A/N: This is my first Code Geass fanfic. A short one shot of Lelouch's last few moments and what was going through his head…well, it probably wasn't this, but hey; it was 4am and I'd only finished watching the episode a few hours before hand. I think one of the saddest things about Lelouch's fate is that only a 3 or 4 of people know what he was doing and he'll be recorded in history as being an arse.

It Hurts

He lands in front of me and I let myself smile. Soon it will over; this world, this fight, this life.

The sword slips though my body and my smile is forced away. It hurts, God it hurts, but not as much as I thought. Not as much as my life, my lies, my sins. Not as much as they're hatred. I united a world, united them in their hatred of me, what I've done. They hate me and it hurts.

The sword slides away and I fall. With me falls the world. I've destroyed the world to rebuild the world. Down I fall and they'll cheer, scream and shout. They'll rejoice and be happy because I'm dead. I united the world and they'll hate me for it. No noble king will history remember me as, but a demon, a hateful black king, whose death caused joy and mirth. No peaceful grave for those to mourn me, but a shallow pit to spit upon. I got what I wanted; I united the world in their hatred for me, but God, it hurts.

I reach the bottom. Soon it will be over; this world, this fight and this life and I'm glad, but still, it hurts.

I see her face; her tears. I hear her voice; her cries. I let myself smile. I united the world in their hatred of me, but she still loves me.