's sporting prowess was another known known among the student populace. That had been proven at the sporting festival last year, as well as at the swimming carnival. In fact, she still held the sporting record.

"How un-ladylike!"

"Wrong! She is cool and awesome!"

"Ahh. Noi-chan is defending Nakahara-san again. She is so kind and generous!"



Most would be surprised that Nakahara Sunako had been raised like any other normal child.

"No wayyy."

There had to be some kind of traumatic childhood event that resulted in the current manifestation of pure malice that she was, right?


Nope. She was raised in Hokkaido. Though…um…she did play with bears and make friends with Yuki-onna's great-great-great grandchild while she was there.

And learn how to catch fish with her bare hands…

And learn how to fight wild animals…

And her mum did have a penchant for dangerous pets….


Okay, so it wasn't quite a conventional childhood.


"And what about her obsession with…with…eeeek! I can't even mention them."

Anatomy dolls? Skulls? Skeletons? Preserved innards? Blood? Gore? Corpses? Horror movies? Zombies? Bats? Implements of torture?

Ahhh…you'll have to ask Nakahara Sunako about that.



Nakahara Sunako's head spun slowly around, an illusory trick she'd practiced after watching The Exorcist multiple times. Her eyes were glowing strangely. Are…Are they snakes and insects crawling around her??!

Her hair was flying out behind her.

Wh-what light was that that made her face seem ghoulish?

There were screams and yells as the light bulbs explode.

"Kami-sama! It's a banshee!"




Maybe you'd better not…

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