So here is my new story. I'm warning you now, it's fast paced and rated M for a reason. No, it's not Lemons... it's M for abuse, language and other things such as that. it's angsty, but truly a love story since I can't stay away from those. So I hope you enjoy. This story has been fun to write so far.

Echoes of Silence

Chapter 1: New

I stared at the dark gloomy sky and thought of it as a bad omen. It had to be because there was no way I was going to make it through today, unscathed.

I felt the car roll to a stop and blinked, realizing we had parked. I glanced around and the semi full lot and sighed. People. People always meant having to interact. Interaction meant talking, and listening, and paying attention and caring; none of which I was good at or wanted to be good at.

"Bells." I looked over at my brother and saw the worry cloud his eyes. I attempted a smile that came out more as a grimace. "Bells are you okay?" I nodded. My brother was the only person I would ever interact with. "Are you ready to go?" I nodded and Emmett smiled gently. Even though I interacted with him more than anyone, I didn't speak to him. He knew to ask yes or no questions.

He stepped out of the massive jeep and came around to help me out as well. If I attempted to jump on my own, I'd be sure to break my ankle. He took me by the waist and helped me down, immediately releasing me when my feet were on the ground. He took my bag in one large hand and, careful to not make any contact with me, walked us toward the front office. I pulled my overly large sweater around me, shivering at the damp air as it snuck it's way in through the fabric.

Emmett held the door open for me to the office and I stepped in, enjoying the warmth the air brought. Emmett stepped up to the receptionist and smiled warmly. "Hello I'm Emmett Swan. This is my sister, Isabella. We're new." He explained.

"Yes of course dear! I'm Mrs. Cope. We're so excited to have you!" she said enthusiastically. I tuned out the rest of their conversation and leaned my head against the wall. I heard Emmett call my name and I looked up.

"Let's go Bells." He said gently. I nodded and stood. We walked out of the office and Emmett handed me my schedule. "You just text me if you need anything Bells. Alright?" I nodded. He sighed. "I'll see you at lunch." He said as we approached my first class. I nodded and stepped into the warm classroom. I took a deep breath and handed my first teacher a paper Emmett had given me. The teacher looked up at me and nodded.

"Isabella Swan?" I nodded and he smiled. "I'm Mr. Brooks. Welcome to US History." I nodded and he motioned for me to sit. I made my way to the back of the classroom and sat down, curling myself up as small as I could be in my seat.

The chair next to mine moved and I looked up to see a small pixie like girl sit down next to me. She smiled at me warmly though her eyes held curiosity. "Hi, I'm Alice Cullen." She said warmly. "You must be Isabella Swan." I nodded. I guess there weren't many new kids here. "Are you liking Forks so far?" I shook my head, my expression blank. Alice bit her lip and nodded. "Oh I'm sorry. I hope you adapt to it soon. It's hard moving from a sunny location to a cloudy one. You must miss home." I stared at her a moment in surprise, though my expression was analyzing. How would she know where I was from? She just smiled a secret smile and turned to Mr. Brooks who was starting the lesson. I dragged my attention from Alice to the front of the class.

To my dismay, the class seemed to last forever until I was ready to pull out my hair. The shrill sound of the bell stopped that action and I gathered my things, moving quickly to my next class. Alice opened her mouth to talk but I darted out of the room before she could utter a sound. I didn't want her to get the wrong idea about me. I didn't want her to assume I would be a good friend. I'd only end up hurting her and she deserved more than that.

My classes dragged on until finally lunch came around. I wasn't hungry, but I knew Emmett would make me eat. He was always making sure I remembered little things like, brushing my hair, putting on socks, eating three meals a day. I walked to the cafeteria and spotted Emmett's huge form sitting at a table, a tall blond man speaking to him. I winced. I didn't want more attention drawn to me, but I didn't feel like sitting by myself. I sighed and gripped my bag, walking over to the table Emmett and the blond occupied. Emmett looked up as I approached and smiled. "Bells! There you are!" he held out my chair for me and I sat, ignoring the blond man. "Bella this is Jasper Hale. Jasper this is my little sister, Bella." He explained. Jasper smiled at me and I nodded, avoiding eye contact.

"Well, it was nice to meet you Bella. I'll talk to you later Emmett." Jasper said after an awkward pause. Emmett nodded.

"Sure thing man, I'll catch you later." Jasper nodded and left, my shoulders slumped in relief. Emmett glanced at me and slid me a salad. "So are your classes good?" I nodded nudging a lettuce leaf with my plastic fork. "Did anyone try to talk to you?" I nodded again. "Anyone worth talking to?" I looked up at him, and turned to find Alice in the crowd of people. I motioned to her with my head before returning my attention to my salad. Emmett looked at her and nodded. "The pixie." I nodded a yes before bringing a wilted lettuce leaf to my mouth and chewing it slowly. "That's Jasper's girlfriend." He explained. I glanced up at him and back down to my salad. "She's your age and very friendly." I nodded.

The rest of our lunch passed in silence, with the exception of random people coming to say hi to Emmett every now and then.

When I heard the bell ring, I stood up, glancing at my half eaten salad. "Bells, take your salad with you and try to eat?" Emmett pleaded. I nodded weakly and placed the lid back on the salad. I grabbed my bag, waved to Emmett and started towards my next class.


