'Ah yes, this is how it will all start. The world will soon turn in the right direction now.'

The sound of the blade being drawn was profoundly amplified by the silence of the audience. The Demon King himself was silenced too by the sheer thought of his mortality coming all too eagerly onto him. But it was a fate he deemed for himself, and no one will truly understand why any person would do such a thing.

Only the king knew why…

'Yes, it all had started from that day…'

Two months ago…

It had been weeks since Lelouch took the world by surprise by taking control over the Damocles battleship. He swiftly subjugated most of the remnants of the E.U. and other foreign countries willing enough to stand against the might of the king. It is also known that he managed to detain and imprison both Schneizel and Nunnally, who at the time were at his mercy.

His forces remained dominant throughout the battles they fought, despite the loss of the famed Knight of Zero. At the time, most of the resistance groups, including the Black Knights, were destroyed. Some battles were still being fought between the Black Knights and the Britannian Army.

The capital of Britannia, Pendragon, known to have been blown away by a F.L.E.I.A. warhead, still remains a crater, left in place as a testament to the destruction of the past, Charles's past world. A new palace had been built fairly quickly given the timespan, within the mountain side overlooking Pendragon's devastation. It was here that Lelouch, the Demon King, would rule over the land.

Lelouch sat upon the throne, contemplating the next few moves towards dictating the world. His methods so far were swift and brutal; dominating the countries with military might. However, his methods seemed so cliché, even for himself. He needed to show the world how the ones who hold power would become if given the chance. His methods needed to strike a tone in the people's hearts.

A knocking came echoing into the throne room.

"Enter" spoke the king in a seemingly benevolent manner.

The person who came through the doors was just another lowly soldier in his army.

"My lord, I have urgent news."


"The Frontline Reconnaissance Group has sighted resistance in various countries. They believe it to be the last of the resistance groups left."

"Good…Have them subdue these pitiful groups. Tell them to take in the commanders and generals."

"And what of the soldiers?"

Lelouch sighed. "What use do we have for more soldiers?"

"Yes, my lord."

Lelouch smiled as he rose from the seat.

"My lord, there is one more piece I have to give you."

"What is it?"

"The reports say that some of the guerillas are Black Knight soldiers."

Much to his delight, Lelouch kept himself calm.

"Have the major figures captured, and the rest killed."

"Understood" said the soldier before leaving the room.

To Lelouch, it was child's play to have to face the resistance groups. And the mentioning of the Black Knights made him all too willing to annihilate the last remnants of his past life. He had walked toward one of the doorways on the side of the room and exited. Coming into the dark, green-lit hallway, Lelouch found himself wondering what the next atrocity he should use to furthering his goal. As he progressed down the corridor, a familiar figure appeared, resting upon the corner of a turn to another hallway.

"My, aren't you being the benevolent-ish dictator?" spoke the figure in a sarcastic manner.

"I will do so to make my goal a reality, C.C."

C.C. smirked and joined him in his little stroll. Down the next hallway the walls began to change into newer, mechanical schemes. Out of the corridor, the two stood in a gigantic room filled with chambers; a more jail-like feel had entered their minds, also contributing to the effect were the many prisoners Lelouch had captured in the final raids of the countries. Some of the prisoners were loud, howling like dogs at the king before them. Others were silent but emitted anger through their tucked lips. Lelouch didn't mind the glares and hatred, and neither did C.C. All were strapped and trapped in their cells and could do nothing but show hatred. Lelouch just smiled, trying to hold in the insane laughter within him.

"C.C., do you think my methods are good enough?"

C.C. glanced at Lelouch for a moment, hoping not to see the defeated look of futility in Lelouch's face. But she knew him far too much to expect such a trivial thing.

"Honestly? I find your methods exceptionally absurd."

"Oh, and how is that?"

The two turned down another corridor.

"It is not nearly as ruthless as what I have experienced in my life."

Lelouch scoffed, but understood the depth of her words.

"So, I have to become even more loathsome to the people?"

"You could do a bit more, just to find that one spark you are looking for."

"And by spark, you mean hatred?"

