Disclaimer : Amano Akira
Series : Katekyou Hitman Reborn!
Pairing : D18
Timeline : Some awful day

Last Flight of the Skylark

The first thing Dino saw when he barged into the room was scarlet. There was scarlet everywhere. He could see the redness of the fresh blood stained the white sheet of his bed. He could see the redness of the blood on the wall, stained until the other side of the room. He could see the pool of red blood on the floor near the window to the balcony.

And he saw scarlet on the porcelain-white skin of the black-haired guy who lied unconsciously with his back supported by the window's frame. Dino turned white. There, in the other end of the room, Hibari sat still on the blood-stained floor. He could feel his heart stopped for a split second.

It can't be real, he repeated to himself. It can't be real.

Dino rushed to the unmoving body after he'd been stupefied for a long minute. Every second he spent to reach the Skylark felt like a thousand years. Every step he made to get closer to the Disciplinary Committee of Namimori felt like a thousand miles. He felt like he and his former student were separated in a very long distance, though they were only separated for 5 meters long.

Dino kneeled down on the blood pond in front of the black-haired boy. No words were spoken from both of Italian and Japanese men. Dino was too shocked to say anything, while Hibari was still in his pale beauty. He looked like a broken statue, bathed in blood. His pearl black eyes were shut, and his skin was as white as the sheet. When Dino touched Hibari with his trembling hand, he could feel that 'life' was already escaped from the cocky yet beautiful figure in front of him.

The world stopped for the Tenth Boss of Cavallone.

"No… it can't be real… please, Kyouya, no… PLEASE WAKE UP, KYOUYA!!" screamed Dino as he shook Hibari's unmoving body. His face was filled with horror. There was no answer from the younger man. He only shook powerless due to Dino's shaking. Dino grabbed Hibari's arms hard. He was totally panicked.

"Kyouya, please wake up… Say something… Say that you'll bite me to death if I interrupt your sleep… Please, Kyouya, tell me that you're only fall asleep…" cried Dino hopelessly. Romario and his other subordinates could only bow their head in sympathy. They understood well that the black-haired boy who was always by their boss' side was already passed away. They could see how their boss was trying to deny the truth. They knew that it's too heartbreaking for the Cavallone Boss.

Dino raised his hand to caress the ice-cold cheek of Hibari. There were no tears dropped. His heart hurt too much until he couldn't cry. He felt like the world crumbled right in front of him. The Skylark that he could finally capture with both of his hands now fled away once again. The strong yet fragile Skylark had made his final flight, away from the Bucking Horse.

Dino stared at Hibari's porcelain-white face and rested his forehead on Hibari's. Then, with a smooth movement, he gave the boy he loved a simple goodbye kiss that he knew wouldn't be felt by the boy's dead body. Silently, he brushed his lips to the boy's ear to whisper his last goodbye.

"Ti amo, Kyouya… Addio…"

And the Skylark made his last flight to the eternal blue sky.

I used 'Addio' instead of 'Arrivederci' because 'Addio' means that they won't meet again while 'Arrivederci' means that they will meet again someday. Arrivederci might be sweet, but I still choose Addio for this.