Another first day. These were getting quite old. So far my day had consisted of dodging Jessica Stanley and her friends as each one tried to rope me in on a date. It was a wide known fact that I, Edward Cullen, did not date. It wasn't that I didn't find any of the girls attractive, some of them were beautiful in their own ways; but I couldn't connect with any of them on an intellectual level. I couldn't talk with any of them for more than three minutes without feeling bored, annoyed or disgusted.

Of course because of my lack of dating, there was some speculation that I was gay, a rumor that was as farce as a 100 degree heat wave settling over Forks, Washington for a month.

"Hey Edward!" I cringed and looked up from my food to see Alice, Rose and Jasper snickering at me. I glared at them and turned to Lauren, trying to put on a smile. It turned out a grimace.

"Hello." I said smoothly. She took that as an invitation and sat down, grinning.

"So how was your summer?" she asked in a ridiculously annoying nasally voice.

"Blissful." I said, avoiding eye contact with her. She scooted closer and I fought back a cringe.

"Really? Mine was such a bore!" she cried. She then launched into full detail about her horrendously boring summer. I looked up to see Alice burying her face in Jasper's chest, her tiny body shaking with laughter. Jasper too was biting his lip in humor and Rose was smirking at me. I heard the bell ring and shot up.

"Well it was nice talking to you. Bye." I said moving away as quickly as I could from the table.

"Oh, okay bye Edward!" she called. I shuddered and moved swiftly to my next class. Biology.

I walked into class and saw small place cards on the tables. Mr. Banner, the teacher, smiled at me. "Just find your name. It's been assigned randomly." He instructed. I nodded and searched the room for my name, finding it in the back and to the far left of the classroom. I put my books down and sighed. Please don't let Jessica or any of her friends be in this class. I prayed silently. I heard soft footsteps and looked up, expecting them to be from one of my admirers. I was, instead, pleasantly surprised. She was short, only about 5'4" and absolutely stunning. Her long mahogany hair fell in waves down her back and her warm chestnut eyes were framed by long thick lashes. Her heart shaped face was gentle and her skin was creamy and smooth. She wore a baggy sweatshirt that looked to a man who was 6'4" and at least ten times her weight.

She moved silently to the seat next to me and sat down hesitantly. I watched as her body folded in on itself, making her as small as possible. She shrank to the side, far from me, and hugged her knees to her chest. "Hi I'm Edward Cullen." I said as gently as I could. Her large doe eyes met mine for a brief moment before she looked away. I glanced at the name plate in front of her. "Isabella Swan?" She glanced up at me again, her eyes seeming to penetrate right through me. She blinked once, then turned and looked out the window. She made no further movement or even acknowledgment of anyone else. She was in her own world and for some odd reason, I wanted to be there with her.


They day passed horrendously slow. Biology was the only class that I had half paid attention to, and that was largely due to the exquisite Adonis sitting next to me. I was surprised, at first that he had spoken to me and I tried to gather the courage to reply to him. It seemed I couldn't even do something as miniscule as that.

After names were exchanged, I turned to the window, trying desperately to block out the world around me.

After my last class, I moved silently to my locker that was situated right next to Emmett's. It was a tall locker and I could barely see in it, let alone put my books there. I reached up, trying to do the lock swiftly. I heard it click and threw it open. I started lifting my books up onto the shelf when a large pale hand darted out and pushed them in for me. I turned and nodded gently at Emmett who smiled.

I closed the locker and turned to see Emmett shutting his as well.

"Ready to go Bells?" I nodded and we started outside. I noticed many people wave to Emmett and look curiously over at me. No one dared approach. I winced, pained that I was holding Emmett back from a normal life. "Don't worry about it Bells. There is no place I'd rather be than right here." Emmett said, reading the pain on my face clearly. I nodded slowly, unsure.

We got to the Jeep and Emmett lifted me up into it, only touching me as short amount of time as possible. He moved to the driver's side as I buckled my seatbelt. The ride was silent, as usual and I felt my mind start to wander. Recalling the incidents that had led up to this point.

"You ungrateful little whore." She spat angrily, her voice dripping with venom. "You think you can just come into my home and take advantage of us like that?" she screeched, slapping me again. I felt the sharp sting of her talons as they made contact with my cheek. I whimpered in pain but that only fueled the fire. "Do you think you're better than me?" she asked, as I cowered below her on the floor. "Do you!" she screamed when I didn't respond. She grabbed a handful of my hair, ripping me up from the ground. "You little Bitch." She growled. She threw me onto the ground in disgust. "You're parent's died because they couldn't stand you."

I jolted awake, her last words ringing loudly in my ears. I looked over to see Emmett looking at me, concern on his face. I blinked then nodded, telling him that I was alright. Emmett sighed and hoped out of the Jeep, coming over and helping me out. We walked up to the front door and unlocked it quickly. I placed my bag down gently on the kitchen table and looked around. I wasn't hungry, but I needed something that would take my mind off dangerous thoughts. I needed something to keep me busy and since it was the first day of school, I hadn't gotten any homework. So instead, I started dinner. A casserole I knew would take me a long time to make.

I worked slowly and deliberately, not wanting to think too much about anything. Silence hugged me, squeezing my lungs tightly, almost uncomfortably and I swallowed a scream. It would do no good to make noise. It had never saved me before and this time, the horrors I was running from were inside my head, not in front of me.

So let me know how you like it.