C.C. sighed and nodded. Lelouch turned his head toward the next few cells he passed by. The more they traveled down further, the more desolate the prisoners were getting. Each was beginning to lose strength, but it felt like looking at a flip book; each cell that they passed the more the changes became visible. There were hardly anymore howling from the prisoners and more of silence from each one. Lelouch thought to himself. 'These are the faces of leaders torn from their status and reduced to nothing more than captives. It is indeed pitiful to come here and look at them.' Lelouch felt a bit disgusted at how they were in terms of being human. 'I know, I'll use them in the next scheme. That should help in my plans.'

Lelouch and C.C. traveled far more into the prison quarters of the palace. Near to their stop, Lelouch began to see old, familiar faces. The comrades he had once known, the friends he had made, and the people he could've trusted the most; all were now in cells, prisoners to the Demon King himself. He did not look at them for if he did…somewhere in his mind he knew that things could not be absolved between any of them. He was afraid that if he saw them, his plans would certainly fall. He could not let that happen, not when the objective was so close. He would just have to bear it before the final phase is implemented.

They had eventually reached their destination; the global map room. As they entered the room and closed the doors behind them, Lelouch had gazed at the giant screen in front of him. There were helpers in the room as well, though obviously enslaved by Lelouch's geass power. They were instructed to maintain a lookout on the world, nothing else. Lelouch smiled at such obedience.

"Status check" commanded Lelouch.

As the helpers continued to analyze the data, each spoke when required.

"Countries under complete control have been subjugated."

"The Britannian Army divisions have reached destination points and are on standby."

"Suspicious activity in several problem countries detected. Waiting on further orders."

"Resistance groups appearing, what is your command, sir?"

Lelouch paused for a moment. Now was the time to show the world the power of Britannia. He slowly brought his hand up to the side of his head and with the sweeping motion he had used every time before, he gave the word.

"Lelouch vi Britannia commands you, show them the might of the King and demolish the ones who stand in the way! All hail Britannia!"

"All hail Britannia!"

Lelouch was then struck with vivid imagery. He could just imagine how the battles would turn out; each of his soldiers fighting against the Resistance. Loud bombs exploded as his troops began to press forward. Those piloting armored suits were sweeping over the few groups left, trampling over their metal coffins crudely made from destroyed suits. Ground troops in gunfights, blood of both sides being spilt upon the wasteland. Defenseless people cowered in fear while those who resisted were immediately executed regardless of where and whom was around. Chaos ensued as cities burned to the ground.

And it was he who had brought destruction to the world; it was due to his ambition that people will suffer. Lelouch could no longer help himself and allowed the insanity to engulf his being. He soon laughed like a madman. Each report of victory added more to the nihilistic glee that Lelouch had adopted. Even C.C. had to admit that he had gone mad at some point, but not for the sake of world domination. She was both awestruck and yet somewhat fearful of what Lelouch had to do to get here. It was a fate he could have avoided, but it was more of wishful thinking on her part. But all throughout the laughter, she stayed silent, knowing full well that his goal needed this.

Yet, even to her knowledge, she did not see what really stood out. She never saw the lonely tear falling from Lelouch's face.

A week later…

The last few remnants of the resistance groups were all but vanquished. Lelouch had now conquered the world completely. All had eventually bowed down to the power he wielded. To make them completely understand the might he had, Lelouch held public executions for most of his prisoners. The people were horrified at his methods of each execution, utilizing both modern and old customs of killing to induce fear into the hearts of many. The people understood now that Lelouch had complete control over their fates and soon the fates of their countries.

Lelouch had been sitting in his throne for some time, waiting for news and other what not from his messengers. Beside him were C.C. and his recently appointed personal knight, Jeremiah Gottwald. At the knighting session, Lelouch had appointed him to the third highest rank, underneath both Lelouch and C.C. As usual, Jeremiah was thrilled to become higher ranking, but more importantly happy to be closer in his previous master's favor.

The three talked strategy about what to do now that the world was under Britannian control. Their talks included further execution orders and new ways to cause more fear and hatred. Suddenly, a messenger came through the doors.

"My lord! I bring urgent news!"

The three settled into calmer modes.

"You may speak."

"There is a prison uprising!"

This brought the group some confusion.

"How is that possible?!"

"What should we do my lord?"

"Put down the uprising! Bring them to their knees! Kill whoever is responsible!"

"Understood" and thus the messenger left.

Lelouch looked toward his knight. "Go and help them out. Don't kill those who hold influence to countries."

"Yes, my lord." With that, Jeremiah left in a flash. Lelouch sat back down in his throne.

"What do you make of the uprising?" spoke C.C.

"I'll say this; whoever started it has got some nerve doing so. But it doesn't matter whether they rebel against me or not. Let's just handle this like any other situation."

Moments later, Jeremiah had returned.

"Well, who was it that started the revolt?"


"Spit it out already."

"It was one of the soldiers my lord."

This came as a shock to both Lelouch and C.C.

"What do you mean? It can't possibly be one of my soldiers…"

"I know it was impossible too, but it was indeed one of our soldiers. They helped a few of the prisoners out of their cells, but we subdued them and place them back into their cells. As for the soldier, we have restrained him."

"Good…" Lelouch felt a bit uneasy at how things turned out, but felt a bit lucky that they had kept the culprit alive. "Bring him to me. I want to see his face."

Jeremiah nodded and opened the door, revealing two guards holding a soldier by the arms. The soldier was struggling to get free, but it was to no avail. Lelouch approached the man, looking a bit impressed by the audacity of the soldier.

"I'm surprised that one of my own soldiers rebelled against me."

"Let me go, let me go!"

Lelouch nodded to one of the guards and soon a fist met the stomach of the soldier. Lelouch had grasped the man's chin and pulled his face up. He gazed deeply into the eyes of the soldier and sighed while smiling.

"We must make an example out of you."

With a snap of his fingers, the guards took the soldier away, kicking and screaming. Another soldier went up to Lelouch.

"What should we do to him, my lord?"

Lelouch smirked. "Have him publicly executed in front of our men to set an example. Give him a brutal death."

"What method sir?"

"Fill him with lead."

"Understood, sir."

Moments later, the soldier was brutalized in front of the servants. Lelouch himself went down to see the execution, and to put in a few words before the commencement.

"This execution is to demonstrate my power over your lives. Remember this before you act like the fool here. I am the king, and all shall obey me. Anyone who dare defies me will be swiftly taken care of."

The executioners, mere soldiers themselves, raised and poised their guns at the traitor. Lelouch had flicked his hand in his usual manner and soon the soldiers fired. It was a brutal sight to see; each bullet ran through the man and grazed his features. But there was no end to the hail of bullets. It came to the point that even some of the traitor's features were blown away with the bullets; his limbs were like shredded meat, his face was rendered unrecognizable, his body full of holes resembling that of Swiss cheese. At last, the bullets stopped, and the soldier now was reduced to a pile of blood, guts, and lead. As the attendants moved the bloody heap, parts of the soldier began to fall off, held together only by a few sinews and bone.

"Let this be a lesson to all of you. If you are not with me, then you will be executed. Do you understand?!"

"Yes, my lord!" resounded the crowd.

"All hail Britannia!"

"All hail Britannia!"

Later on that night, Lelouch found himself near to his wits' end. It was an atrocity that even he did not know that he was capable of committing. But he could not let himself turn back now. But the gruesome sight was a bit too much for him and thus he vomited in horror in the bathroom. Afterwards, he gazed at himself in the mirror. He then remembered what Nunnally had said the day he conquered the Damocles.

'Brother, you are the devil!'

It was true, he did become the devil. In the mirror, he could no longer recognize his face. The facial features, the hair and the eyes were both his own and not his own. The devil was staring back at him, and even though Lelouch held steadfast, he couldn't help but feel a bit depressed at how he became what he was now.

"You were right. I am truly the devil, Nunnally."

He soon went back to bed disgusted and worn out from his life. He wished that it didn't take this long to complete his final plan. But it was a reality he had to deal with, and no amount of comfort could tell him otherwise.

To be continued…if that is to be desired…

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